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19181220 MicBryde.pdf
Letter from H. E. MicBryde to Colonel Oliver J. Bond, dated December 20, 1918. MicBryde is attempting to convince Bond to accept a young man in her care into the Corps of Cadets.

19191231 Hope.pdf
Letter written by S. R. Hope to Colonel Oliver J. Bond. S. R. Hope was the father of Captain Edward B. Hope from The Citadel class of 1917. This letter describes Captain Hope's service in the United States Marine Corps and his actions on June 6,…

19191002 Boland.pdf
Letter written by B.C. Boland to Colonel Oliver J. Bond, dated October 2, 1919. In this letter Boland explains his military service and civilian career during and post World War I to Bond.

19190608 Cunningham242.pdf
This is a letter written by Harry L. Cunningham to Colonel Oliver J. Bond, dated June 8, 1919. In this letter Cunningham includes information on both his military service and his civilian career following World War I.

19190306 Lawton.pdf
Letter written by W. J. Lawton to Colonel Oliver J. Bond to inform Bond of Lawton's military service during World War I.

19190110 Coward, Asbury.pdf
Letter written by Asbury Coward to Colonel Oliver J. Bond, dated January 10, 1919. Coward explains his military service during World War I in this letter to Bond.

19181215 Richey.pdf
This is a letter written by Nelle Bolt Richey to Oliver J. Bond to update Bond on her husband's health and well-being, dated December 15, 1918. This letter was a response to The Citadel requesting information from former cadets and alumni on their…

Volleyball used by the first women's team at The Citadel during the 1998-1999 school year.

Biographical sketch of George Mosho, 1930-2007, written by his son, George D. Mosho, Class of 1977.

Mosho - Boxing.jpg
Drawing by Mr. George Mosho depicting two characters, often seen in letters to his son, one running away from a boxing match, while the other tries to keep him in.
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