Letter to Cadet George D. Mosho from His Parents, July 12, 1976


Letter to Cadet George D. Mosho from His Parents, July 12, 1976


Letter to Cadet George D. Mosho from His Parents, July 12, 1976



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Monday, July 12, 1976

Dear Son,

Your mother was disappointed that you didn’t call yesterday. Having had no letters last week I guess she

[Drawing of two insects climbing side of mountain with vulture looking at them, with the words “Take-’5’ and “Someday Pepper, we’ll laugh at all this”]

Wanted to hear from you on Sunday. This weekend was a real wash out. It rained all day Saturday and we had bad thunderstorms & high winds yesterday. So the Mosho’s didn’t do much, just caught up on some lost sleep. I cleaned the black power guns, which we find on the “fourth.” If it don’t rain

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Tonight, I might go over White Oak & do some .22 shooting. Talking of shooting, Chuck Kisk is down at Quantico at the range, maybe he’ll drop by to see you.

You made the home town paper one day last week. There was a picture of you (in whites) and an article on your promotion to 2nd Lt. in your company at the Citadel. Needless to say, we cut it out & are saving it for your scrapbook.

Everything is fine & back to normal with the Moshos. Linda has lost 8 lbs and working toward losing 12 more. David has a ball game tonight, I believe his team will finish 2nd place in their league again this year. Now of all things he wants to go to church every Sunday. You know why, in order to play football for St. Agnes he heard you have to  not miss mass. Your mother is getting a nice sun tan. Last but not the least, Lady got a bath yesterday, “Right Guard” couldn’t help her anymore so I scrubbed her and had to take a bath myself when I was finished.

That’s it for now - take care, son.


Mom & Dad.


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