Minutes of the Board of Visitors of The Citadel, 1883


Minutes of the Board of Visitors of The Citadel, 1883


Official minutes of the governing body of The Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina.




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The Citadel Board of Visitor Meeting Minutes










Charleston (S.C.)

Date Valid


[Page 1]
Office Chairman Board of Visitors
Barnwell C.H.S.C. Apl 10 1883

An extra meeting of the Board of Visitors of the S.C.M. Academy is called to meet at Charleston [illegible] at 8 PM on Tuesday 8 May proximo. Matters of [illegible] will be laid before the Board for its consideration.

Johnson Hagood

Copies sent - 
To His Excellency Gov Thompson
To Genl. A. M. Manigault
To Rev. S. B. Jones
To Col. Edward Croft
To Col. H. A. Gaillard
To Gen. C. I. Walker

[Page 2]
Citadel Building
May 8th 1883.

The Board of Visitors, assembled this day 8 00 PM

Gov Johnson Hagood - Chairman
Gov H. S. Thompson - Dr S. B.
Jones. Genl A M Manigault - Col
Ed Croft. Genl C I Walker and
H A Gaillard Esq

The Board received various reports from the Superintendent, in relation to the Academy - and [illegible] fully with a committee of graduates of the institution as to the practicability of [illegible] the West Wing - But without [illegible words] upon any of the matters the Board adjourned to meet tomorrow at 1100 AM -

H A Gaillard 
Secy -
May 9th 1883.

The Board assembled at 11 00 AM, pursuant to adjournment.

Dr S. B Jones. Genl A M Manigault. Col Ed Croft. Genl C I Walker and H A Gaillard Esq - 

Dr S. B Jones was elected Chairman Pro-Tem,

The following cadets were reported as found deficient at semi-annual examination, and as honorably

[Page 3]
1 E E. Rembert P Sumter
2 W N Moore B Greenville
3 W M. Brodie P Charleston
4 S Bee P Charleston
5 E T Keith B Pickens
6 S Scoville P Orangeburg
7 R P. Izlar P Orangeburg
8 P T. Brodie B Lexington
9 R F Pike P Orangeburg

Moved that action of Chairman in granting honorable discharge be confirmed.

The following matters were presented to Board, but the consideration of them deferred till annual meeting in July [illegible]

In relation to fixing rank of Professor Kemper

In relation to assignment of of [sic] quarters outside of Barracks, to Officers of Academic Board.

In relation to provisions for appointment of cadets to the Academy.

The following resolution was adopted - 

Resd - 

That the military encampment, provided for by art - of Regulations, be dispensed with this year, and that during the military session, the Superintendent be directed to grant furloughs to such cadets, as may apply for the same, for the whole or any part of such session.

[Page 4]
And that all cadets receiving appointments to the Academy shall report at the Citadel in Charleston on the 1st day of October next, instead of 1st of August as provided in Regulations.


That during the military session the Superintendent be authorized to employ such guard as he may deem necessary for the protection of buildings and property of the State.

Also the following - 


That the Chairman be authorized to take such steps as he may regard proper to procure the detail to the Academy of Lieut Warwick - Lieut Weaver, or some other Officer of the United States Army.

Judge Mackey report [illegible] claim for [illegible] of buildings - recd as information

The following Resolutions adopted 


That it be deferred to Chairman to prepare such forms for application to membership in the Academy as may be necessary to accomplish the purposes of the Board in relation [illegible], and that he report the same to Board at their annual meeting.

[Page 5]
Also the following

Resd - 

That the Superintendent be authorized to introduce Artesian water into the Citadel Building in quantities sufficient for the sanitary purposes of the Institution, and that he do so, with as little delay as practicable

Resd also

That the Superintendent be instructed to procure plans and estimates for an efficient system of drainage of the Academy and report to this Board at its next meeting


That the Superintendent be authorized to make such alterations in the water closet and privy of the Academy as may be proper and the finances of the Institution may warrant, and that in making such alterations he shall confer with Genl C I Walker, the resident member of the Board.

On motion of Genl Walker it was Resd

That all text books purchased be charged to "Text Books Account" and that one third of the annual value thereof shall be charged annually to expense account

That of all other items of property standing charged to various proper accounts 20 percent thereof shall be

[Page 6]
annually charged to expense account

Chairman submitted report from the Superintendent of loan to the Academy by order of Genl McCrady of two 2 5/8 in rifle guns
two 12 pdr Napoleons
and from Capt [illegible] DeSaussure, Washington Artillery, of two 6 pds brass guns. & two 10 pdr rife guns and - gun


Report from Superintendent with report of the Surgeon containing recommendations in relation to the hygiene of the institution.

Also communications from the Superintendent, reporting certain disorders & violations of duty on the part of some members of the corps, and the suspension, in consequence thereof of the following cadets -
Cadets McCoughrin, McCaw, Gilbert and Sharpe "until the Board of Visitors can act upon the cases" and "as to Cadet McCoughrin" that he had further left the Academy without leave. He was suspended under orders to remain in arrest, until able to take the train for his home, [illegible], he obstructed himself, and is now beyond the reach of the Academy"

Also a communication recommending the restoration of Cadets Gilberts and McCaw

[Page 7]
The Superintendent further reported the suspension on May 7 of Cadet Norwood of Charleston "for deliberate refusal to comply with the 132nd art of the Regulations" and subsequently recommended his restoration, upon Cadet Norwood's promise [illegible] to obey the art - violated, in case he should be restored.

The Board fully and carefully considered the forgoing [illegible], and after free conference with the Superintendent - adopted the following resolutions

Resd That on the recommendation of the Superintendent, Cadet Norwood be restored.

The Board have carefully investigated the cases of Cadets McCoughrin, McCaw, Gilbert and Sharpe - 

The Board regret that such disorders should have existed as to call for the extreme remedy deemed advisable by the Superintendent, and adopted by [illegible words] the sincere desire to enforce a proper discipline, But the Board are unwilling that any Cadet shall be punished without positive proof of guilt, and failing to find such proof in these cases, order the restoration of Cadets McCoughrin, McCaw, Gilbert and Sharpe, to there places in the Academy.

It is further ordered that Cadet

[Page 8]
McCoughrin, having broke his arrest, shall on his return to the institution be placed under arrest for ten days.

The Board met on 8th and 9th May. At session of 9th the Chairman Gov. Hagood and Gov H. S. Thompson absent - [illegible]

Board adjourned
H. A. Gaillard

[Page 9]
Charleston S. C. July 23rd 1883

The annual meeting was held this day - Present Genl. Hagood, Col. Croft, Genl. Walker, Gov. Thompson & Genl. Manigault - 

Minutes of last meeting were read & confirmed - 

Report of the Supt. as to Cadets enrolled was received & is as follows - 

Cadets enrolled 1882-1883 189
Accounted for as follows:

Rejected by the Academic Board.

Names County Remarks

P 1 W. H. Gilliland Pickens January 2nd, 83.
P 2 J. W. Holliday Horry March 5th, 83.
P 3 H. C. Rice Union March 5th, 83.

Honorably Discharged

Names County Remarks

P 1 1 [illegible], Sandiford Charleston March 31st/83
P 2 2 Bissell, B. S. Charleston October 9th, 83
P 3 3 Bostick, B. R. Barnwell June 30th, 83
P 4 4 Blair, J. M. North Carolina Dec 14th, 82
B 1 5 Brodie, P. T. Lexington March 31st 83
P 5 6 Brodie, W. M. Charleston March 31st 83
P 6 7 Brown, J. E. Barnwell November 14th/82
P 7 8 Bunnson, J. Pickens Dec. 14th 82
P 8 9 Cave A. S. Barnwell June 11th 83
P 9 10 Chapman J. H. Chesterfield July 5th 83
P 10 11 Cuttino H. C. Sumter Dec 14th 82

[Page 10]
Names County Remarks

11 12 Dantzler F. B. Orangeburg June 29th/83
P 12 13 Ducker H. J. Charleston Dec 14th/82
P 13 14 Edmundston G. S. Georgia Dec 5th 82
P 14 15 Elias L. Charleston Dec 14th, 82
P 15 16 Ennis T. E. Spartanburg Dec 14th 82
P 16 17 Goldsmith J. A. Charleston June 29th 83
P 17 18 Goodwig S. B. Charleston Dec 14th 82
P 18 19 Haw J. B. Barnwell Jany 26th 83
P 19 20 Hays E. C. Barnwell Dec 14th 82
P 20 21 Heyward W. B. S. Charleston Dec 11th 82
P 21 22 Hogg J. J. Barnwell Dec 14th 82
P 22 23 Hunt J. E. Charleston October 11th 82
P 23 24 Izlar R. P Orangeburg March 29th 83
P 24 25 Jenkins C W Greenville June 29th 83
B 2 26 Keith E F Pickens March 31st 83
P 25 27 [Kinlock] R. H. Charleston October 11th 82
P 26 28 Leland W. A. H. Berkley June 30th 83
P 27 29 Levi L Clarendon Dec 14th 82
P 28 30 Macmurphy W. C. Charleston June 29th 83
P 29 31 Mallanee J. J. Charleston Dec 14th 82
P 30 32 McCan H. J. York May 25th 83
P 31 33 Moise C. H. Sumter Dec 14th 82
B 3 34 Moore W. N. Greenville March 31st 83
P 32 35 [Moses] E. H. Charleston Dec 14th 82
P 33 36 Norris W. J. Darlington June 29th 82
P 34 37 Norwood J. W. Charleston July 2nd 83
P 35 38 Peake C. H. Union July 2nd 83
P 36 39 Peoples D. L. Barnwell July 7th 83
P 37 40 Pike R. H. Orangeburg March 31st 82
P 38 41 Pope F. H. Abbeville Dec 14th 82
P 39 42 Rembert E. E. Sumter March 31st 82
P 40 43 Roberts J. H. Barnwell July 2nd 83
P 41 44 Sanders W. T. Lexington Dec 14th 82
P 42 45 Scoville S. Orangeburg March 31 83
P 43 46 Sharp P Anderson May 21st 83
P 44 47 Snelgrove W. F. Lexington Dec 15th 82
P 45 48 [Stromon] J. O. Orangeburg Dec 15th 82

[Page 11]
Name County Remarks
P 46 49 Taylor J W Charleston Dec 14th 82
P 47 50 Thompkins F A Edgefield June 21st 83
P 48 51 Trenholm J D Charleston Dec 14th 82
P 49 52 Trenholm W. D. Charleston Dec 14th 82
P 50 53 Tupper H Charleston July 5th 83
P 51 54 Vason T. C. Georgia Dec 14th 82
P 52 55 Weathersbee, R. A. Barnwell May 21st 83
P 53 56 Whilden H. C. Charleston Dec 5th 82
B 4 57 Wolfe W. H. Lexington Dec 15th 82

- Died - 

Names County Remarks
P 1 G. W. Hartzog Barnwell Jany 15th 83
B 2 C. M. Fishburne Colleton April 17th 83

On the Roll of the Academy July 16th 127

P 1 1 Smart H. C. 
P 2 2 Rogers W. S. 
B 1 3 McCants E. C. 
B 2 4 Sherard S. H.

B 3 5 Devlin W. B. 
B 4 6 Giles W. A. 

B 5 7 Frierson W. T.
B 6 8 Harrison T. P.

P 3 9 Guess E. B.
P 4 10 Price E. L. 
P 5 11 Wilson C. R.
P 6 12 Weathersbee W. B.
P 7 13 Wroton C. L.

"Barnwell" Continued
B 7 14 Hartzog H. S.
B 8 15 Rice H. F.

[Page 12]
B 9 16 Bell E. W.
B 10 17 Hay G. 

B 11 18 Boylston S. C.
B 12 19 White C. G.

P 8 20 Barbot S. D.
P 9 21 Claussen G. A.
P 10 22 Cogswell J. E. 
P 11 23 De Vant W. W. 
P 12 24 Devereux F. J. 
P 13 25 Devereux J. H.
P 14 26 Easterby J. S.
P 15 27 Gadsden G. M.
P 16 28 Graham R. F.
P 17 29 Haynesworth
P 18 30 Haig C. H.
P 19 31 Huger F. P. 
P 20 32 Jeffords W. G.
P 21 33 Lawton A. W.
P 22 34 Lofton R. M.
P 23 35 McIver D. R. W.
P 24 36 Manigault D. E. H.
P 25 37 Pelzer A.
P 26 38 Robertson F. M.
P 27 39 Schirmer H. C.
P 28 40 Thurston E. N.
P 29 41 Van Kolnitz G. F.
P 30 42 Wagener J. A.
P 31 43 Walker R. M.
P 32 44 Whaley W. B. S.
P 33 45 Wilbur R. A.
B 13 46 Anderson Edward
B 14 47 Jennings William

B 15 48 Alexander W. C.
B 16 49 Bond O. J.

B 17 50 Macfarland Allan
B 18 51 Matheson K. G.

B 19 52 Mims W. J.
B 20 53 Sellars J. S.

B 21 54 Edwards L. W.
B - Vacant - 

P 34 55 Lucas J. J.
P 35 56 Allen J. M.
B 22 57 McCown J. R.
B 23 58 Spain F. O.

P 36 59 Timmermann P. N.
P 37 60 Brooks J. H.
B 24 61 Ouzts J. W.
B 25 62 Villiard Hugh

B 26 63 Crawford R. T.
B 27 64 Gaillard W. D.

P 38 65 Capers J. G. P.
P 39 66 Westmoreland W. H.
B 28 67 Austin L. B.
B - 68 Vacant - 

[Page 13]

P 40 68 Munnerlyn Benj
B 29 69 Tamplet P. H.
B 30 70 Wasdin W. F.

P 41 71 Lawton J. M.
P 42 72 Riley T. J.
B 31 73 Goethe T. H.
B 32 74 Youmans E. C.

P 43 75 Kirton S. R.
B 33 76 Floyd W. L.
B 34 77 Shaw A. B.

P 44 78 Clarke B. B.
B 35 79 Gilbert J. S.
B 36 80 Workman W. G.

P 45 81 Heath W. C.
B 37 82 Cureton J. S.
B 38 83 Wylie R. T.

B 39 84 Lee E. C.
B 40 85 Harris N. S. 

P 46 86 Baker W. H.
B - vacant
B - vacant

P 47 87 Douglas G. W.
P 48 88 Hearsey G. W. T. E.
B 41 89 Evans C. S.
B 42 90 Pearson R. L.

P 49 91 Smith C. B.
B 43 92 Coleman J. T.
B 44 93 Howard A. J.

P 50 94 McCaughrin S. J.
B 45 95 Blease H. H.
B 46 96 Kinard H.

P 51 97 Jones C. F.
B 47 98 Herndon E. L.
B 48 99 Lewis R. E.

P 52 100 Jeffords T. A.
P 53 101 Wannamaker R. E.
P 54 102 Willcock Frank
B 49 103 Brunson H. H.
B 50 104 McMichael T. J.

B 51 105 Bradley J. T.
B - vacant

B 52 106 Gibbes J. W.
B 53 107 Sligh E. B.

[Page 14]
P 55 108 McGowan J. F.
P 56 109 Russel C. S.
B 54 110 Brockman J. K.
B 55 111 Poole J. L.

P 57 112 Carson L. S.
P 58 113 China A. J.
P 59 114 Dick W. E.
P 60 115 Furman R. B. 
P 61 116 Scarborough H. L.
B 56 117 Lenoir Horatio
B 57 118 Moses J. J.

B 58 119 Goss J. H.
B 59 120 Jennings B. C.

P 62 121 Brockinton W. B.
B 60 122 Keels W. E.
B 61 123 McCuthen T. M.

B 62 124 Law E. M.
B 63 125 Robertson W. F.

P 63 126 Smith E. D.

P 64 127 Boylston A. D.


Whole no Cadets 121P - 68B = 189
Accounted for thus
Rejected by Academ. Bd. 3P
Honourably Discharged 53P - 4B
Died 1P - 1B
On the Roll of the Academy 64P - 63B 189

On the Roll of the Academy 
July 16th 1883 

63B - 127

Accounted for as follows

[Page 15]

Names County Remarks
P 1 Graham R. F. Charleston July 11th 1883
P 2 Hearsey G. W. T. E. Marlborough July 24th 83
P 3 Riley T. J. Hampton Mch 28th 83

Absent - Sick - with leave

P 1 Brockinton W. B. Williamsburg Since Mch 14th, 83
B 2 Law E. M. York Mch 31st 83
P 3 Timmerman P. N. Edgefield July 5th 83

Absent - Sick - without leave

Names County Remarks
P 1 Brooks J. H. Edgefield Since July 4th 1883
B 2 Goethe T. H. Hampton July 6th/83

Absent without leave

Name County Remarks
B 1 Sellars J. S. Clarendon Since June 29th 83

[Page 16]

Whole no. on Roll of Academy 64P 63B = 127
Accounted for thus 
Suspended - 3P
Absent sick with leave 2P 1B
Absent sick without leave 1P 1B
Absent without leave 1B
Present - July 16th 1883 58P 60B 127

(Sg) J P Thomas

Report of Supt as to Financial transactions & vouchers of the Bursar were received & referred to a committee consisting of Col. Croft & Genl. Manigault to examine & report on at the next meeting of the Board.

The Chairman submitted revised form of application blank for Beneficiary Cadets, which was adopted & ordered to be printed - 

The Chairman reported progress as regard securing detail of U.S. Army Officer - 

The Supt. submitted the following Report - 

Charleston S.C. July 21st/83
Gen Johnson Hagood
Chairman Board of Visitors 

In addition

[Page 17]
to the reports already submitted,

1. I have the honor to present herewith the Annual report of receipts and expenditures with the Bursar's Monthly Statements, accompanied with the proper vouchers. The Report containing in itself its own analysis, require no comment.

It may be added that the average monthly cost of the Cadet has been about $22.50 and that the cost of the authorized clothing for each Cadet has amounted to $80.00 for this year.

2 Agreeable to the resolution of the Board, I have given attention to the improved drainage of the Academy Building.

From the estimate herewith enclosed, it will be seen that the cost of the proposed drains will amount to about $300.00.

3 As authorized, Artesian water has been introduced into the Building. As the cistern water in use has developed some impurity, it is suggested that the cisterns be overhauled this Summer, & that they be, if found necessary, provided with such filtrating arrangements as shall tend to improve the water.

4. After conferring with Gen Walker, resident member of the Board, I decided to make a change in the water closet appearances of the Academy prior to the Annual Meeting of the Board.

I submit herewith for the consider-

[Page 18]
ation of the Board such plans and estimates as I have been able to obtain, claiming no familiarity with the subject, I have no recommendations to make prior to a conference with the Board on the plans submitted.

5 As at least two more recitation rooms will be needed for the next year, one for Modern Languages and one, with Laboratory attached, for the Department of Physics and Chemistry. I have obtained a plan and estimate herewith enclosed, for fitting up a portion of the main building, on the ground floor, in rear of the flagstaff, and now used for a lumber & coal room. It will be seen that the estimated cost as given by a responsible contractor is $445.00

6. In connection with the subject, I beg leave to suggest the necessity of providing before next October apparatus for illustrating Physics - While the Chemical Laboratory may be dispensed with for the next Academic year, there will be, I doubt not, an appreciation from the Professor elect of Chemistry and Physics at least for the [illegible] apparatus employed while instruction is given in Physics.

7. In conclusion I wish to recur to the Report made of Cadets enrolled and accounted for - Since the opening of the Academy one hundred and eighty nine Cadets have been received. We have now on the roll

[Page 19]
present and absent one hundred and twenty seven - 

The point that I want to make is that of the sixty two cadets no longer in the Academy, at least fifty have failed on account of defective preparation before entering here.

As the Annual Examination will not be concluded before the end of next week it will not be practicable to lay before the Board the results of said Examination with the Merit Rolls of the Classes and the Conduct Roll of the Corps, together with the recommendations of the Academic Board, before the early part of the week following the Examination. By that time, I expect to bring to an end the Academic rank for the year 1882-1883.

In approaching the close of the first academic year of the restarted Academy, I feel that I may congratulate the Board of Visitors upon the large measure of success which, under God, they have realized. 

In the sphere of my labors the earnest effort has been to lay upon a sound basis the business the scholarship and the soldiership, and the ethical code of the Academy - And in this work so important in the first year of the new life of this Institution, I acknowlege

[Page 20]
the cooperation of my colleagues and the support of the Board.

I have the honor to be,
Yours respectfully 
(Sg) J. P. Thomas

Resolved - That the Supt's suggestions regarding the new drains be adopted & he be directed to carry out the same - 

That he be authorized to have the cisterns put in order - 

That his suggestions relative to the Water Closet arrangements be referred to Genl Walker & the Supt. - with authority to carry out the plan best suited to the wants of the Academy - 

That his suggestions relative to New Section Rooms be referred to same committee with power to act - 

Resolved - That $500. be appropriated for the purchase of apparatus for the Dept. of Physics & that Maj. Kemper be authorized to purchase the same - That the Supt. forward him said amount together with funds necessary for his expenses [illegible] to purchase the apparatus - 

Resolved That the funds handed turned over to the Supt for the support of the Academy, shall be deposited in Bank & drawn therefrom [sic] on the check of the qr. Mast. counter signed by the Supt.

That the Supt. shall have a supervision over the purchases & general management of the qr. Mast's Department.

[Page 21]
Resolved - That in case it becomes necessary, the Chairman be authorized to engage quarters outside of the Citadel for Professors - 

Resolved - That the Chairman of the Board be allowed $40. pr annum for Stationary & Stamps

Resolved That the Bursar shall hereafter be known as quarter Master & shall rank as 2nd Lieut - 

Resolved - That the amount heretofore be known paid by the Surgeon for medicine's be returned to him & that hereafter the qr. Mast. - shall pay for all medicines prescribed to Cadets by the Surgeon - 

Board Adjourned

July 24th
The Board met at the Citadel & inspected the Corps. quarters & c - 

July 25th
Board met - present Gen Hagood Col. Croft, Genl Walker Gov. Thompson Genl. Manigault - 

Communication was received from Supt as follows

Gen Johnson Hagood
Chr. Bd. Vs.
Sir - I have the 

[Page 22]
[illegible] to apply for a furlough during the months of Aug. & Sept., after the Academic work of the year has been closed - so far as my absence from my post shall be found consistent with such special work as I have been, or shall be, directed to execute - And I ask for orders as to the furloughs of the Officers of the Academy.

I beg leave, further, to ask the Board to re-adjust the assignment of quarters to the Officers of the Academy, if any re-adjustment shall be deemed necessary.

The Board may have overlooked the fact that Prof. [illegible] term of service expires with this month.

I have the honor to call attention thereto

I am yrs respectfully
(Sg) J. P. Thomas

Resolved - That as the Annual Encampment has been dispensed with, furloughs will be granted to all the Professors from the time that the Supt. decides their Academic duties to be completed, until Sept. 25 1883.

Resolved That Assistant Professor Mazyck be assigned to the Dept. of French & asst. Prof. Hall be continued in charge of the Dept. of Drawing

Resolved That quarters outside of the Citadel be secured for Maj Kemper, by the Supt, with the approval of the Chairman - 

[Page 23]
Resolved That the appreciation of Cadet Haynsworth to be assigned to a Beneficiary vacancy, be not approved, as there are no vacancies from Charleston County - 

Resolved That the application of Cadet Jenning's for permission to apply for a West Point cadetship, be approved, without detriment to his position in the Academy should he be unsuccessful - 

Resolved - That any Pay Cadet who has been honorably discharged from the Academy & has applied for re-admission to his class, may be re-admitted if found proficient - In such case his merit & demerit record shall be averaged for the period of his absence & he shall also pay any dues which may have occured during his absence - He may however apply for a lower class on the same footing as a new cadet - 

Rank of Major 

Resolved That the Supt - be instructed, not to assign Professors ranking as Field Officers to company duty, except as instructors - 

To so average arrange the hours of Taps & Reveille that Cadets will have eight hours of for sleep - 

To have the Corps of Cadets marched to church on Sunday morning in their company organizations with side arms, visiting in turn the 

[Page 24]
Churches of the various denominations - 

The following Report of the Surgeon forwarded by the Supt - was received as information - 

S.C. Military Academy
Charleston S.C. July 23/83
Col J. P. Thomas Supt.

As the Institution will soon close & as the Board of Visitors are now in session, I think it proper to supplement my report of the Health of the Corps of Cadets made at their last meeting on the 10th of May, which is truly hereby respectfully submitted.

I do this with the view of strengthening the sanitary suggestions which I then made to the Board and also to inform them of the health of corps during the past quarter.

I have also to state that great care has been taken to lessen as much as possible, the evils of the existing water closet arrangements; and that I had the water of the cisterns analysed & prohibited the use of one of them for drinking purposes, which was of doubtful purity.

My 1st report was from Octo 1st/82 to April 31st/83 and is in the hands of the Board. 

This one is fron May 1st to date July 23rd

[Page 25]
It will be seen that we have had a great deal of sickness.

This I cannot account for except for reasons or [illegible] stated in my first report.

Diarrhea & continued fever have been the two diseases which caused most anxiety.

Of the 25 cases of continued fever, nearly all have assumed a typhoid tendency & some have been typhoid.

As soon as the disease was pronounced I thought it best to recommend furloughs. Twenty one furloughs have been granted, no deaths have occurred, but many of those furloughed have been ill at home & have not yet returned. The result has I think showed the wisdom of the Measure. It has prevented alarming reports of the health or ill health of the health of the Institution & has preserved the health of those in Barracks.

The expenses of Medicine has amounted to $120.00 excluding other Hospital supplies

A report of the diseases is appended all of which is respectfully submitted

Very Respectfully
(Sgd) Francis L Parker 

[Page 26]
S.C. Military Academy
July 23rd 1883

Report of the Corps of Cadets on sick report and in Hospital from
May 1st to July 23rd 1883

Sick Month of May 275 average 9 per day
Sick Month of June 276 average 9 per day
Sick Month of July 129 average 4 per day
Total 786

Of these 786 many of them were weak delicate boys who were constantly ailing but who have pulled through & will doubtless after vacation return in good health.

Number furloughed in May June & July - 21

If from these 786 cases we deduct the number of diseases (251) whe have 529 cases of sickness, occuring in repeated attacks of [illegible] fever diarrhea etc in the same cadets

List of Diseases

Headache 15.
Sprains 5.
Constipation 1.
Orchitis 10.
Mumps 2.
Rheumatism 3.
Boils 16.
Fever Malarial (old standing) 1.
Fever continued or Typhoid 25.
Sore Throat 1
Catarrh 13.
Diarrhaea [sic] 50.

[Page 27]
List of Diseases (Continued)

Urhicaria (skin) 1
Debility 40.
Dyspepsia 1.
Indigestion 24.
Sore feet 12.
Sore arm 1.
Ear, Abscess of 1.
Neuralgia 2.
Lame or bruised 25
Sore Eyes 2.
Total No of Diseases 251

In addition to these there were at times during the three months cadets taking medicine but not on sick report

(Sgnd) Francis L. Parker

The following communication from Col Thomas, Supt - was received

Gen Johnson Hagood
Chr. Bd. Vs.

Dear Sir
As the conference which I have had with the Board has shown that there exists a difference of opinion between at least some members of your body and myself - as regards the regulations for the government of the Academy, I desire to state that, while I have affirmed my views with candor,

[Page 28]
I recognize the fact that the Institution is to be governed according to the views of the Board - So long therefore, as I hold the office of Supt, I shall consider it my duty to carry out, soldierlike, in good faith, such orders & rules as the Board may issue & enact.

I hope therefore, that the Board will feel assured that after they make have made their decision on all the points that have been raised, I shall consider it my obvious duty to carry out their methods oof discipline.

Yours respectfully
J. P. Thomas

Articles 198 & 199 of Regulations were amended to read as follows

Delinquencies All delinquencies for which cadets have been reported for any one day will be published on the succeeding day at Retreat, or such other times as may be prescribed by the Superintendent.

Any cadet having a satisfactory explanation for such delinquencies shall, after the form prescribed, express it accurately in writing and submit it to the Superintendent written his first orderly honor after the publication of the reports.

No explanation shall be made by a cadet in any other manner

[Page 29]
or at another time unless unavoidably prevented from complying with these directions: in which event the explanation shall be rendered without unnecessary delay and the cause of delay annexed - Explanations will be confirmed strictly to the subject matter and will not be made the medium of complaint, criticism, or irrevelant remarks.

The following changes were made in the regulations - 
Sec 17 - Strike out first four lines & insert "Cadets in entering the Academy will not be furnished with underclothing, shoes or uniform except the Sundress suit until after a probation of three months"
Sec 23 - 5th lines strike out word "State" - before cadet - 
Sec 46 - 2nd line after annual result insert "or semi-annual" -
3rd line after in - insert "all or any of"
3 & 4 lines strike out "to the next higher class" & in - insert all or any of 
3 & 4 lines strike out "to the next higher class" & in insert "in the course"
Sec 32 - 2 lines strike out "one" & insert "two"
Sec. 73 - Strike out & substitute the following - "Cadets to answer

[Page 30]
The Supt - in investigating violations of law or order which ordinary methods employed may have failed to bring to light, is authorized to require any Cadet to answer interrogations as to his, but not as to the correction of others with such violation; and refusal to answer is disobedience of orders - The answer of the Cadet shall generally be conclusive - The Supt, may however in such rare cases as in his judgement require it, proceed further in the investigation, reporting to the Board of Visitors the circumstances which have induced him to this course & the names of cadets or others who are believed to have have [sic] knowledge of pertinent facts - The Board will examine into the case, sitting with the powers of a court martial - Falsity of reply, if established, shall subject the cadet to ignominious expulsion.

If the cadet interrogated is an officer on duty, he must reply as to others - orderlies of room are officers on duty, as to their rooms - 

The failure of an officer or orderly to reply will be immediately followed by the infliction upon him of the punishment for the offence alleged together with such other action by the constituted authorities as the gravity of the case may require - 
Sec. 83 - 2 Line - strike out "or by" & insert "or by the Supt. by" & after or & before officer insert "an" - 
6th Line - substitute "may" for "should" - add to the Sect "The complaint will always be investigated & when proper, action taken" - 

[Page 31]
Sec 90 - 2 Line - for "is knowing to" substitute "has knowledge of"

Resolved - That there be printed the necessary number of copies of the Regulations as heretofore amended

Resolved - That the suspension of Cadets T. J. Riley, G. W. T. E. Hearsey, & R. F. Graham be confirmed & that they be discharged - 

Resolved - That Professors Cain & Kemper shall have the rank of Major - 

Meeting adjourned - 

Minutes correct with erasures & amendments made by me - 

C I Walker
Secty protem

Johnson Hagood

[Page 32]
Columbia SC
6 December 1883

Board met this day in Columbia
Genl Johnson Hagood - Chairman -
Dr. Saml B. Jones
Governor H. S. Thompson
Genl A M Manigault
Col Ed. Croft
H A Gaillard Esq

Judge T J Mackey's report in relation to claim for [illegible] for use of Citadel buildings read - 

Resd That the above reportbe appended to Report of Board of Visitors, to Genl Assembly -

Correspondence in relation to quarters for Lt Weaver in Citadel Buildings - submitted - 

Resd That the rooms proposed to be assigned to Lt Weaver be placed in suitable condition - according to estimates presented for such repairs - 

The following resolution adopted
"That the Superintendent be directed to prepare a circular letter setting forth concisely the system and advantages of the Academy to be sent to persons promptly in their applying for information."

Letter submitted from Jn. L [McLaurin] to Chairman, in relation to vacancy in the Academy from Marlboro. - Ordered that the 

[Page 33]
Secretary reply to same and give information desired - 

Board assembled this 7th December pursuant to adjournment - 
Present in addition to members reported in last page - Genl C I Walker

Following resolutions adopted
Resd - 
"That the Superintendent be instructed to accept the proposal of Oliver to refit quarters for Lt Weaver, and that said quarters thus reflected be assigned to him - 

That the request of the friends and comrades of Capt Harleston, through Mr. T A Huguenin, to erect a memorial tablet re be granted, with instructions to place it in one of the side walls of the chapel

"On considerations of application of Edward B Breeden of Bennettsville for beneficiary cadetship, that application is not in order for present consideration. Such appointments are only to be made in August - Rejected however on showing of parent's property and income"

That a Beneficiary Cadet having once been discharged from the Institution, shall not again be allowed to appear before the Competitive Board for re-appointment

[Page 34]
Whereas the Board has not power to confer general military rank upon an officer of the United States army - 
Therefore Resd - 
That by virtue of his position as full Professor 1st Lieut Weaver of the US Army detailed for duty at the Academy will be recognized in Academic Military rank immediately after Professor Kemper and will be obeyed - and respected accordingly

That after the present year there shall be no suspension of academic duties during the winter months, and that the academic year shall close as heretofore on 30th July - 

That the Superintendent be authorized to give the numbers of the 4th class - furloughs during the coming Christmas holidays, as given to other cadets

Resd - 
That application be made to the present Legislature for an appropriation of $1500. for the purchase of tents and camp equipage for summer encampment of cadets, and in case the Legislature fails to make the appropriation, then the Chairman of Board shall be empowered to arrange for said equipage at Washington, in the way of commutation for arms [illegible] or in any other manner practicable - 

[Page 35]
That hereafter the annual meeting of the Board of Visitors shall be held in Charleston on the 1st Tuesday in November

Suggestion of Superintendent to supply the Institution with hot water for bathing disapproved - 

That the Superintendent be instructed to adopt a regulation overcoat, which every cadet shall be allowed to purchase or to draw from the Quartermaster by way of commutation for other articles of clothing

That the communing members of any church be allowed to attend their own church on communing days - 

The Report of Superintendent of [illegible words] of - Cadets McGowan and McLaughrin - Cadet Douglass and Cadet Edwards - submitted to Board together with accompanying papers - and after full consideration the following action taken - 
"When considering the report of the Superintendent of the suspension of Cadets McGowan and McLaughrin
Ordered that they be expelled from the Academy"

"The case of Cadet Douglass being considered upon reports of Superintendent, the action of

[Page 36]
the Superintendent was approved and the Cadet expelled"

" Upon considering the report of and testimony - and letters in case of Cadet Edwards - 
That the suspension be continued till the 1 Jany next - and that upon his return of the Academy he be confined to the Barracks for one month, except when upon drill - during which time he shall perform all military duties within the prescribed limits of his confinement - "

The papers in the case of Cadet Leland were submitted by the Chairman, and the following resolution adopted
"Whereas Cadet Leland's is the first case occurring under the rule adopted by the Board on the 25th July last. relative to pay cadets resigning, and afterwards reapplying for admission, and
Whereas, there is some foundation for the claim that due notice of said Rule was not given
That so much of said Rule be remitted in this special case as requires the Cadet, - Leland - to pay the back dues accruing during his absence from the Academy"

Considering the action of the Superintendent, as reported by himself in the cases of Cadets McLaughrin and McGowan and appreciating the  devotion to the 

[Page 37]
best interests of the Academy which actuated that officer, and recognizing the good which his action has accomplished

The Board of Visitors desire to bring to his attention [illegible] construction of Paragraph 73 and Paragraph 81 of the Regulations
Par 73.
After and from the point in the prescribed proceedings of disclaimer by a cadet, in the cases in which the Superintendent judgement requires him to pursue the investigation further, he will act as a Judge [illegible] in preparing the cases for the decision of the Board, and carefully avoid any actions on his part which will prejudge it.
Academic General orders No 31 is deemed by the Board as conflicting with their view of the Regulation in this particular

Par 81
While [illegible words] a good purpose in this instance, the Board deem it best that the Superintendent should not hereafter suspend Par 81 by inviting or permitting a meeting of cadets to pass upon a matter of discipline. The right to disapprove is [illegible] to approval, the right to obstruct to the right to aid - 

That the Secretary be instructed to communicate the foregoing to the Superintendent for the guidance

[Page 38]
and at same time express to him the satisfaction of the Board with his general management of the charge with which he is entrusted.

The following resolution adopted
That the Superintendent be instructed to communicate in orders. the sense of the Board that Par. 81 of Regulations is intended to include as expressed in its first sentence, the [illegible] of all [illegible] under any pretext whatever, and that the form of communication with the Superintendent or Board by petition however legitimate the subject matter, is combination, and as such prohibited. Cadets and others connected with the Academy will always communicate with the authorities of the same, as individuals and their communications being considered individually will meet with prompt attention - 


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