Letter to Cadet George D. Mosho from His Parents, July 21, 1976


Letter to Cadet George D. Mosho from His Parents, July 21, 1976


Letter to Cadet George D. Mosho from His Parents, July 21, 1976



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Wednesday, July 21, 1976

Dear son,

Everything is just about back to normal here in East Pittsburgh. Our union has agreed to a new 3 year contract and I’m back to work again.

How’s your training program coming along? Did you find out if you’ll be firing for qualification before you leave? Just about only four more weeks and you’ll be on your way home. The summer sure slips by so fast anymore.

It’s almost my lunch break and I’m starved. All I can think about is food. Last night I grilled “half” chickens on the outdoor grill and they were really good. The only trouble is I’m putting on some extra weight, if [sic] fact Linda said only last night that I was getting fat. It’ll be awhile before I let her have the car, for that statement of fact. David’s team lost another game and after-wards, I had my hands full keeping him from tearing apart some kids who made comments not to his liking. He’s a

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Perfect “red-ruck”. Your mother bought some clothes last night and as you well know new clothes always make a woman happy, which she is. Linda is still going to the Exercise Salon and says she is losing weight. Maybe that’s why she called me fat, she’s just showing off. And now David’s talking about the coming football season at St. Agnes.

And for me, I’m off to lunch, will write more. Back from lunch and feeling as good as anyone else what [illegible] ate lunch at “Papp’s Bar. Don’t feel like getting much work done today. Tamy’s on vacation and I’m just starting to construct a new formula with a time study taken last year. It’s all dog-work getting a formula started, so maybe it can wait til tomorrow.

Saw your Great-Uncle Skinny at the foreman’s picnic on Saturday. He’s decided not to sell his guns now. That’s the third time I believe he’s come to the same conclusion. Next time he mentions them to me, I’ll tell him I’ll help him take them to Esman’s and let them “screw  him good. He’s sure an odd character.

Thanks for getting the Camera case at the P.X. I’ll pay you for it when you get home. If cassette blank tapes are cheap there, pick some up for me before you come home. I haven’t made any tapes since we got the stero [sic] back. Lately with all the lousey [sic] repeat T.V. programs, we listen to the stero [sic] quite often.

David’s last game is tonight and they’re playing the first place team. If they lose, holy hell will break out, with your brother right in the middle of it. I don’t know if I want to go or not.

Just thought of this, if you can pick up a copy of the Leatherneck magazine if they have them at the P.X. It’s been along [sic] time since I’ve read a recent copy of one.

Well I guess this is about all the dope I have for now son, so take care, stay out of sick bay and away from mean D.I’s and take care.


Mom & Dad


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