Letter to Cadet George D. Mosho from His Parents, February 9, 1977


Letter to Cadet George D. Mosho from His Parents, February 9, 1977


Letter to Cadet George D. Mosho from His Parents, February 9, 1977



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Wednesday, Feb. 9, 1977

Dear son,

We were glad to hear from you yesterday. The pictures are really good. The one, of everybody in the den, I thought was darn good considering the adverse conditions. Have to agree with you, the one with David and his beer cans is clever. Did you get a picture of him when he “dressed” like a guard? I didn’t realize that the captain was in the one picture until I read your letter. I can just picture you guys taking him like David did you and I at Christmas Holiday.

The cold weather I think has us all going “ape.” Tempers are sharp and David and Linda are always at it. Your mother and I dream of summer and peace and quiet again. Right now the weatherman has promised us a warm day with a high of 30 degrees. I just hope that I can wash the car this weekend, it looks like one of your B.V.’s as he leaves the swamp. By the way, how’s the B.V.’s coming along this year? What part have you been active in? Just checked my calendar and starting tomorrow, you’ll have just 90 days till graduation. It’s hard to believe it son. Your mother & I are very proud of you.

Right now I have to leave for section MB-2, as I’m working part time there. I’ll write more when I get back later. Also some guy is supposed to bring a Jap. Nambu in to show me. He wants to sell it and if it’s “right” I hope to get it. But after dealing

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With your Uncle Skinny and not getting that “1911” .45 I’m not too hot on any gun deals anymore. Maybe I’m getting too old to keep up with all the crap dealing with people to collect guns. When the fun is gone, it’s all work and I need more work like I need a hole in my head.

Back again for afew [sic] minutes then I’ll be off to call your Mother at work. There’s not much going on here with us. We’re still thinking of looking at that “70” Olds for a second car, but with 70,000 miles on it, I cna’t see his asking price. If it's in perfect shape I may just make a lower offer and wait him out. We sure need extra wheels here and more so when you come home in May. Have you any plans for your spring break yet? If we get it and you get home for the break, maybe you could take it back with you. Then we’d have two cars to carry you and your gear home after graduation.

Write as soon as you can son. Take care.


Mom & Dad.

[Image: A cockroach dressed as a cadet is running away from a can labeled “Raid” with the words “Hey Pepper! How do you like this for the Madi [sic] Gras?”]


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