Letter from S. R. Hope to Oliver J. Bond, December 31, 1919


Letter from S. R. Hope to Oliver J. Bond, December 31, 1919


Letter written by S. R. Hope to Colonel Oliver J. Bond. S. R. Hope was the father of Captain Edward B. Hope from The Citadel class of 1917. This letter describes Captain Hope's service in the United States Marine Corps and his actions on June 6, 1918.





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Walterboro S.C.

Dec. 31 1819. (1918)

Col O. J. Bond



Dear Sir: 

Mr. S. L. Reid asked me ^to write to you giving you information in regard to my son Capt. Edward B. Hope and his service in the war and I have also received the Bulletin published by the Association of Graduates in which the same request was made. So I am writing to give you the facts you ask for.

  1. Dates of service and dates of commissions.     

Date of beginning of service, I think from April 6, 1917- You will be able to answer this better than I. He received his diploma a short time before the usual date for graduation &, I think, went at once into service, his commission, as I remember, dating from The Time of his entrance. 

  1. Description of Service

He received his commission as a Second Lieut. in the 5th Regiment and 45th Company of the U.S. Marine Corps. 

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He spent two weeks at Paris Island in training, and then went with the first body of the U.S. Expeditionary Forces under Gen. Pershing to France. 

  1. “Badly wounded at Chateau Thierry, France. June 6 1918, in leading his platoon in attack”! He was cut down by machine gun fire-
  2. Two Citations & two decorations. 
  1. By the French-

“Cited for conspicuous courage and coolness of leadership while engaged with his men against a superior force of the enemy on the night of April 19, 1918= Received for this the Crosin de Guerrero=

  1. By the American Commander-

Gen. Barnett wrote to me on Aug- 6 1918 saying: “I am in receipt of an official communique from the Commanding General of the American Expeditionary Forces which executions among other things the fact that your son First Lieut. Edward B. Hope Marine Corps was awarded the distinguished service cross for gallant and conspicuous service in action. Gen. Pershing has appended the following after your son’s name in awarding him this high honor: 

“At Chateau Thierry, France, June 6, 1918, displayed coolness and courage in directing his platoon in attack, during which he was 

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Badly wounded but refused assistance until the wounded men near him had been treated.” 

News of this kind is always pleasant to import to others, and I know that you will be proud to learn that your son has performed his duty in such a gallant manner”- 

Hoping that I have given you the information you wish- 

I am Very Respect

S.R. Hope


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