Minutes of the Board of Visitors of The Citadel, 1854


Minutes of the Board of Visitors of The Citadel, 1854


Official minutes of the governing body of The Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina.




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The Citadel Board of Visitor Meeting Minutes










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[Note: the original document contains pencil annotations on certain pages that are not included in this transcription. Please see original document for annotations.]

[Page 1]
State Military Academies
List of distinguished Cadets reported at the Annual Examinations 1854

No – Names – Districts – Academy – Studies etc.: in which each Cadet particularly excels

“First Class”
1 M Jenkins – Colleton – Citadel – Astronomy, Mechanics & Engineering, Ethics, Chem & Min., Drawing, Conduct
2 Thos. E. Hart – Darlington – Citadel – Chemistry & Min., Drawing
“Second Class”
1 John D. Wylie – Lancaster – Citadel – Mathematics, Bel. Let., Nat. Phil.
2 W. P. DuBose – Fairfield – Citadel – Nat. Phil., Mathematics, Bel. Let.
“Third Class”
1 J. F. Lanneau – Charleston – Citadel – Mathematics, Drawing
2 W. R. Erwin – Barnwell – Citadel – Bel. Let., French, Drawing
“Fourth Class”
1 W. M. Tennent – Charleston – Arsenal – Mathematics, French
2 T. H. Law – Darlington – Arsenal – Mathematics, English

James Jones, Chairman Board of Visitors

[Page 2]
Citadel Academy, Nov 16 1854

The Board met this day to be present at the annual examination of the Cadets of this institution.


Genl. James Jones, Chairman
Genl. D. F. Jamison
Genl. D. Wallace
Genl. John H. Means
Col. Wilson
Genl. Dunovant Adj Genl (Ex Off)

and continued sitting until Friday 24th Nov when they adjourned to meet at the Arsenal Academy in Columbia on Tuesday 28 Nov.

The same Board met, to be present at the examination of the Cadets at the Arsenal, where they adjourned on Thursday 30 Nov to meet tomorrow at the Executive Office – the day of their annual meeting.

[Page 3]
Executive Office – Columbia
Dec 1 1854

Resolved that diplomas of the institution be granted to

1 M. Jenkins
2 T. E. Hart
3 A. D. Hoke
4 J. J. Jenkins
5 A. Coward
6 J. D. Radcliffe
7 C. T. Haskell
8 C. Adams
9 M. Steedman
10 D. G. Fleming
11 A. H. Mazyck
12 J. F. Culpeper
13 D. R. Jamison

[Page 4]
Executive Office Columbia
Dec 1 1854

At the annual meeting of the Board of Visitors


Genl. James Jones – Chairman
His Excellency Gov. Manning (Ex Officio)
Genl. Jamison
Genl. Wallace
Genl. Means
Col. Wilson
Adj. Genl. Dunovant

The Report of the Superintendent of the Arsenal Academy, was taken up and read, when

It was resolved that the following cadets be transferred from the Arsenal A. to the Citadel Academy, to enter 3rd class 1st Jan.

1 Moore
2 Capers
3 Symmes
4 Erwin
5 Dickinson
6 McCreary
7 Campbell
8 Davis
9 McDowell
10 Tennent
11 Bedon
12 Ellis
13 Rowe
14 Norwood
15 Gaillard
16 Thomas
17 Cauble
18 Hemmingway
19 Dudley
20 Rutherford
21 Adams
22 Scott
23 Chavez
24 Backstrom

1 Anderson
2 Mangum
3 Folk
4 Dalrymple
5 D’Oyley
6 Black
7 Waldrop
8 Zeigler
9 Exum
10 Garden
11 Hart
12 Harper

[Page 5]
That Backstrom (24 Pay) and Chavez (23 Pay) be allowed a trial of 3 months at the Citadel Academy - & if during that time, they manifest no improvement, that they be dismissed.

Resolved that Cadets Sweat & Garvin be allowed to remain in the 4th class at the Arsenal Academy another year and that Cadets Charles, Ellerbe, & McKelvey be allowed a trial of three months in said class - & if during that time, they manifest no improvement, that they be discharged.

Resolved that Cadets Phillips & Southern be Honorably discharged – and that furlough be extended to Cadet Law for one year.

Resolved that Cadet Rowe be relieved from suspension: & that he be transferred to 3rd class – Citadel Academy on 1st January.

Resolved that the following named persons be appointed to the Arsenal Academy to report on 1st January 1855 as beneficiary pupils, viz

[Page 6]
Beneficiaries for 1855
1 J. F. Young – Abbeville
2 G. L. Sightsey – Beaufort
3 R. H. Rivers – Beaufort
4 W. S. Bissell – Charleston
5 W. S. Hughes – Charleston
6 W. D. Douglas – Charleston
7 L. Raysor – Colleton
8 J. E. Frost – Darlington
9 W. H. Aldrich – Edgefield
10 H. G. Arthur – Edgefield
11 S. D. Robertson – Fairfield
12 J. S. Snow – Georgetown
13 W. P. Shooter – Horry
14 John Letchfield – Horry
15 James De Pass - Kershaw
16 J. E. Stewman – Lancaster
17 J. M. Sadler – Lancaster
18 H. J. Jones – Laurens
19 R. Sutherland – Marlboro
20 T. Bethea – Marion
21 R. F. Seybt – Newberry
22 R. H. Land – Newberry
23 J. W. Felder – Orangeburg
24 J. T. Wells – Richland
25 James Stofford – Spartanburg
26 W. H. Mitchell – Spartanburg
27 W. C. Couliette – Sumter
28 J. E. De Lorme – Sumter
29 J. B. Logan – Sumter
30 J. T. Parker – Union
31 S. J. Nettles – Williamsburg
32 J. N. McCollum

Resolved that the regulation prescribing the maximum age at which pupils shall be admitted into the Military Academies shall be relaxed in favor of J. F. Young (No. 1)

[Page 7]
Resolved that the following named persons be appointed to the Arsenal Academy to report on 1st January next, as

Pay Pupils
1 W. E. Cothran – Abbeville
2 J. J. Calhoun – Abbeville
3 L. L. Martin – Abbeville
4 G. M. McDowell – Abbeville
5 Caslan – Abbeville
6 D. McD. Vance – Abbeville
7 W. Whetstone – Barnwell
8 S. M. Erwin – Barnwell
9 E. R. Willis – Barnwell
10 W. Hankinson – Barnwell
11 O. J. Youmans – Beaufort
12 T. A. Huguenin – Beaufort
13 J. W. Jones – Beaufort
14 R. P. Smith – Charleston
15 John Bailey – Charleston
16 W. M. Ramsay – Charleston
17 C. H. Taber – Charleston
18 O. E. Strohecker – Charleston
19 P. A. Strohecker – Charleston
20 P. S. Layton – Charleston
21 E. C. DuBose – Charleston
22 C. H. Tew – Charleston
23 John Simons – Charleston
24 W. H. Miller – Colleton
25 R. J. Muirhead – Colleton
26 S. W. Lide – Darlington
27 J. W. Zimmerman – Darlington
28 J. R. Bryan - Edgefield
29 W. W. Mayson – Edgefield

[Page 8]
30 J. J. Robertson – Fairfield
31 J. J. Hall – Fairfield
32 W. Strother – Fairfield
33 C. S. Bonney – Kershaw
34 J. T. Farley – Laurens
35 J. E. Spears – Marlboro
36 T. Weatherly – Marlboro
37 W. T. Evans – Marion
38 W. R. Marshall – Newberry
39 J. McMorries – Newberry
40 J. W. Cullen – Orangeburg
41 W. J. Darby – Orangeburg
42 C. S. Darby – Orangeburg
43 John McCulloch – Richland
44 F. Perceval – Richland
45 R. G. Fleming – Richland
46 W. M. Gibbes – Richland
47 W. Adams – Richland
48 W. Johnson – Richland
49 W. H. Gibbes – Richland
50 R. H. Mills – Richland
51 W. H. Ray – Richland
52 W. D. Mayes – Sumter
53 J. H. Nettles – Sumter
54 W. Rice – Union
55 J. H. McElwee – York
56 E. B. White – York
57 W. J. Kimbrel – York

and that the following persons be appointed pay pupils to report at the Citadel Academy 1st January next to enter 3rd class

1 G. H. Lythgoe – Anderson
2 T. G. Gaillard – Charleston
3 T. M. Keele – Williamsburg
4 S. T. Baker – Beaufort

[Page 9]
The Report (annual) of the Superintendent of the Citadel Academy, was taken up and read, when

It was resolved, that the suspensions of Cadets Reynolds & Strait be confirmed - & that they be expelled.

That Cadets Legg & Smith be Honorably discharged – also Cadet Bowles be Honorably discharged.

That Cadet Garmany be retained in 3rd class.

Resolved that the Citadel Cadets be required to continue their studies for the month of December 1854.

Resolved that a furlough from 9th December until 31 December (instant) be granted to Professor Tew.

Resolved that a furlough until 1st January be granted to Cadets Lanneau & Manget.

Resolved that the word “Superintendent” be struck out of the 28 & 29 sec of the Regulations, & that the word “Bursar” be substituted therefore.

[Page 10]
Resolved that the sum of five hundred dollars (500$) be appropriated towards the purchase of the library at the Citadel Academy to be expended by the faculty thereof under the Superintendence of General Jamison and that $500 to be appropriated for the purchase of philosophical apparatus for the Citadel Academy to be expended by the Superintendent thereof.

Resolved, that pay cadet Thomas H. Law (Darlington Dist) have leave of absence from the M. A. for one year - & that he report himself to the Superintendent of C. A. on 1st January 1856 when he be transferred to 3rd class.

Resolved that the following report of the Board of Visitors, to the General Assembly be adopted (see next page).

The Board having sat daily from 1st Dec. until 6th December adjourned sine die.

[Page 11]
[Side of page] 4 Dec 1854

To the Honorable the General Assembly of South Carolina.

The Board of Visitors of the State Military Acads beg leave to submit to your Honorable Body, the following report

They have just concluded the annual examination at the two Academies, and they have every reason to be satisfied with the great proficiency attained by the cadets in all their studies, and the high state of discipline preserved by the faculty, in both of those institutions.

The Board regret the necessity which was imposed on them, of disbanding a great portion of the Corps at the Citadel, on the observance of the yellow fever, during the past summer. When the disease was first known to exist in the city of Charleston, the Chairman, acting under the direction and with the approbation of the Board, obtained from time to time, reliable reports from the most eminent physicians in the city, and at length upon their advice, and with the concurrence of the surgeon of the post, after leaving a sufficient number of acclimated cadets to leave as a guard, he ordered the first class with their professors to repair to the Arsenal at Columbia, and disbanded the remainder of the Corps, until the fever should cease as an epidemic. This proceeding of the Board occasioned some complaint on the part of those engaged in commercial pursuits in the city of Charleston, and the occurrence of such cases imposes a delicate and responsible duty on the Board: for while they would commit no act which would unnecessarily prejudice the commercial interests of that city, they would not incur the responsibility of the loss of a single life entrusted to them, which care and precaution could prevent.

[Page 12]
The Board, however, do not apprehend the return of the epidemic, if such quarantine regulations as have been proposed, can be enforced: but should it recur, they will endeavor so far to remedy the evil, as to afford no ground for future complaint.

The class which has recently graduated consisted of thirteen members. When first appointed, it consisted of seventy three: five of whom failed to report, or were rejected for not coming up to the standards fixed by the Regulations – leaving sixty eight in the class, which commenced on the first of January 1851. It will be perceived that the number of graduates is small, when compared to the number of which the class first consisted; but of the number admitted, all received instruction in a greater or less degree. A portion of that class from want of capacity, or industry was honorably discharged or dismissed at the end of the probationary term of four months: some of them held on to the end of the first year: others, as they advanced to the higher branches, finding difficulties, which they could not surmount, successively fell off, until upon the completion of the course, but thirteen, as before stated, were found worthy of the diplomas conferred under the regulations of the institution. It may appear at first view, that the standard has been fixed too high; but the Board believe that all who have not been dismissed for misconduct, have been educated to the extent of their capacity, and they indulge the hope, that though not found entitled to the highest distinctions of the institution, very many of them have been thus prepared for useful and honorable stations in life.

At the annual meeting of the Board on the 1st inst, there were thirty two (32) pay and nine (9) beneficiary cadets remaining in the Citadel Academy:

[Page 13]
twenty six (26) pay cadets and twelve (12) beneficiary were ordered to be transferred from the Arsenal Academy: five (5) pay cadets, and two (2) beneficiaries were retained in the Arsenal Academy: making at present in the institutions sixty (63) pay cadets and twenty three (23) beneficiaries.

Of the new appointments four (4) pay cadets have been sent to the Citadel to enter the 3rd class, and fifty five (55) pay cadets and thirty two (32) beneficiaries have been appointed to the Arsenal Academy: so that on the first of January next, if all who have been appointed, report and are received, there will be in the Citadel 62 pay cadets and twenty one beneficiaries: and at the Arsenal sixty (60) pay cadets and thirty four (34) beneficiaries: making in the aggregate one hundred and seventy seven (177) cadets in the Academies.

It will be seen by the above statement that the larger number of beneficiaries, have been sent to the Arsenal Academy, where the endowment is the smaller. The Board would therefore present to Your Honorable Body the propriety of consolidating the amounts now appropriated for the support of the two Academies, instead of the separate appropriations as heretofore made, so that the fund may be applied by the Board as the exigencies of each may require.

When these institutions first went into operation, the annual amount for the support of a pay cadet was fixed at two hundred dollars, and that amount was deemed sufficient, until within a recent period: but the high prices of provisions and labour, during the past year, have raised the sum required for the maintenance of a cadet to two hundred and thirty eight dollars (the estimate of the annual expense of a cadet are herewith transmitted). Upon that condition of things, it was conceived by the Board, whether it was not advisable to increase the amount required of a pay cadet to that sum: but they have concluded not to make the increase, at least for the present, in the expectation that prices may decline: but

[Page 14]
more especially, as they are unwilling to exchange that distinctive feature of these institutions: which has made them cheap schools for that large portion of the people of the state, who are unable to afford their children a more expensive education: and because the cadets make a return in part, for their education and maintenance, by acting as a guard to the public property at the State Arsenals. The Legislature may think proper to make some small addition to the annual appropriation for the support of these academies to enable the Board to accomplish the end they have in view, without an increase of the annual amount required of the pay cadets.

The Board make the following report of the receipts and expenditures for the fiscal year from Oct 1 1853 to Sept 30 1854. For a more specific account of which, they refer to the annual accounts of the Bursars of the academies, herewith transmitted, accompanied by the proper voucher, viz.

Balance on hand 1st Oct 1853 – 625.27
Received from appropriations – 27000.27
Received from pay cadets – 16622.27
Received from sale of clothing – 11.38
Received from sale of hot air furnace – 60.00 Received stores left on march – 48.95
[Total] - $44367.60

Paid salaries – 12070.00
Paid subsistence – 9225.70
Paid clothing – 8349.52
Paid washing – 1613.93
Paid hire of servants – 1700.08
Paid musicians – 305.25
Paid contingencies including fuel, lights, stationery, medicine, repairs, etc. – 5889.65
Paid permanent improvements – 764.73
Paid magazine guard- 961.59
Balance on hand – 3487.14
[Total] - $44367.60

The balance (as appears by the statement) is $3487.14: but there are outstanding claims now due amounting to $3051, making the real balance on hand $436, which sum the Board purpose to apply to the purchase of apparatus and to the commencement of a library for the use of the cadets.

The Reports of the Arsenal Keepers at Charleston and Columbia are herewith transmitted – and also exhibit of the number of cadets appointed: of those who failed to report – of those rejected – honorably discharged – discharged for deficiency etc. from 1st January 1843 to December 1854.

James Jones
(signed) Chairman Board of Visitors
Military Academies
So Car

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[See chart on original document.]

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[See chart on original document.]


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