Letter from Wilson Ashby McElveen, Jr. to his parents, postmarked May 27, 1946.


Letter from Wilson Ashby McElveen, Jr. to his parents, postmarked May 27, 1946.


Letter sent by Wilson Ashby McElveen, Jr. at The Citadel to his parents in Sumter, S. C.


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Charleston (S. C.)


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[Typed letter on yellow paper]

Postmarked May 27, 1946


BOX 1332

Dear Folks,

Well it looks like the railroad strike is all over now and I will get my Item every day. I think that all the strikes will soon be straightened out since Harry Truman got on the ball. He is a pretty good president but is just too slow. I hope that everything will be straightened out and that there will be plenty of cars when I get home. After last saturday at home I have definetly [sic] decided that the thing for me is to spend the summer at home.

I certainly did enjoy all of last Saturday with you all. I sure had a grand time. Tell sarah that the meals were swell and that I am looking forwar [sic] to eating many more of them this summer. John Danner gott us back here at 10:30 last Sat. night in plenty of time. He certainly is a nice fellow and I am sure he will be one of the best Pontiac owners. I heard from Ray the first of this week and I certainly am sorry that I missed him last Sat.

Pop, I got your letter just before the trains stopped running and certainly did enjoy hearing from you. I would have probly [sic] tried to come home yesterday but I had a little Job to do for the Col. The tour list came up last Thursday and my name - somehow - got on it. That was the little job I had to do for the Col. I had to walk six tours. I have finished four of them -- two Friday night and two yesterday afternoon. I will finish up net Wed. and I think that those will be the last tours that this little boy will ever walk at The Citadel.

I have not heard anything more about wheather [sic] Jimmy Byrnes is coming to commencent [sic] or not. Summerall went up to Washington about a week ago but I don’t know what for. Anyway ----- We are having a hop the night before commencent [sic] ---- that is Friday night the 14th. I expect to have my discharge the first thing the next morning and I want to come home immediately after graduation. Well what this all leads up to ----- Can I have a car for the hop? I have asked a girl down for the hop and she said that she would come. It is Alice Middleton. Scott has asked Dot down and they both could drive the car down if it would be all right with you all. Write me and let me know something soon. Thanks a lot.

Just three more weeks to go. A lot of boys are thinking about dropping out for the summer. I am going over to Col. Proutys office this week and find out just how I stand and when I will graduate by dropping out in the summer. I f [sic] youall [sic] see Bobby or any of them tell him to write and study hard.

Will write youwhen [sic] to write down here for my discharge.

Your devoted son,


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