Minutes of the Board of Visitors of The Citadel, 1882


Minutes of the Board of Visitors of The Citadel, 1882


Official minutes of the governing body of The Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina.




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The Citadel Board of Visitor Meeting Minutes










Charleston (S.C.)

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Citadel – Charleston
7 April 1882

The Board assembled the 7th April 1882, in Citadel Building.

Gen Johnson Hagood, Chairman
Dr S. B. Jones
Col E. B. Croft
Genl C. I. Walker
H. A. Gaillard, Esq

After a careful inspection of the Building and Grounds, the following resolutions were passed by Dr. Jones and adopted.

That the Chairman of the Board and Genl C. I. Walker be appointed a committee to take charge of the necessary repairs on the Citadel Building.

Resolved 2 That the work of repairs be entrusted to one man to be elected by the Board, who shall employ workers and give his personal supervision on the work, and that during that time, said supervisor shall reside in the Building.

Resolved 3
That Mr G. B. Lartigue be elected as supervisor under resolution 2nd & that for his services he shall receive one hundred and forty five dollars per month, while actually employed in the work.

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Resolved 4 That not more than $5000.00 be appropriated at present for all repairs.

Resolved 5th That the committee be directed to complete the repairs, so that the Institution can be opened on the 1st day of October next.

The following resolution was submitted and adopted.

That Messrs Jones, Gaillard and Croft be appointed to ascertain & report at the next meeting of the Board, the probable cost in detail of maintaining a Cadet under present circumstances, with the allowances & expenditures, which were permitted before the Academy was discontinued.

That on the 2nd Tuesday in June at Columbia, the Board will elect a Superintendent, who will also be a Professor & one additional Professor, together with an Assistant Professor.

Resolved That for the present these Officers will be charged with instruction in the branches taught in the Fourth & Third Classes of the Academy.

That the pay of the Superintendent be $2500.00, of the Professors $1800.00 and of the Asst Professor $1200.00.

[Page 3]
Resolved That as soon after the meeting in June as practicable the Curriculum of the School will be [illegible] upon: and the books of the Secretary of the Board opened for applications for cadetships.

Resolved That the action of Genl C. I. Walker in insuring the Buildings for $30,000 be confirmed.

The following resolution proposed by Genl C. I. Walker was adopted.

That the Treasurer be authorized to pay on the Certificate of the Secretary to each member of the Board in attendance at any meeting of the Board, five dollars for each days actual attendance, and mileage at the rate of five cents per mile.

The following letter was read to the Board by Genl Walker

Head Quarters
[Illegible words]
Charleston SC Jul 2, 1882

Genl C. I. Walker

Dear Sir
The [Illegible words] respectfully request permission to use the yard of the Citadel Academy for drill and one room in which to keep their guns.

Very Respectfully
(Signed) H. Schachte
Captain G. H.

[Page 4]
and on motion, it was resolved that this application be granted [illegible] it does not interfere with the repairs upon the building.

The Board then adjourned to meet on the 2nd Tuesday in June in Columbia.

At this meeting the following resolution was adopted & omitted by error from the body of the minutes

“Read that Genl C. I. Walker is hereby appointed Treasurer of the Board”

[Page 5]
Charleston S.C.
June 13 1882

The Board met this day in Citadel building. Present Gen Hagood, Col Ed. Croft, Dr S. B. Jones, Genl C. I. Walker, Genl A. M. Mannigault and H. A. Gaillard Esq.

The call for the meeting here instead of in Columbia as per action of Board at last meeting, ratified.

Dr G. B. Lartigue, Supervisor of repairs upon the building, made a report of his operations, showing an expenditure of $4,200.00 of the $5000 authorized by the Board, having a balance in hand of $800.00 and estimating the sum necessary for completion of necessary repairs at about ($1400.00) fourteen hundred dollars.

On motion of Dr S. B. Jones it was then “resolved that the Chairman of the Board be authorized to draw upon the funds in the hands of the Treasurer, to a sum not exceeding one thousand dollars, in addition to the five thousand dollars, previously ordered for repairs”

That the committee on repairs, in connection with the Superintendent to be elected, be authorized to expend the sum of four thousand dollars in equipment & furniture etc. as may be [illegible] for the accomodations [sic] of of [sic] cadets”

Dr Jones submitted the following report, which was adopted.

“The committee to whom was referred the resolution to estimate the probable cost

[Page 6]
of maintaining a cadet, beg leave to report that they have carefully considered the subject and are of the opinion, based upon all the facts obtainable, that it will be unsafe to undertake to maintain & educate a cadet for less than three hundred dollars per annum, and recommend that three hundred dollars, per annum be fixed upon as the total charge, covering all expenses of each cadet.

Schedule of Expenses
Board $120.00
Dress uniform 27.50
Winter fatigue 12.00
2 linen fatigue 12.00
6 shirts 75cts – 4.50
4 prs drawers .60 2.00
6 prs socks .20 1.20
4 prs shoes 2.00 8.00
2 [illegible] .50
1 cap 2.00
4 towels 1.00
6 hanks. 1.20
2 prs gloves .50
Books 5.00
Coal 5.00
Med attendance 2.00
Washing 12.00
Soap, brush & comb 1.50
Stationery 1.00
6 [illegible] 1.20
Sundries 2.00
[Illegible] 50.00
1 forage cap .50
1 blanket 35.00
2 prs sheets 10.00
[Total] $280.10

The Board then proceeded to the election of a Superintendent and a Professor and an Assistant Professor.

Col John P Thomas was elected Professor.

Col A Coward was then elected Professor and was requested to announce by telegram his acceptance or not.

Col Coward having in reply declined the election, Maj Wilburn Stall was elected in his stead.

Mr. Philip P. Mazyck was elected Asst. Professor.

The following resolutions were adopted.

Whereas it is concerned to be the spirit and purpose of the act of the General Assembly, representing the State Military Academy

[Page 7]
that no one shall receive the benefits of the provisions for beneficiary cadets therein made who has means in his own right to educate himself or whose parents have sufficient means to afford him the same advantages.

Resolved –
That all applications for beneficiary cadetships in the Academy shall be made upon a printed form, which will be furnished on application to the Chairman of the Board at Columbia. This form shall embrace a statement by the parent or guardian as the case may be, setting forth their pecuniary inability to educate the applicant, and such other special circumstances as may bear upon the subject matter.

The application shall in every case be accompanied by a certificate from the county auditor, [illegible] the property held in the name of either or both parent and applicant, or in trust for either of them, and also a certificate from the sheriff and from the register [illegible] conveyances of the county, showing the incumbrances [sic], if any, upon said property.

These applications shall be laid before the Board and upon approval by them the Chairman of the Board shall forward to each applicant a [illegible] to appear for examination before the special examiners herein after provided for

Resolved –

That the State Superintendent of Education be requested to select three suitable persons, in each county, who shall

[Page 8]
constitute the Board of Special Examiners for that county, and that he supervise and direct such examination.

The number of beneficiary cadets authorized by the act consists of two from each county in the state, but in case the number so authorized shall fail to attend, the Board are directed for the first two [illegible] to supply the deficiency from the counties having the largest population. These selections will be made from those standing next highest to the successful candidates, at the competitive examinations.


That the competitive examinations for selection of beneficiary cadets from the counties be held on the last Tuesday in August next at the respective county seats, and that candidates at as early a day as possible make application to the Chairman of the Board at Columbia for permission to appear before the examiners.


That applicants for cadetships both beneficiary and pay shall be not less than fifteen or more than nineteen years of age, at the time of admissions, that they shall be of good moral character, free from contagious diseases and of a physical conformation and development which will qualify him for military service.


That the standard of educational qualification to enter the Fourth Class in the Academy, shall be ability to read and write the English language correctly, to perform with facility and accuracy the various

[Page 9]
operations of the four ground rules of arithmetic, of reduction, of simple and compound [illegible] and of vulgar and decimal fraction, and a knowledge of the elements of English grammar, of descriptive geography and of the history of the United States.


That pay cadets will be received from without as well as from within the State at three hundred dollars per annum payable quarterly in advance. This charge shall include tuition, board, clothing, medical attendance, the use of books, and all school charges, whatever.

This class of cadets are not subject to the competitive examinations which determined the selection of beneficiaries from the several counties, but on presenting themselves for admission, will in common with the selected beneficiary applicants be examined by the faculty as to their qualifications under the standard above set forth.


That upon presenting themselves for admission either pay or beneficiary cadets may be admitted at the discretion of the faculty to a higher class, if found [illegible] upon examination.


That the officers to be elected, shall be required to report for duty on the first (1st) day of September next, and that the scholastic year exercises, be commenced on the 1st Monday in October next.


That the school be opened with one or two classes, as the faculty may decide

[Page 10]
after the admission examination of cadets received in October next.

That the faculty proceed with these classes upon the curriculum of 1864 for the 4th and 3rd classes.

That the Chairman of the Board and the Superintendent to be elected prepare a general curriculum for the whole course to be reported to the Board for its consideration at its next regular annual meeting.

The following resolutions were also adopted


That the Chairman of the Board of Visitors and the Superintendent of the Institution be appointed a committee to revise the regulations and report at the next meeting of Board.


That in case complications arise from the application of coloured [sic] youths for Beneficiary cadetships, the Chairman of the Board is requested to call the Board together to consider the matter, and before doing so that he confer with the President of Claflin University, in view of arrangements by which said applicants having passed the prescribed examinations, may be assigned to Claflin.

The Chairman appointed Genl CI Walker, and HA Gaillard, a committee to prepare forms of appreciation for cadetships, both pay and beneficiary

[Page 11]
Also forms of permits to appear before Board of examiners, and [illegible] of admission.

Columbia S.C.
31 July 1882

Pursuant to call of Chairman the Board met in Columbia at 8 PM Present

Governor Johnson Hagood, Chairman
Genl C I Walker
Col Edward Croft
Genl A M Manigault
H A Gaillard, Esq

The following resolutions were proposed and adopted


That the Academic Board prepare a general curriculum to be submitted to the Chairman of the Board for his examination and approval.


That the Superintendent of the Academy prepare Regulations for the [illegible] for publication, after submission to the Chairman of the Board, and that the publication shall also embrace the curriculum when adopted.

[Page 12]
Maj Wilburn shall having declined to accept the professorship to which he was elected, the Board proceeded to elect an Officer in his place and Captain William Cain was elected.

Henry T. Thompson was elected Assistant Professor.

It was resolved that the Officers of the Institution should have military rank as follows –

The Superintendent the rank of Colonel
The Professors the rank of Captain
The Assistant Professors the rank of First Lieutenant

Dr. F L. Parker of Charleston was elected Surgeon, at a salary of five hundred dollars per annum including drugs & medicines.

It was resolved

That the Chairman of the Board be instructed to take such steps as are proper to obtain the detail of an Officer of the United States army for service at the Academy, as provided for in regulations of the US. Army, the Officer [illegible] for to be selected by the Chairman.


That the Treasurer of the Board Genl C.I. Walker be authorized to advertise the reopening of the Citadel Academy in the public journals of the State, at a cost not to exceed in the aggregate the

[Page 13]
sum of three hundred dollars.

The Board examined and passed upon a number of applications for Beneficiary Cadetships, and appointed a Committee consisting of the Chairman and Gen. Manigault to complete such examination.

The Board then adjourned.

[Page 14]
Charleston So Ca
13 November 1882

The Board met this day at Citadel in Charleston. Present Governor Hagood Col Edward Croft, Genl A M Manigault and H.A. Gaillard Esq

The Superintendent presented his annual report –

Upon report of the Surgeon; and recommendation of the Superintendent Cadet J. E. Brown was honorably discharged.

The Chairman of the Board and the Superintendent reported to the Board a copy of “Regulations”, with amendments proposed thereto, all of which were adopted, except that proposing a standard of deficiency – and they were ordered to be published.

The Chairman and Superintendent also reported a “curriculum”, which was adopted. The following resolution was adopted

Resd –

That the Chairman of the Board is authorized, if he deems it necessary, to take steps to supply the Academy Building with artesian water, and the Superintendent will procure estimates, for supplying a laundry, as soon as practicable.

Resd –

That the Chairman be instructed, when the number of cadets in the Academy is decreased by probationary examination in December next, to issue warrants of admission

[Page 15]
to pay cadets to a number sufficient to bring the number present in the Citadel to 72; cadets so receiving such warrants to be admitted, if upon examination, by the Academic Board, they are found qualified to enter the 4th class in its in its then state of advancement; the remaining space in the barracks being deemed sufficient for the accommodation of the Professors.

Resd –

That not less than $2600 is necessary for arming the Corps and the Chairman is instructed to take such steps as he many deem proper to procure the same from the State.

The Chairman submitted a communication from the Sumter Guards, asking permission, to erect an armory upon the Citadel grounds,

After consideration it was


That the Secretary be instructed to communicate, with the Sumter Guards, the regret of the Board, that they do not deem it proper to recede to their request.

The Chairman also presented a communication of City Council, asking that an opening in North buildings be opened as a wagon way – and it was


That the Board on acct of financial considerations, are not in position at this time to entertain this suggestion, and

[Page 16]
the Secretary is instructed to communicate to the Council in accordance herewith.

The following preamble and resolutions were adopted

Whereas it has been brought to the attention of the Board, that in the recent codification of the laws of the State, in section – relating to the powers and duties of the Governors Office. It is stated, that this office is Ex. Officio Chairman of the Board of Visitors of the State Military Academy, and whereas this statement [illegible words] the force of an additional enactment in relation to the said Institution – therefore


That the fundamental change [illegible] the said [illegible] would make in the organization, by previous law of the said State Military School, is of a most serious character, and in the opinion of the Board is destructive of the whole scheme upon which the Military School has been organized and successfully conducted.

Resd – [illegible]

That Col Gaillard, a member of this Board, and also a member of the General Assembly, be instructed to take such steps as he deems best. [Illegible words] this innovation upon the organization of the school as heretofore existing, under the law to be upheld.

Resd –

That on the 20th December next

[Page 17]
at 9 [illegible] PM, in the office of the Adjutant and Inspector General, the Board will proceed to elect the following officers, [illegible]

one Professor with salary of $1800
one Asst with salary of 1200
one Bursar with salary of 800

That for the present the Professors will not be assigned to special departments, but will be charged, with instruction in the branches taught in the 4th and 3rd classes of the Academy.


That the Secretary make proper publication of this election in the Charleston News and Courier, and in the New York Herald.

The Board then adjourned.

[Page 18]
Columbia SC
20 December 1882

The Board met this day in the Office of the Adjutant Genl –

Present –

Governor Hagood, Dr Samuel B Jones
Col Edward Croft, Genl Manigault
and H. A. Gaillard, Esq

Application of Lt Thompson for permission to live outside of Citadel Buildings for four or five weeks after marriage, and for furlough for 3 days to get married – presented

Ordered – That the furlough be granted, and leave to live outside declined.

Application from JA Leland to have his son admitted as a Pay Cadet upon agreement to pay the fees of admission in October next – presented and declined.

Paragraph 31. [illegible] 17 of Regulations were amended by striking out in the clause relating to “[illegible words]”

An application was submitted from City Council, asking to have a wagon way opened through North or West buildings of Citadel,

A committee of Genl Manigault and Genl CI Walker appointed to confer with the City Council and this committee together with the Chairman of the Board authorized to decide

The following Resolutions were adopted

Resd – That the Chairman is instructed

[Page 19]
To tender to Mr Lyman Hall of Georgia a position in the Citadel Academy with the rank of Captain, and the pay of $1500 per annum & for the present to be assigned to the duty of Asst Professor of Mathematics. And in case Mr Hall does not accept, the Chairman is further instructed to select and appoint some other suitable person at a salary of from $1200 to $1500 per annum – said appointment to the subject to the approval of the Board at their next meeting.

Resd further –

That the Chairman be instructed to seek through the U.S. Army Authority and the Superintendent at West Point suitable persons, as two additional full professors, and report to the Board at next meeting.

The following Report was submitted by Superintendent


Genl Johnson Hagood
Ch. Bd Visitors
Columbia SC

Dear Sir, I have the honor to report that the following named cadets have in the judgement of the Academic Board failed to pass their probation test

1 J. Brunson P Pickens Co
2 Ducker P Charleston Co
3 Elias P Charleston Co
4 Gooding P Charleston Co
5 Heyward P Charleston Co
6 Levi P Clarendon Co

[Page 20]
7 Pope P Abbeville Co
8 Sanders P Barnard Co
9 Snegrove P Lexington Co
10 Stromm P Orangeburg Co
11 Taylor P Charleston Co
12 Wolfe B Lexington Co
13 Hays P Barnwell Co
14 Mallonee P Charleston Co
15 Hogg P Barnard Co
16 E Moses P Charleston Co
17 J Evnis P Spartanburg Co
18 J. D Treubahn P Charleston Co
19 W. D Treubahn P Charleston Co
20 Cuttino P Sumter Co
21 Moise P Sumter Co
22 Blair P Munroe NC

As the conduct of these Cadets has not been improper, I have with your concurrence arranged to notify their parents, that I shall upon their application give to the said Cadets the privilege of an honorable discharge from the Academy, a course of action which I deem both polite and just

I have the honor, further to report that in view of the marked disparity between the cadets of the present class the Academic Board recommend that two sections of the class, amounting to 52 in number, that is 26 in each, be carried on as rapidly as possible, in advance of the remaining sections, to the end that the advanced sections may hereafter, if found qualified compose the advanced class. The Cadets thus selected are so far in advance of their comrades, as to be put at a disadvantage, and the Academic Board are of the

[Page 21]
opinion that the interests of the Academy would be promoted by the proposed scheme.

Yours respectfully
(Signed) J P Thomas

The Board thus adjourned


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