Minutes of the Board of Visitors of The Citadel, 1858


Minutes of the Board of Visitors of The Citadel, 1858


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Sept 11 1858

The following is the action and decision of the Board upon the recommendations of the Academic Board of the Citadel Academy and the other matters embraced in the Report of the Superintendent of the Citadel Academy, immediately after the semi-annual examination of that Academy.

1st The recommendations of the Academic Board are adopted and are ordered to be carried into effect except so much as relates to Cadets Tison & Hayne of the 3rd Class.

2nd It is ordered that Cadet Hayne be censured by the Superintendent for neglect of studies particularly in French; and that he be notified that an honorable discharge will not be granted to him previous to the annual examination in April next.

3rd Cadet Tison being under suspension for a grave offence against discipline, his case is reserved for the annual meeting of the Board of Visitors.

4th The suspensions of Cadets Ward, Besselleu and Wooten are approved, and they are discharged from the Academy.

5th An honorable discharge is granted to Cadet Hunter of the 3rd Class to date from July 1st 1858.

James Jones
Chr. Board Visitors

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At the annual meeting of the Board of Visitors held at the office of the Commissioner of the new State Capitol Nov 26th 1858 and continued by [illegible] adjournments until Nov 30th


General James Jones Chairman
His Excellency Gov Allston
Generals Jamison & Means
Col I. D. Wilson &
Adjt & Insp: General Dunovant

The Report of the Superintendent of the Citadel Academy on semi-annual examination and the decision of the Chairman of the Board made in September therein were considered & approved (see preceding page). The case of Cadet Tison was then taken up. His suspension was confirmed and he was dismissed from the Academy.

The annual Report of the Superintendent of the Arsenal Academy was then read. When it was Resolved That the suspensions of Cadets B. A. Rogers, T. Alston, J. L. Fraser, H. L. Garlington, A. Grimball, H. M. Lofton, J. M. Richardson, J. B. Watts and C. J. Wilson be confirmed

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and that they be dismissed. That the action of the Chairman of the Board in restoring Cadets Martin & Smith suspended at the same time and for the same offence was be approved by the Board; and that Cadet Dargan also suspended for the same offence be reprimanded for the failure to discharge his duty as Lieutenant of the Guard (on the night when the offence causing the suspensions was committed) and be allowed, in accordance with his now urgent request, to join the class next in order below the one from which he was suspended. Cadet Cannon, suspended for desertion, was dismissed. The suspensions of Cadets W. Jones, J. Jones, Norris, Spann & Haile were confirmed and they were dismissed. The action of the Chairman, in restoring Cadet Taylor, suspended at the same time and for the same offence as Cadet Spann, was considered and approved.

The annual Merit Roll of the 4th Class was then considered when it was

Ordered That Cadets J. W. Jamison, G. G. Wells, W. McKewn, R. F. Lawton, W. Evans, D. P. Campbell, G. A. McDowell, W. B. McKee, S. P. Steedman, E. H. Chaplin, S. P. Smith, R. M. DuBose, G. J. Lalane, J. M. Horlbeck, R. E. Matthews, G. B. Dyer, W. N. Heyward, E. Gaillard, J. Garlington, B. W. Smith,

[Page 4]
J. B. Alison, J. R. Mew, J. D. Lively, A. Doty, B. Martin, E. B. Middleton, A. Chisolm, W. R. White, J. L. Taylor, M. S. Elliott, W. J. Barker, A. Bowie, J. J. Workman, J. Robinson, J. W. Watts, C. L. Beaty be transferred on the 1st of January next to become the third class of the Citadel Academy; That Cadet H. P. Walker, in consideration of his good conduct, and the indications of improvement he has recently exhibited be retained in the fourth class – Arsenal Academy; and that Cadets A. C. Fraser, E. H. Gadsden, C. E. Watson, J. S. Simons, M. C. Gladden, J. P. Minus, W. R. Norwood and W. S. Beckett, be dismissed for deficiency. The resignation of Capt C. C. Tew Supt Arsenal Academy was there read & received, when the following resolutions were unanimously passed & ordered to be transmitted to Capt Tew & to be printed in the papers of the city of Columbia.

Resolved, That the Board of Visitors have received with much regret the resignation of Capt C. C. Tew as the Superintendent of the Arsenal Academy. During the whole period of his connection with the State Military Academies, as cadet, assistant professor at the Arsenal Academy, as professor of belles lettres in the Citadel Academy and as Superintendent at the Arsenal he discharged all his duties, with signal ability, zeal and success, and the Board in parting with Capt Tew, take great pleasure in bearing this testimony to the valuable services he has rendered

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these institutions.

2dly That a copy of the foregoing be transmitted by the Secretary of the Board to Capt Tew, as a slight testimonial of their estimate of his worth, with their kindest wishes for his future welfare.

The Chairman of the Board then announced the death of Mr. J. L. Gregory, Bursar of the Citadel Academy, when the following preamble and resolutions were unanimously passed.

The Board have heard with deep sensibility of the death of J. Ladson Gregorie. For many years connected with the Citadel Academy as Bursar he brought to the office watchfulness, fidelity and integrity, the distinguishing characteristics of an honest man. It was his singular good fortune during his long connection with the Citadel as Bursar to be commended for the faithfulness of his administration and the general satisfaction of those who were the recipients of his case.

Resolved That this board entertain for the late Mr. Gregorie profound respect for the high qualities which marked him as a man. That they feel deeply the loss of a valued officer, one always ready and efficient to promote to the interests of the institution and prompt in the discharge of [illegible] – for its success.

The Chairman of the Board then states that he had appointed Mr. W. H. Wright Bursar until the meeting of the Board;

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the appointment was approved and Mr. Wright was elected Bursar of the Citadel Academy.

The following resolutions were then passed –

Resolved That the salary of the Superintendent of the Citadel Academy shall be increased to two thousand, five hundred dollars. That Capt P. F. Stevens after the annual examination in April next, shall take charge of the department of Mathematics and Astronomy in the Citadel Academy and his salary shall be increased to the sum of two thousand dollars. That Lieut White shall be transferred to the Arsenal Academy, after the annual examination at the Citadel in April next, as Superintendent of that post, and professor of mathematics with the title of Captain, to take rank next in order to Capt Stevens and that his salary as Superintendent shall be sixteen hundred dollars with the addition of four hundred dollars as Arsenal Keeper. That Lieut Thomas shall be transferred to the Citadel Academy as professor of Belles Lettres, Ethics & French, with the salary of two thousand dollars. That the salary of the professor of Experimental Science in the Citadel Academy shall be increased to two thousand dollars. That Lieut Kennedy shall be promoted to the rank of First Lieutenant, and hereafter take charge of the department of Belles Lettres, in the

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Arsenal Academy. That Mr. H. S. Thompson be appointed to the professorship of French in the Arsenal Academy with the salary of fifteen hundred dollars and with the rank of Second Lieut. That Mr. J. B. Patrick be appointed assistant professor of mathematics with the salary of eight hundred dollars and the rank of Second Lieutenant.

That Lieut Thomas be appointed Superintendent of the Arsenal Academy until the annual examination at the Citadel in April next with the salary heretofore attached to that office.

That book-keeping be restored to the studies of the fourth class and required to be taught at the Arsenal Academy.

The Board then proceeded to make appointments of pupils to the two Academies when the following persons were appointed to the two Academies for the year 1859 viz.

P. D. Klugh P
R. H. Griffin P
E. H. McDowall P
J. L. Jordan P
J. B. McKittrick P
C. Hughes S
E. W. Moore S
S. J. Taylor P
J. S. Smith S

[Page 7]
A. Aldrich P
L. A. Ashley P
Wm. Grey P
C. H. Bowers P
C. M. Patrick P
J. J. Hoover P
* L. J. Sweat P
* W. F. Eubanks P
* A. Coffin P
* W. H. Chapman P
S. W. Eaves S
W. F. Rice P
E. E. Durban P
P. Hamilton P
S. R. Stoney
D. J. Chaplin
E. A. Bell
R. Chisolm
W. H. Mew
W. L. Heyward
Wm. Hallen
S. E. Blount
J. Mackay
G. Elliott
R. H. Kirk
* W. J. Verdier
B. G. Rushing
E. T. Cockroft
H. W. DeSaussure P
F. M. Kinloch P
J. M. Muirhead P
J. G. Heyward P
W. J. Dennis P
T. J. Heyward P
E. S. Hayne P
F. D. Walker P
T. J. Black P
Horace Walpole P
T. W. Nowell P
W. M. Smith P
F. M. King P
J. F. Marshall P
J. E. Dutart P
J. S. Dutart P
J. A. Alston P
J. A. Blum P
J. D. Stoney P
J. W. Toomer P
* Ed. North P
* F. M. Schirmer P
* J. W. Brown P
* B. M. Schipman P
* W. F. Colcock Jr P
M. V. Ross S
W. A. Lovett S
E. H. Darby S
G. W. Baxley S
E. P. Cater S
E. W. Leman S
R. S. Stoney S
W. Williams P
J. E. H. Couturier S
Ed. Grady S

* Those marked with an asterisk are appointed to The Citadel

[Page 8]
J. A. Bradley
A. P. Craig S
M. B. Humphrey S
A. M. Brailsford S
A. F. Miller P
A. W. Clement P
J. R. Wescoat P
A. Lucas P
Theo. Dehon P
* C. G. Bailey P
W. E. Haskell P
B. R. Snead S
W. N. R. Dodd S
J. K. Law P
Jas. Brunson P
J. W. Griffin S
J. H. McDevitt S
N. Myers P
M. Myers P
J. A. Caldwell P
F. M. Thomas P
* W. H. Kerr P
W. H. Duncan P
T. O. Butler P
T. P. Irvine P
J. D. Charles P
W. S. Porter P
W. Watts P
W. A. Bailey P
L. J. Perry P
W. M. Gunnels P
Wm. J. Hudgens S
C. C. Smith P
D. A. Smith P
E. P. Harllee P
J. D. Westervelt S
C. P. Bolton S
B. B. Brantley S
Orangeburg A. O. Houser P
W. V. Izlar S
F. Glover S
N. Alexander S

*Those marked with an asterisk are sent to the Citadel Charleston

[Page 9]
C. H. Randolph P
W. A. Gibbes P
R. E. Bates P
J. W. Harris P
F. L. Robertson P
* L. R. Stark P
* W. H. Bryce P
M. O. Evans S
E. J. Dean P
M. M. Farrow S
W. E. Dill S
P. P. Gaillard P
W. J. S. Nettles P
* J. S. Moses P
R. L. Cooper S
J. M. Bunch P
G. Tucker P
* W. M. Tucker P
F. M. Farr S
Wm. Salters P
R. M. Footman S
J. C. Neal S

Those marked with an asterisk are sent to the Citadel Academy

[Page 10]
The Annual Report of the Board was then read and it was adopted & ordered to be sent to both houses of the Legislature.

Report of the Board of Visitors of the State Military Academies, for the year 1858.

To the Honorable the Board of Visitors of the State Military Academies, the General Assembly of South Carolina: -
The Board of Visitors of the State Military beg leave to submit the following.

They have just concluded the Annual Examination at the Arsenal Academy for the fourth class and they are pleased to be able to state that, the usual proficiency and high discipline have been maintained at that institution. By a Regulation adopted at the last annual meeting of the Board, the annual examination and commencement at the Citadel Academy will not take place before the month of April next, and the experience of the past year fully justifies the propriety of the measure, in enabling the Board to grant furloughs during the month when yellow fever prevailed in the city of Charleston, without materially affecting the period, allotted to study or the discipline of the institution.

[Page 11]
The Board regret to state that the usual high discipline at the Citadel Academy could only be maintained by the dismissal of a large portion of the Sec’d Class who thought that they had the right to construe the Regulations of the institution according to the meaning which they supposed reasonable or convenient; and as they persisted in adhering to that determination, the Board had no other course left them to confirm the action which had been taken in their case, which was as follows: - During the month of February last a section of the Sec’d Class consisting of eleven complained of an order of one of the professors, which required them to rise and march out of the section room, in a more orderly manner than before, and as their remonstrance against the [illegible] which was made to the Professor through their squad-marcher was unheeded, they resolved to disobey the order. They did not seek redress in the easy mode permitted by the Regulations by complaining first to the Superintendent & then appealing to the Board of Visitors, which they could have done through their squad-marcher as they did do to their professor, without the necessity of a formal meeting, for the purpose but they hastened to the conclusion that their complaint would be disregarded both by the Superintendent and the Board, and they left the section room, in open defiance of the orders and authority of the professor; whereupon these eleven cadets were suspended until the Board could act upon their case. Thirteen others of the same class in order to show their sympathy with their fellows requested the Superintendent

[Page 12]
to put them on the same footing, but he refused to do so, as they had yet done nothing to merit the same punishment. They then resolved to hold a meeting in premeditated disobedience of the Regulations of the Institution, and against the positive orders of the Superintendent and in consequence they were also suspended. Ten others of the same class prudently forbore to show any sympathy for the movement or to take any part in it. On this state of things the matter was submitted to the Board, upon the report of the whole case by the Superintendent, with a statement of the matter by the suspended members of the class. In the mean time, one of the suspended cadets expressing his regret at the course he had pursued, and referring the whole subject to the decision of the Board, was restored to the institution. The twenty-three others, who still persisted in claiming the rights to disobey the constituted authorities of the institution, were dismissed.

At the annual meeting of the Board on the 27th November inst., there were sixty three (63) pay and twelve (12) state cadets at the Citadel Academy: twenty six (26) pay and nine (9) state cadets were ordered to be sent from the Arsenal to the Citadel Academy on the 1st January next: one pay and two state cadets retained for another year at the Arsenal, making at present, in the institution eighty-nine (89) pay and twenty-three state cadets. There were appointed at the same time eighty-four (84) pay & thirty-four (34) state applicants to enter the Arsenal Academy, and sixteen (16) pay applicants to enter the third class at the Citadel Academy so that, on the 1st January next, there would be

[Page 13]
at the Citadel one hundred and four (104) pay & twenty-one (21) state cadets and at the Arsenal 85 pay and thirty-six state cadets, making in the aggregate two hundred and forty-six (246) cadets in the Military Academy. The Board have admitted all the pay applicants except those who had applied for a discharge on account of deficiency in studies and who were applying for readmission. The latter amounted to thirteen (13) would also have been admitted but for want of room. The Board fear that the number now admitted is greater than their means of accommodation will enable them to keep with sufficient comfort; but so urgent were the entreaties of the parents and friends of the applicants that they were unwilling to refuse any whom it was possible to provide for. They would therefore repeat a suggestion, contained in their last annual report, that your honorable body, under this condition of things, may feel the necessity in taking steps, to increase the accommodation at the Arsenal, by making suitable additions to the buildings, at that post, and thus gratify the desire of a large body of the people of the state, to have their sons educated, at these schools. The Board regret that they have lost the very valuable service of Capt C. C. Tew who tendered his resignation at the previous meeting as Superintendent of the Arsenal Academy. This step they supposed has been induced, in some measure, by the very inadequate salary, which the limited means of the disposal of the Board, only enable them to pay and they fear that from time to time they will from the same cause be forced to part with their best professors, who will feel it to be their duty

[Page 14]
to seek elsewhere more ample compensation for such services as are required by the officers of these institutions. The Board, however, hope in the present instance that the vacancies induced by the resignation of Capt. Tew have been filled in such manner from the graduate of the Academy as will occasion the least detriment to the best interests of the institution. The sums, heretofore appropriated for the purchase of a library for the Academies have been judiciously expended & the Board would respectfully recommend alike appropriation for the next year.

The Board make the following report of the receipts and expenditures for the fiscal year from October 1st 1857 to Sept 30th 1858, for a more specific account of which they refer to the annual accounts of the Bursars of the Academies, herewith transmitted, accompanied by the proper vouchers. The unexpended balance seems to be large, but that results chiefly from the fact that owing to the presence of fever in Charleston, the expenditure for the maintenance of the Corps, was less than usual, and the salaries of the officers, servants hire and other contingent expenses were unpaid at the end of the fiscal year.

Unexpended balance at last annual report $1194.56 From appropriation 30000.00
From pay cadets 26347.33
From appropriation for libraries 1000.00
From the Governor for baths and reservoir 565.00 From cadets for clothing overdrawn 9.71
[Total] $59116.60

[Page 15]
Receipts brought forw’d $59116.60

For salaries $12340.94
For subsistence 14644.48
For clothing 11570.89
For washing 2322.03
For hire of servants 2300.73
For music 267.93
For contingencies including fuel, lights, books, stationery, chemicals, etc. 7166.09
For permanent improvements 1944.48
For repairs to buildings 217.53
For libraries 946.84
For Magazine Guard 1055.67
For unexpended balance 4346.97
[Total] $59116.60

An abstract from the Report of the Arsenal Keepers at Charleston and Columbia is herewith submitted also exhibit (B) which gives the number of Cadets appointed, of those who failed to report, of those rejected, honorably discharged, discharged for deficiency, etc. from January 1st 1843 to Nov 28th 1858.

Respectfully submitted
(signed) James Jones
Chairman B. V.

Columbia, Nov 29th 1858.

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[See chart on original document.]

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[See chart on original document.]


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