Letter from unknown person to Colonel Asbury Coward, April 5, 1898


Letter from unknown person to Colonel Asbury Coward, April 5, 1898


Letter from an unknown person to Colonel Asbury Coward concerning the Cadet Rebellion of 1898, also known as the Cantey Rebellion.


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Columbia, S.C.,
5 April 1898.
Col. A. Coward,

Dear Colonel,
I have just read with much regret the account in the News and Courier of the affair at the Citadel. I suppose, of course, that the full facts are not yet published.

I just write as an old cadet and as one interested in the Citadel to express my hope that the affair will be settled for the best interests of the boys and the Citadel. It seems to me from the account in the News & C. that there is but one thing to do and that is to

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discharge every man of the mutineers. This action I think would meet with general approval among those most interested in the Citadel. Of course, I do not offer this as advise or even as a suggestion, but I have the opportunity of hearing expressions of opinion as to the Citadel from people in different sections of the state, and I merely wanted to express for my part the confidence we have in your ability to act in the matter. It would help rather than hurt the Citadel to stand firm in the matter, not give an inch. You would not, but some members of the Board might wish to compromise rather than run the risk of making enemies.

Very Truly Yours


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