Letter from Wilson Ashby McElveen, Jr. to his father, postmarked June 15, 1946


Letter from Wilson Ashby McElveen, Jr. to his father, postmarked June 15, 1946


Letter sent by Wilson Ashby McElveen, Jr. at The Citadel to his father in Sumter, S.C.


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[Typed letter on gray paper with The Citadel logo in top left corner]

Postmarked June 15, 1946

Sunday Night

Dear Pop,

I certainly did enjoy my brief visit with you all in Sumer [sic] yesterday afternoon. I hope to be there longer this coming Sat. We got back in plenty of time last night. I was about to go to sleep when we got on this side of Monk’s Corner so I let Scott drive on it. I slept all the way from there and slept all this morning. We went to the picture show this afternoon and saw a swell show.

I have talked with the boys (three others besides me) who have the same conflict between Spanish and Military. We are all going over to see Col. Meyers first thing in the morn [sic] and try to get this thing straightened out. I hope the he is in because he is the one man on the campus that can help us. Let me say right here that I am perfectly willing to stay here this summer and study. It is hot down here but it will only be 10 weeks of it. BUT -- I cannot see any sense in staying here if I cannot get all of the work I must have. Let me explain further --- Last March I changed from Engineer-ing Major to Business. The courses are identical for the freshmen year except that I took drawing whereas the boys in my class in Bus. Major took freshmen Spanish. I am now taking freshmen spanish [sic] and it will be the end of my junior year before I will be through with it. If I don’t get it in this present quarter it will be into my senior year before I will be through with it. Now heres the catch -- I will not be able to make it my senior yea because of the many other courses which I will have to take. As i said before I will give you a square deal and am going to do all I can to get these courses. If we an’t get it straight in the morning I will call you up and inform you of what the situation is.

Thank you for letting us come back int he convertable [sic]. You have really backed me to the limit in getting this college education. I certainly do appreciate you backing me in this way. If I get my courses I will do as before and try to pass whether I learn anything or not. I have some pretty tough profs. this quarter but can put up with them.

I will take just about the same subjects this quarter as I did last except for one new one….Economic Geography whic [sic] is a study of raw material wealth. Will phone you tomorrow if everything does not turn out okay.



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