Letter from B. C. Boland to Oliver J. Bond, October 2, 1919


Letter from B. C. Boland to Oliver J. Bond, October 2, 1919


Letter written by B.C. Boland to Colonel Oliver J. Bond, dated October 2, 1919. In this letter Boland explains his military service and civilian career during and post World War I to Bond.





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Col. O. J. Bond, Supt.,

The Citadel

Charleston, S.C. 

Dear Col. Bond:-

Some time ago you requested that I mail you a complete record of my military service, but, for various reasons, I have neglected to do this up to this date. I entered the service at Camp Sevier, S.C. on Nov. 9th, 1918- was assigned to Co. Y., 1st Provisional Regiment, 156th Depot Brigade. I remained with this organization until its demobilization and the re-organization of the entire regiment, on Dec. 15th, into the 1st Training Battalion 156th Depot Brigade, when I was transferred to Hdqrs. of the new organization. 

We were transferred to Camp Jackson on Jan. 2, 1919 and in Feb., I was assigned to Co. C., 1st Training Battalion, 156th D.B. where I remained until my discharge on May 29th. Commission- 2nd Lt., Inf., U.S.A. 

As you will perhaps note I am ^now at Carlisle School, Bamberg, teaching Mathematics

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or, at least, branches of Mathematics, [illegible], Geometry and advanced arithmetic and directing athletics. 

I am very much interested in Citadel affairs and news and, if possible, would like to receive accasionally, a copy of the “Citadel News” 

I would appreciate if you would kindly inform me how this can be made possible. With kindest personal regards to you and the entire faculty and with sincere wishes for a very successful year at the old institution. I am. 


B.C. Boland

Box 190,

Bamberg, S.C. 


Camp Sevier was a military installation located in Greenville, S.C.

Now known as Fort Jackson. Located in Columbia, S.C.


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