Letter from Wilson Ashby McElveen, Jr. to his sister, Margaret, postmarked May 9, 1946.


Letter from Wilson Ashby McElveen, Jr. to his sister, Margaret, postmarked May 9, 1946.


Letter sent by Wilson Ashby McElveen, Jr. at The Citadel to his sister Margaret in Columbia, S. C.


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Charleston (S. C.)


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[Typed letter on “The Francis Marion Hotel, Charleston, South Carolina” stationary]

Postmarked May 9, 1946

Wednesday Night

Dear Sis,

Just a quick note to let you here from me. It seems that quick notes is all I ever have time for. Mother and Dad came down to see me last Saturday afternoon. I sure was glad to see them. We had supper in the Hotel and after that I had to go back to school. Sunday, we rode around and had talked until dinner time. After we had finished a very wonderful meal Dad and I took a boat trip over to Ft. Sumter. Had a wonderful trip but don’t think that I want to go back because there is nothing to see.

Well I have just 38 more days and my college days are over for three to eighteen months. I am going to drop out this summer and if the army doesn’t get me I am going to spend the summer at home. I think tho [sic] that I will be inducted about the middle of July and wont [sic] be back here until 1948. During this time I hope to get in some of that travel, experie [sic] [illegible deletion] experience, good pay and food, and education fthat [sic] the army is offering. I am not ready to quit college and will not be ready until I get a sheepskin but think that a three months rest would do me worlds of good because I am getting to tired of studying as I am now.

Mother told me many nice things about Betty and her hubby. When are you going to get married and when am I going to get a girl friend is the topic of disscussion [sic] since all of our friends are settling down. Three or more of my class have married since I graduated and they were all nice people to. I was just kidding and hope that you stay single until you get that M A that you are planning to get.

Where are you living now and what goes on in Columbia? The only thing that you told me in Your last letter was for me to be a good boy on a date but I appreiated [sic] the good advice. Don’t you worry about me getting married or mixed up with a girl for a long time yet because I am not ready to sett [sic] settle down and will take the nessary [sic] precautions to keep me from settling down.

Write me more often [illegible deletion] as I only hear from the Osteen’s (Sumter Item) and Mother & Dad.



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