Letter to Cadet George D. Mosho from His Parents, February 2, 1978


Letter to Cadet George D. Mosho from His Parents, February 2, 1978


Letter to Cadet George D. Mosho from His Parents, February 2, 1978



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February 2, 1978

Here at work at Westinghouse!!

Dear son,

We got your letter with the money orders in it last night. Your mother will make the deposits tomorrow.

So you had your fill of a desk job - now you must know how I feel about “pencil pushing” for a living. That’s the main reason I like to take time studies when ever [sic]I can, it gets me away from this desk.

For the past week our weather has been lousy - temperatures in the teens and below zero. The roads are just starting to get clear but still dangerous in alot [sic] of places and of course our Annual crop of pot-Holes [sic] are now starting to punch thru [sic] the best of our roads. Did you ever wonder what happens to the material that originaly [sic] was in the pot-Hole [sic]? I’m thinking of writing a story about dodging pot-holes, I’ll call it, “Close Encounters of the Route 30 King.”

Family news….David’s team beat ST. [sic] Agnes Red Team last night (47 to 16. They really wiped them off the boards. This is the team he used to play with. So he knew all of them, and Mr. Stock is their coach and he wanted to beat them pretty bad. David made the first basket and that’s all the points he got, but he played a hell of a defensive game. Blocking lay-ups, getting rebounds and his famous stealing the ball bit. Last Saturday he had 21 points in a game. He couldn’t do anything wrong that game.

Linda joined the “Y” in Wilmerding and I think she’s enrolled in a swimming program. We haven’t let her have the car much last month due to the bad roasts & weather. So like the rest of us, she’s suffering from “Cabin Fever.” Her and David get along like normal brother & sister and we have to pull them apart at times.

Your mother’s moral is low - due to the terrible roads she has to drive on lately. And of course “Cabin Fever” like the rest of us. Tomorrow night, we’re going to Aunt Kitties’ to play cards, that should cheer her up.

Nothing new with me - may go to a “Poker Game” on Saturday at Frank Boyer’s. Haven’t played for a couple of months and my luck should have changed for the better by now.

Well son, take care and have a safe trip home - see you soon.


Mom & Dad


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