Minutes of the Board of Visitors of The Citadel, 1859


Minutes of the Board of Visitors of The Citadel, 1859


Official minutes of the governing body of The Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina.




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The Citadel Board of Visitor Meeting Minutes










Charleston (S.C.)

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At a meeting of the Board of Visitors held at the Mills House Charleston on 12th of April and continued by adjournment until the 13th 1859.


General James Jones Chairman
General Jamison
Gov Means
Col Wilson

The Chairman submitted to the Board the bids of builders, for the erection of a wing to the Arsenal Academy when it was

Ordered – That the bid of Mr. Clark Waring be accepted.

The resignation of Mr F. Gauthier as professor of drawing in the Citadel Academy was read and accepted and those resolutions unanimously passed viz:

Resolved. That the Board in accepting the resignation of Mr Gauthier avail themselves of the opportunity to express to him their high appreciation of his conduct and services during their connection with him and their regret at parting with one whose intercourse has been so long and pleasant with him their high esteem and best wishes for his future happiness.

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Resolved. That the Secretary be instructed to furnish Mr Gauthier with a copy of the foregoing resolution.

Ordered – That Cadet Crouch of the Citadel Academy be transferred from the pay to the state list of cadets

A letter from Capt. Stevens to the Board on the subject of certain official changes it had made at the last annual meeting, having been read by the Chairman. The following resolutions were unanimously passed and the Secretary of the Board ordered to transmit them to Capt. Stevens viz

Resolved That as some misconception has arisen from the action of the Board of Visitors in the appointment of officers of the Military Academies at their annual meeting in November last, they declare that such action, in selecting from the officers of the institution those best qualified for the duties they are required to perform, was in conformity to the usages of the Board since the resignation of Capt Herbert as Superintendent of the Arsenal Academy.

Resolved. That while they deny the claim of any officers to be advanced to position because of his rank, they are willing to state that in the retention of Capt Stevens at the Citadel there was intended no reflection as to his qualifications for command, but he was required to resume his former pro-

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fessorship, because although he had discharged all the duties of professor of Belles Lettres with signal ability and success, he was esteemed by the Board more competent than any other professor in the institutions to give instruction in Mathematics.

Ordered. That the suspension of Cadet Kirk from the Arsenal Academy in February last, be confirmed and that he be dismissed.

The Chairman having read a letter from James McCaslan Esq. requesting to be relieved from the payment of his son’s tuition, for the quarter commencing Jan 1. 1859, because the money for the tuition had been mailed by him to his son but had failed to reach him it was

Resolved That the request be not granted and that he be required to pay the amount.

Resolved. That the action of the Chairman of the Board in restoring Cadet Spears, suspended from the Citadel Academy, be approved.

Resolved That the petition of the cadets of the Citadel, to march through the state be not granted.

Resolved That the salary of the Instructor of Drawing be increased to eight hundred dollars ($800)

W. W. Veitch Esq was unanimously elected Instructor of Drawing.

W. H. Wright Esq was authorized to draw on hundred dollars ($100) for teaching French the quarter ending April 1. 1859

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Lieut W. M. Tennent was reappointed instructor in mathematics and T. A. Huguenin Esq appointed instructor in such department as the Academic Board of the Citadel may suggest.

The Report of the Superintendent of the Citadel was then taken up when it was

Resolved. That the recommendations of the Academic Board be adopted. The following are the recommendations, viz

That Cadets F. H. Harleston, A. J. Norris, A. S. Gaillard, E. A. Erwin, W. E. Stoney, S. S. Kirby and F. de Caradeuc of the Second Class be raised to the First Class. That Cadets Austin, Boylston, Burns, Campbell, Colclough, Croft, Dargan, Ferguson, Fraser, Guerard, Haynsworth, Hutchinson, June, Keith, Lee, Morrison, Nesbit, Palmer, Patterson, Pickens, Raysor, Roberts, H. Sams, R. Sams, Simkins, Sitgreaves, Tennent, Thurston, Turnbull, Vance, Walker, Wardlaw, Whilden, Wilson & Wiley of the Third Class be raised to the Second Class and that Cadets Roath & Bryce not having exhibited a satisfactory acquaintance with their studies be not allowed to rise with their class.

That Cadets Ragsdale, Carwile, Dove & Mills be discharged from this Academy for deficiency in studies & conduct.

That the Fourth Class be raised to the Third Class.

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Immediately after the adoption of the foregoing the Board received from the Supt of the Citadel a corrected roll of the Third Class which induced them to allow cadets – Bryce, Dove & Ragsdale to rise with their class.

Resolved That Cadets E. W. Fraser, B. M. Schipman, W. E. Stoney, J. M. Whilden, Jude Robinson, W. B. Guerard, J. S. Moses, J. C. Palmer, T. B. Ferguson, W. F. McKewn be granted furloughs until Reville on the 18th inst.

Resolved That the suspension of Cadet Coward for introducing liquor into barracks be confirmed and that he be dismissed.

Resolved That the commencement day of the Military Academy shall be the second Wednesday after the first Tuesday of April.

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Citadel Academy Charleston
April 8. 1859

At a meeting of the Board of Visitors held this day it was resolved to grant diplomas to the graduating class in the following order viz.

1 T. H. Law
2 P. S. Layton
3 W. P. Shooter
4 Warren Adams
5 T. A. Huguenin
6 J. L. Litchfield
7 O. J. Youmans
8 W. E. Cothran
9 G. M. McDowall
10 T. J. Weatherly
11 R. Press Smith
12 W. R. Marshall
13 T. O. McCaslan
14 J. E. Spears
15 F. L. Garvin

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At a meeting of the Board of Visitors held at the office of the commission of the new state capitol on the 8th and continued by adjournment until the 9th of September 1859.


General James Jones Chairman
General David F. Jamison
Ex: Gov John H. Means
Col Isaac D. Wilson
Adjt Genl R. G. M. Dunovant

The case of J. A. Harris discharged at the semi-annual examination of the Citadel Academy in 1858 was considered when it was

Ordered That the dismissal be removed and that he be honorably discharged and that the Secretary of the Board send him an honorable discharge.

Ordered That in consequence of an error in compiling the merit roll of the Third Class, exhibiting the stand of the cadets of that class at the semi-annual examination in August 1859, upon which the action of the Academic Board and the order of the Chairman of the Board of Visitors were founded; the order of the Chairman of the Board in relation to the 3rd Class be modified so as to confirm the recommendation of the Academic Board

[Page 11]
in relation to Cadets Chisolm, Beaty, Robinson and B. Smith only.

Resolved that the overcoat prescribed for officers of the United States Army be adopted for the cadets of the Military Academy, except as to the frog-buttons and braiding for which, buttons covered with the same material as the coat shall be substituted. The overcoat shall not be furnished by the state to the cadet, but no cadet shall be permitted to wear or have in his possession any other overcoat or cloak.

Col Henry C. Young appointed by His Excellency Governor Gist, to fill the vacancy occasioned by the death of General Daniel Wallace, now appeared, took his seat on the Board and offered the following preamble and resolutions which were unanimously adopted.

The Board of Visitors of the Military Academy of the State of South Carolina, sensible of the great loss which this institution has sustained in the death of the Hon Daniel Wallace one of the Board and desirous of giving [illegible] expression of the estimation and respect in which they held his distinguished services and entertain for his memory unanimously adopt the following resolutions

Resolved. That in the death of the Hon Daniel Wallace, the Military Acad-

[Page 12]
emy of the State has been deprived of one of its most devoted friends and useful visitors.

Resolved. That the Board of Visitors have lost the counsel of one for whose high integrity and manly qualities they entertain the highest regard and in whose sound judgement they placed the most implicit confidence.

Resolved That a copy of these resolutions be transmitted to the family of the deceased and be published in the newspapers of Columbia and Charleston.

The resignation of Maj F. W. Capers Superintendent of the Citadel was then read and accepted when ex-Governor Means offered the following resolutions which were adopted –

Resolved unanimously That the Board of Visitors of the State Military Academy in accepting the resignation of Maj. F. W. Capers, as Superintendent of the Citadel Academy, feel it due to the long, pleasant and intimate association which has existed between them, to express their regret at parting with one whose noble qualities have endeared him to them, and their great pleasure in testifying to the zeal, fidelity and ability with which he has discharged the duties of his office.

Resolved That the Secretary of the Board be instructed to transmit a copy of this resolution to Maj Capers and publish it in the paper of Columbia & Charleston.

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The resignation of Capt Stevens being read the following resolutions were adopted; viz

Resolved That the Board is unwilling to go out of its own institution for its future officers.

Resolved That the graduates of the State Military Academy should consider themselves at all times under obligations to render their services to the institution whenever called upon to do so.

Resolved That under these circumstances the Board decline to accept the resignation of Captain Stevens, and hereby unanimously appoint him Superintendent of the Citadel Academy.

Resolved That Captain Stevens be promoted to the rank of Major, Lieut Thomas to the rank of Captain, next in order to Captain White.

N. W. Armstrong Esq was then unanimously elected to the professorship of mathematics made vacant by the appointment of Captain Stevens to the Superintendency, with the rank of Second Lieut, in the order of his appointment.

Resolved That the Superintendent be authorized to arrange the studies of Astronomy, Mechanics, Engineering, Tactics and Mathematics between himself and the professor of Mathematics.

Resolved. That the 12th Article of the Regulations be amended so as to read

It shall be the duty of the Bursar, upon the requisition and under the

[Page 14]
supervision of the Superintendent to purchase all necessary supplies of food, clothing, fuel, oil and candles, furniture, medicines and books and stationery and to issue the same according to such regulations as may be adopted; to hire cooks and waiters and superintend the cooking and serving of all food and articles of diet for the cadets; and to keep his table at all times supplied in the neatest manner with the articles required in the bill of fare prescribed by the Board of Visitors. He shall act as Quarter Master, and under the discretion of the Superintendent shall have charge of the public lands and the buildings there on; the control of the workmen, employed in the erection or repairs of the public buildings, or in the improvement of the grounds, of the materials for the erection of buildings and for repairs and improvements and of all other public property for which no other person is especially responsible. He shall render Quarterly accounts of his expenditures accompanied by the proper vouchers to the Superintendent; who shall examine the same, and make up from them, an annual account of expenditures which he shall lay before the Board of Visitors together with the Quarterly accounts of the Bursars at the regular Annual meeting of the Board. The Bursar shall give bond and security in the sum of five thousand dollars for the faithful per-

[Page 15]
formance of his duty; and responsibility for all money and property confided to his charge.

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December 2nd 1859

At a meeting of the Board of Visitors of the State Military Academy held this day Gen James Jones Chairman, Generals Jamison and Means, Colonels Wilson and Young and Gen. Dunovant were present.

The following was the action of the Board in the report of the Superintendent of the Citadel Academy.

Resolved 1st That Cadet [illegible] be honorably discharged

2nd That the suspension of Cadet Crouch for gross disrespect to an officer be confirmed & that he be dismissed.

3rd That the Chairman of the Board ask in his report to the Legislature for $5000 if so much be necessary for additional accommodation for cadets.

4th That the Chairman instruct Maj. Stevens to require Mr Yeadon to remain at the Magazine all the year, or to employ a substitute at his own expense, Yeadon to be held responsible for the property etc under his charge.

5th That Maj Stevens be instructed to allow cadets who are members of the church to attend their own churches & to require Jews to attend their synagogues on Saturday their Sabbath.

[Page 18]
6th That the 48th Article of the General Regulations be amended by adding “which he shall inspect on the last Friday of every month.”

7th That the alterations in the regulations of the [illegible] Police & Discipline of the Citadel made by Maj. Stevens, with the consent of the chairman of the Board, be approved.

The following was the action on the report of the Superintendent of the Arsenal Academy.

Resolved 1st That Cadet C. C. Smith who was suspended for disrespect to an officer, be restored in consideration of his previous good conduct and his condition; that his apology be read before the Corps, and that he be required to stand an examination in January next in this year’s course.

2nd That the suspension of Cadet Elliott be confirmed & that he be dismissed.

3rd That Cadet Gibbes be retained at the Arsenal another year at his own request.

Resolved, That the report of the Academic Board of the Arsenal Academy be adopted and that cadets W. C. Gray, R. H. Griffin, F. M. Farr, T. C. Neil, T. J. Heyward, J. S. Dutart, H. P. Walker, P. Hamilton, M. M. Farrar, W. M. Smith, T. W. Nowell, M. B. Humphrey, W. F. Rice, B. G. Rushing, E. H. Cockroft, J. A. Bradley, C. P. Bolton, H. W. DeSaussure, J. R. Wescott, J. K. Law, G. W. Dargan, B. R. Snead, A. F. Miller, R. L. Cooper, J. H. McDevitt, W. J. Nettles, J. J. Mackay, J. D. Charles, J. A. Caldwell, J. G. Heyward,

[Page 19]
A. Lucas, R. Chisolm, C. Hughes, N. Alexander, E. W. Leman, A. P. Craig, W. H. Mew, D. A. Smith, W. A. Gibbes, J. E. Dutant, J. A. Blum, A. M. Brailsford, A. W. Clement, and W. H. Duncan be transferred to the Citadel Academy.

Resolved, That J. W. Matthews be appointed to the Arsenal Academy, in accordance with resolution adopted in 1856.

Resolved, That the Superintendent of the Citadel be authorized to retain one dollar from the sum appropriated to each Cadet at the Citadel for clothing, for the quarter ending 31st March 1860, to defray expenses of band of music at parades of the Corps.

Resolved, That cadets at the Citadel Academy be allowed but two days holiday on Christmas occasions.

Resolved, That the resignation of 2nd Lieut. W. Tennant Resident Graduate at the Citadel be accepted.

Resolved, That the appointment by the Chairman of Mr. E. Capers as Resident Graduate Citadel be confirmed.

Resolved, That the pay of Lieut. Patrick be raised to $1200 from the first of January next.

[Page 20]
Resolved That Cadets Colcock & Dubose be granted honorable discharges, provided they have not registered against them 200 demerits.

Resolved, That the 4th class at the Citadel shall be examined in April with the other classes, and its final merit roll for the term then determined.

Resolved, That if any member of the 4th class at the Citadel, shall have a number expressing his demerit on the general conduct roll, by adding the number received during his service at the Citadel to those received previously amounting to 250, such cadet shall be declared deficient in conduct, immediately suspended and reported by the Superintendent to the Board of Visitors for discharge.

Resolved, That the present 3rd class at the Citadel be allowed to come within the spirit of the provisions of the foregoing resolutions.

The Board then made the following appointments for the year 1860.

1 C. E. Watson * P
2 John David P
3 G. M. Hodges P
4 P. D. Kleugh P
5 J. W. Brown S
6 H. O. Barnett P
7 W. H. Chapman * P
8 A. Aldrich P
9 R. Aldrich P
10 H. C. Bowers P
11 L. A. Ashley P
12 W. G. Simms P
13 C. K. Ray P
14 J. R. DeLoach P
15 C. H. Rice P
16 J. R. Eaves S
17 L. W. Kennedy P

[Page 21]
18 E. A. Bell P
19 John Bell P
20 T. R. S. Elliott P
21 M. M. Sams P
22 J. D. Morrisson P
23 W. G. Roberds P
24 M. M. Hutson P
25 W. Smith P
26 W. J. Willingham P
27 B. T. Williams P
28 S. R. Stoney P
29 E. E. Durban P
30 J. B. Dotterer * P
31 W. M. Heyward P
32 J. O. Wilson P
33 N. Heyward P
34 J. W. Toomer P
35 R. H. Snowden P
36 E. J. Holmes P
37 A. H. Barnwall P
38 F. R. S. Lesesne P
39 J. C. DeVeaux P
40 G. Klinch P
41 W. E. Vincent P
42 R. E. Elfe P
43 F. K. Simons P
44 John Colcock P
45 H. P. Dawes P
46 J. L. Walpole P
47 F. M. Kinloch P
48 E. S. Hayne P
49 S. K. McDonald P
50 T. P. Black P
51 R. E. Brown P
52 J. Corcoran S
53 J. Holmes S
54 F. Mackay S
55 R. Pinckney S
56 R. Slawson S
57 E. E. Stone S
58 L. Caldwell P
59 J. A. Miller P
60 John Craig P
61 H. L. Ragan P
62 G. H. Dukes P
63 L. R. Tindal P
64 J. W. L. Clement P
65 W. S. Hanahan P
66 J. L. Seabrook * P
67 R. M. Wiggins S
68 J. W. Williamson P
69 E. P. Ervin P
70 C. B. Law P
71 R. A. Garner S
72 Wm. Frazier P
73 J. O. Sheppard P
74 Wm. Powers P
75 A. R. Nicholson P

[Page 22]
76 W. R. Hunter P
77 P. S. Norris P
78 F. S. Anderson P
79 S. E. Freelan P
80 A. G. Howard P
81 J. T. Gaston S
82 Attaway
83 J. M. Lemmon P
84 J. Stewart S
85 G. L. Ellis S Greenville
86 E. D. Earle * P
87 B. J. Earle P
88 J. L. McCullough P
89 J. M. Sullivan P
90 J. B. Kinman P
91 W. P. Turpin P
92 B. L. Beaty S
93 J. S. Cunningham P
94 John Team P
95 Samuel Cureton P
96 J. J. McIlwain P
97 D. N. Mackey P
98 W. D. Griffin * P
99 B. H. Pasley P
100 A. Eichelberger P
101 D. A. Anderson S
102 T. A. Quattlebaum P
103 N. W. Steedman P
104 F. D. Quattlebaum P
105 J. P. Fox P
106 H. A. Smith P
107 W. W. Gregg S
108 E. P. Harllee P
109 J. F. Hook P
110 W. A. Easterlin P
111 A. O. Houser P
112 J. T. Salley S
113 S. Hall S
114 L. W. Jenkins P
115 J. Graves P
116 L. R. Beckwith P
117 R. E. Bates P
118 F. L. Robertson P
119 Charles E. Coxe P
120 D. Fleming P
121 W. P. Baskin P
122 W. A. Johnson S
123 J. C. Anderson P
124 J. P. Moore S

[Page 23]
125 M. Sanders P
126 T. M. Dick P
127 P. P. Gaillard P
128 J. M. Nelson P
129 R. M. Thompson P
130 W. A. Nettles P
131 J. M. Taylor
132 S. P. Matthews P
133 W. Salters P
134 A. W. Dozier Jr. P
135 S. H. Owens S
State at Large
136 J. U. Matthews S
137 W. A. Gibbes of Richland P Retained at his own request at Arsenal

Those marked thus (*) are sent to Citadel Academy, Charleston; the others to the Arsenal Academy, Columbia.


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