Minutes of the Board of Visitors of The Citadel, 1855


Minutes of the Board of Visitors of The Citadel, 1855


Official minutes of the governing body of The Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina.




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The Citadel Board of Visitor Meeting Minutes










Charleston (S.C.)

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[Page 1]
Executive Office June 2 1855

The Board met this day at 10 AM


General James Jones, Chairman
His Excellency Governor Adams
Gov. Means
Genl. D. F. Jamison
Col. J. D. Wilson

The Chairman submitted to the Board a plan for erecting officer’s quarters at the Arsenal Academy, with the architects’ report accompanying the same – when, after discussion, the subject was deferred until the meeting of the Legislature.

Meeting adjourned at ½ past 1 O’clock PM sine dine.

[Page 2]
State Military Academies

List of distinguished cadets reported at the Annual Examinations, November, 1855.

Names – District – Academy – Studies, etc., in which each particularly excels

First Class
1 W. P. DuBose – Fairfield – Citadel – Astronomy, Chemistry, Ethics, Political Economy, Constitutional Law
2 J. D. Wylie – Lancaster – Citadel – Civil and Military Engineering, Composition and Elocution, Drawing, Conduct
Second Class
1 J. F. Lanneau – Charleston – Citadel – Mathematics, Belles Lettres, Drawing
2 W. R. Erwin – Barnwell – Citadel – Mathematics, Belles Lettres, Drawing, Conduct
Third Class
1 V. Manget – Richland – Citadel – French, Drawing, Spanish, Conduct
2 W. M. Tennent – Charleston – Citadel – Mathematics, Elocution, History
Fourth Class
1 P. S. Layton – Charleston – Arsenal – Mathematics, French, English
2 W. M. Ramsay – Charleston – Arsenal – Mathematics, French, English, Conduct

December 4th, 1855
James Jones, Ch’n B. of V.

[Page 3]
Citadel Academy
Wednesday 14 Nov 1855

The Board met this day to be present at the annual examination of the cadets of this academy.


Genl. James Jones, Chairman
Genl. D. F. Jamison
Genl. J. H. Means
Col. Wilson

and continued sitting until Friday 23rd inst. when they adjourned to meet (His Excellency Gov Adams having attended during the examination) at the Arsenal Academy in Columbia on Tuesday 27th instant on which day the whole Board met to be present at the examination of the Arsenal cadets, when they adjourned on Thursday 29 instant to meet tomorrow at the Executive Office – the day of their annual meeting.

[Page 4]
Executive Office Columbia
Dec 1 1855

Resolved, that diplomas of the institution be granted to

1 W. P. DuBose
2 John D. Wylie
3 P. Bryce
4 J. B. Patrick
5 W. F. Nance
6 B. Smith
7 W. D. Gaillard
8J. F. Pressley
9 Thos. Lucas
10 P. S. Kirk
11 W. J. Crawley
12 F. L. Parker
13 R. C. Carlisle
14 J. S. Mixson
15 J. M. Dean
16 E. White
17 J. Venning

Resolved that

1 D. B. Bobo
2 J. P. Gibbes

be Honorably discharged.

Resolved, that the list of distinguished cadets (see page 174) be published in one of the Columbia newspapers.

[Page 5]
At the annual meeting of the Board of Visitors held at the Executive Office on November 30th 1855 – and continued by adjournment until 3 December 1855


General James Jones, Chairman
His Excellency Governor J. H. Adams
General D. F. Jamison
General D. Wallace
Ex Governor Means
Col. Isaac Wilson
Genl. Dunovant Adjt. Genl.

The Report of the Superintendent of the Arsenal Academy, and read, when

It was resolved that the suspension of cadets

Zimmerman – P – Darlington District
Tew – P – Charleston District
Jones – P – Beaufort District

be confirmed, and that they be dismissed.

That Cadet S. Robertson B Fairfield District be Honorably discharged: and that Cadets Klinck P, Muirhead P, Sutherland B be allowed to remain in the Academy another year not having satisfactorily completed this year’s course.

[Page 6]
Resolved, that the following Cadets be transferred from the Arsenal Academy to the Citadel Academy, to constitute 3rd class 1st Jan 1856

1 Calhoun
2 Cothran
3 McCaslan
4 McDowell
5 Lythgoe
6 Erwin
7 Whetstone
8 Huguenin
9 Youmans
10 DuBose
11 Layton
12 Strohecker
13 McKelvey
14 Smith
15 Ramsay
16 Bryan
17 J. Robertson
18 Farley
19 Spears
20 Weatherly
21 Culler
22 C. Darby
23 Adams
24 Gibbes
25 McCulloch
26 Perceval
27 Ray
28 Nettles
29 Rice
30 White

1 Young
2 Sweat
3 Douglas
4 Litchfield
5 Shooter
6 Marshall
7 Garvin
8 Mitchell
9 DeLorme
10 Parker

The annual Report of the Superintendent of the Citadel Academy, was taken up and read, when

It was resolved

That Cadets Dalrymple, Waldrop, Rowe be Honorably discharged (the latter under the special circumstances of the case).

That the suspension of Cadets Ellis, Exum, Chavez, Zeigler be confirmed: and that they be dismissed.

[Page 7]
Resolved, that Cadet Thomas P Fairfield Dist be transferred from the pay to the beneficiary list.

Resolved that Symme, be appointed a pay cadet at the Citadel Academy, to enter 3rd class. (from Anderson Dist.)

Resolved that Cadet Walpole shall not be permitted to rise with his class.

Resolved that the 12th art. of the Regulations be so altered as to read

Charleston 11 instead of 10
Edgefield 3 instead of 2
Fairfield 1 instead of 2
Georgetown 1 instead of 2
Orangeburg 2 instead of 1
Union 1 instead of 2

Resolved that the 26th art. of the Regulations shall be entirely struck out – and that the words “immediately suspended” shall be inserted after the word “conduct” in the 3rd line of the 61st art. of the Regulations.

Resolved that the salaries of Professors White & Thomas be increased to fifteen hundred dollars each per annum from 1st January next.

[Page 8]
Resolved that the following rule be hereafter established in relation to the re-admission of probationary pupils, who may be discharged for deficiency in studies by the faculty; or Honorably discharged by the Board of Visitors, in anticipation of the semi-annual examination, to avoid a discharge for deficiency

1st No such pupil shall be re-admitted unless recommended by the Faculty.
2nd Precedence in such case shall be given to new applications.

Resolved, that the Chairman of the Board of Visitors be instructed to apply such funds as may be necessary to pay for the rough casting of the Citadel Academy.

Resolved that the surgeon shall be held responsible for the cleanliness and good order of the hospital: and for that purpose shall have power to make requisition upon the Bursar for such servants as may be necessary.

Resolved that the following report of the Board of Visitors be adopted - & sent to both Houses of the Legislature.

[Page 9] Report of the Board of Visitors of the State Military Academies – 1855

To the Honorable the General Assembly of South Carolina.

The Board of Visitors of the State Military Academies, beg leave to submit to your Honorable Body the following report.

They have just concluded a very rigid examination at the two Academies, and they have every reason to believe that these institutions have never been in a more flourishing condition at any period since their establishment, than at the present time. During the past year, the health at both posts, has been perfect: strict discipline has been prescribed: and the regulations pertaining both to the Academy and the Garrison have been maintained.

The class presented to the Board for graduation at the annual examination consisted of nineteen – seventeen of whom received diplomas conferred by the institution – two of the number having been reported by the faculty deficient in their studies, were regarded by the Board as not entitled to that distinction.

[Page 10]
At the annual meeting of the Board on the 1st instant, there were twenty seven pay and fifteen beneficiary cadets remaining in the Citadel Academy: thirty pay cadet, and ten beneficiaries were ordered to be transferred from the Arsenal Academy: one pay and one beneficiary were retained at the Arsenal, making at present in the institution fifty eight pay and twenty six beneficiaries. There were appointed at the same time fifty five pay cadets and thirty two beneficiaries to enter the Arsenal Academy: so that on the 1st January next, there will be in the Citadel fifty seven pay cadets and twenty five beneficiaries, and at the Arsenal fifty six pay, and thirty three beneficiaries; making in the aggregate one hundred and seventy one cadets in the Military Academies.

The number of cadets appointed to the Academies, on the basis of population and taxation, has been slightly modified in a few of the districts, by a new apportionment under the last census, as will be seen by reference to exhibit A accompanying this report. By a clause annexed to the last annual appropriation for the support of the Military Academies, it was provided “That each election district shall be entitled to send to said Academies, a number of beneficiaries equal to its representation in the House of Representatives, or in that proportion, as far as the appropriation for the schools may allow .”

[Page 11]
The effect of this amendment would be to give to the districts of Beaufort, Charleston, Colleton, Georgetown, Orangeburg and Sumter, twenty seven beneficiaries: which under the basis hitherto adopted, those districts are only entitled to nineteen, and to reduce the districts for instance of Barnwell, Edgefield, Laurens, Pendleton, Richland and York to the number of eight beneficiaries, while they are now entitled to fourteen. Such an apportionment was regarded as so manifestly unequal, and the effect of the amendment so different from what was probably contemplated by the Legislature, that the Board have determined to throw themselves upon the indulgence of Your Honorable Body, in making the apportionment of cadets, for the present year, upon the basis hitherto adopted – deferring to the next apportionment in strict conformity to the amendment in question, if no modification of it is made at the present session of the Legislature.

For several years, representations have been made to the Board, of the inadequacy of the quarters at the Arsenal, to the wants and comforts of the officers at that post. The rooms assigned to two of the officers are surrounded by those occupied by cadets, and unsuited as they are to the former, especially those with families, they would make comfortable quarters for the latter and to that extent would afford accommodations for an additional number of cadets. At the

[Page 12]
instance of these officers, the Board assembled here in June last, to devise some means for their better accommodation, but on examination they found, that by the plan of the buildings no alteration could be made, which would accomplish the end in view: and as the estimate for an additional building very far exceeded any sum which they could appropriate for the purpose, they have therefore referred the matter to the consideration of Your Honorable Body with the plan and estimates for an additional building at the Arsenal.

The Board make the following report of the receipts and expenditures for the fiscal year from Oct 1 1854 to Sep 30 1855 – for a more specific account of which they refer to the annual accounts of the Bursars of the Academies herewith transmitted, accompanied by proper voucher.

Amount balance unexpended at last report - $3487.14
Received from appropriations – 29240
Received from pay cadets – 17683.33
[Total] 50410.47

Amount paid salaries - $12835
Amount paid subsistence – 1197.02
Amount paid clothing – 8786.47
Amount paid washing – 1740.60
Amount paid hire of servants – 2157.57
Amount paid music – 350.63
Amount paid contingencies including fuel, lights, books, stationery, medicine, repairs, etc. – 5720.57 Amount paid permanent improvements, viz.
Paid by the Bursar – 1527.50
Paid by Chairman BV – 800
Amount paid Magazine Guard – 1075.13 B
alance on hand – 3445.10
[Total] 50410.47

[Page 13]
The balance as appears by the statement is $3445.10 but there are outstanding claims which will absorb the greater portion of that amount. An abstract from the reports of the Arsenal Keeper at Charleston and Columbia is herewith transmitted – and also exhibit (B) of the number of cadets appointed; of those who failed to report; of those rejected: honorably discharged; discharged for deficiency etc. from January 1st 1843 to December 1855.

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