Letter to Cadet George D. Mosho from His Parents, August 12, 1976


Letter to Cadet George D. Mosho from His Parents, August 12, 1976


Letter to Cadet George D. Mosho from His Parents, August 12, 1976



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[Image: two football players, one being tackled by “Moose”. The words “Remember the rocks?” with an arrow pointing to two rocks. Words “Lion’s Field -- Date Line -- Aug. 11, 1976 -- Approx. 7:00 P.M. -- “Moose” gets tackled by “Mouse” Mosho. Best tackle all season, but Mosho keeps hearing bells?!! Funny this reporter doesn’t hear them.”]

Thursday, Aug. 12, 1976

Dear son,

Received your last letter yesterday - you kind of had us worried as we hadn’t heard much from you lately.

In answer to your requests, your mother is mailing your “Jump Badge” this morning at work. You should get it by Monday or Tuesday. And the money requested will have to wait til tomorrow as that’s pay day for your mother. We’ll send a postal money-order and should have it by Wednesday. That should enable you to repay the loan you made. Darn shame they didn’t pay you the proper amount, well chaulk that up as a lesson learned about the military and how easy they can foul up.

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Your camera sounds “tough.” No excuse for bad pictures now. I can’t wait to see it myself. As for myself, I’ll stick to movies, these new 35 mm cameras sound like you have to be a brain to use one. If Kodak would rebuild my old camera, I’d be happy with it. I got alot [sic] of good pictures with that camera and it saw alot [sic] of living in the field. Hope you enjoy yours as I did mine. Just remember, anything you can see, you can take a picture of it. How good a picture is up to your ability.

News from “Lion’s Field,” home of the St. Agnes’ Rams. Since Monday I have been helping coach the beginners (4th 5th & 6th grades). And I’ve found out how much I’m out of shape and how much football has changed in almost 30 yrs. You should have seen David tackle this big dude last night. I wished that I hadn’t been watching. He gave him a shoe-string tackle and the dude came down “like dead,” David got his “bell [illegible]” on that one. I talked to him at lunch time and he said he still has a headache. He’ll be alright, just more meanness than common sense in that guy. Linda is busy taking care of the house and sewing. Your mother and I are fine and busy as hell. Right now we’re looking forward to the picnic on Saturday and hoping for good weather.

Take care & write.


Mom & Dad.


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