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"Coquettes and Cadets" is a book of drawings and poems by sisters Leila and May Waring. Leila provided the drawings and May wrote the poems. The book is composed of three poems: The Cadet Girl, The Cadet and the Cushions and The Little Cadet with…

Humorous guard report filled out by Smoak circa 1897.

Speech written by Smoak and recited to the Polytechnic Society titled "Some Reasons Why Success Should Answer Our Efforts."

Ossie writes that he worked hard for his room inspection but did not get merit. He also listened to an address on "Huguenot Society" by Mr. Bayard at the Academy of Music.

Ossie writes that he is scared of taking examinations and wishes that he could fail so he could leave the Academy. He also describes a visit to the Charleston Museum.

Ossie thanks his mother for the money she sent. He talks about the dance that the German Club is having but that he doesn't enjoy dancing anymore because it costs too much. Ossie then mentions that the corps has given up gas lighting and returned to…

Ossie describes his tooth extraction and how he had to go to the hospital to stop the bleeding. He also talks about the rules against going into each others' rooms at study time and how they developed a telegraph system to talk to each other.

Ossie describes his drilling and lessons in analytic geometry as well as some baptisms that took place in church.

Ossie writes that examinations are coming up and that he is tired of everything that has to do with the Academy. He then talks about the cadet glee club and how the Superintendent was afraid that they would disgrace the Academy. He is surprised to…

Ossie writes that he is going to Greenville for summer encampment and needs money for summer clothes. He also wants to find a summer job and was offered a place in Jacksonville but he is afraid of yellow fever.
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