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Interesting Events, Philippines & Orient.pdf
Written account of a few events that Hilton witnessed from 1941-1945. These events were written on the back of cigarette wrappers.

Photograph of Roy C. Hilton as a Citadel cadet.

Military identification card issued to Roy C. Hilton by the United States Army on December 10, 1946.

Statement of Roy Hilton 1946 June 8.pdf
Statement given by Roy C. Hilton about his experiences as a prisoner of war on June 8, 1946.

My Life-Outline.pdf
Outline written by Roy C. Hilton detailing the major events in his life.

Hilton - Bataan March.pdf
Chart written by Roy C. Hilton recounting march from Bataan to the prisoner of war camp, Camp O'Donnell. This march is now known as the Bataan Death March.

Hilton - Appreciation letter.pdf
Letter written by Roy C. Hilton to the people of Laurens, South Carolina upon his release as a prisoner of war.

Bataan Supply Situation.pdf
Supply report written by Hilton as a Colonel in the G.S.C. at Bataan, Philippines on May 5, 1943.

This journal is composed of different entries written by Hilton about events occurring from 1941-1945 and tied together with string. They include diary entries from December 25, 1942-April 1943, Hilton's health chart from November 1941-July 1945,…

This journal contains the lists of officers in charge during the Philippine Campaign from 1941-1942. It also contains maps of Luzon and Bataan and a summary of the American plan of defense.
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