Minutes of the Board of Visitors of The Citadel, 1862


Minutes of the Board of Visitors of The Citadel, 1862


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Charleston (S.C.)

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Charleston, April 7. 1862

At a meeting of the Board of Visitors, held at the Citadel April 7, 1862. Present D. F. Jamison, Chairman, & Messrs Isaac D. Wilson and Henry C. Young the following resolutions were adopted.

Resolved, That the resignation of Lieut John W. Jamison be accepted, and that Mr. R. O. Sams be elected Assistant Professor in the South Carolina Military Academy, with a salary of one thousand dollars, and that he be ordered to report for duty on his acceptance, at the Citadel Academy.

Resolved, That the salary of Lieut. Norris be increased to fifteen hundred dollars per annum.

Resolved, That the diploma of the institution be granted to the following cadets,

1 Geo. G. Wells
2 Wm. F. McKewn
3 Amory Coffin
4 Wm. B. McKee
5 Geo. A. McDowell
6 Richd. F. Lawton
7 S. D. Steedman
8 J. H. Moses
9 D. P. Campbell

[Page 2]
10 S. P. Smith
11 Wm. M. Tucker
12 L. R. Stark
13 J. R. Mew
14 M. S. Elliott
15 J. L. Taylor
16 Gerard B. Dyer
17 Wm. H. Bryce
18 Jno. B. Alison

Names of distinguished cadets selected for publication, in accordance with 52nd Art. of Regulations.

Graduating Class
Geo. G. Wells, Greenville Dist. – Astronomy, Engineering and General Merit.
Wm. F. McKewn, Orangeburg Dist. – Mathematics, Ethics, Political Science and 2nd in General Merit.

Second Class
M. B. Humphrey, Clarendon Dist. – Mathematics, Ethics, Literature and General Merit.
John C. Neil, York Dist. – 2nd in Math., 2nd in Ethics, 2nd in Literature & 2nd in General Merit.

Third Class
Alfred Aldrich, Barnwell Dist. – 1st in General Merit. B. L. Beaty, Horry Dist. – 2nd in General Merit.

Fourth Class
G. M. Blake, Beaufort Dist. – Literature and General Merit.
E. Thomas, Fairfield Dist. – 2nd in General Merit.

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Arsenal Academy
Nov. 25th 1862.

The annual examination of the cadets before the Board of Visitors began today, and was continued until Thursday the 27th inst., when the Board adjourned to meet at the office of the Chairman at 10 A.M. on the 28th.

On the last day of the examination, Hon. Thos. C. Perrin, the new member, elected to fill the place made vacant by the death of Ex. Gov. J. H. Means, was present and took his seat as a member of the Board.

Columbia, S.C.
Nov. 28th 1862.

Pursuant to adjournment, the Board convened today at 10 A.M.

Present, James Jones, Chairman
D. F. Jamison, I. D. Wilson
Henry C. Young, Thos. C. Perrin
W. G. DeSaussure, Adj’t & Insp’r Gen’l.

The annual report of the Sup’t. of the C.A. was read and the Acc’ts of the Bursars of both Academies referred to a committee consisting of Messrs I. D. Wilson & Thos. C. Perrin.

The following resolutions were then adopted.

Resolved – That it be left to the Chairman of the Board to increase the pay of the Magazine Guard, or not, according to his discretion.

[Page 5]
Resolved, That the petition of the 3rd class for a furlough for fifteen days, to include the Christmas holidays, be left with the Chairman, to be granted or not according to his discretion.

Resolved – That the petition of Mr. Wm. East of Laurens Dist. to have his son, Cadet O. D. East of the Citadel, transferred from the pay to the state list be not granted.

Resolved, That the action of the Chairman in keeping the cadets of the fourth class at the Arsenal during the month of December, be approved.

Dr. Boylston having in consequence of advanced age and declining health, tendered his resignation as Surgeon of the Citadel Academy, it was, on motion, accepted, to take effect on the first of January next.

Mr. Perrin was appointed committee of one, to propose a suitable memorial to Ex. Gov. Means.

The Board then adjourned to meet tomorrow at 10 A. M.

John B. Patrick
Sec. Board Visitors

Columbia, S.C.
Nov. 29th 1862

The Board met this morning pursuant to adjournment, Present
Gen. James Jones, Chairman
Gen. D. F. Jamison, Col. I. D. Wilson
Col. Henry C. Young, Hon. T. C. Perrin

[Page 6]
The report of Capt Thomas, Sup’t. A.A. was read after which it was,

Ordered, That the following recommendations of the Academic Board be adopted.

1. That Cadets Faber, Atkinson, Gladney, Ellis and Spann be discharged for deficiency in general merit.

2. That Cadets Smith, Brown and McCann be retained at the Arsenal for another year.

3. That, at the request of his father, and in view of the special circumstances of his case, Cadet Beauregard be retained at the Arsenal for another year.

4. That the following named cadets be transferred to the Citadel Academy on the 1st of January next.

1. F. J. Murdoch P
2. Thos. Frost P
3. T. A. Aiken S
4. J. Culbreath P
5. W. A. Pringle P
6. W. H. McClintock S
7. W. Spearman P
8. J. R. Pringle P
9. L. W. Sanders P
10. Y. Culbreath P
11. J. Spearman P
12. E. McCarty S
13. W. A. Blue P
14. M. S. Haynesworth P
15. C. L. Fike S
16. M. Dozier P
17. J. Vinson P
18. J. M. Moss P
19. L. C. Rice P
20. E. B. Cannon P
21. P. Lawton P
22. J. K. Anderson P
23. W. G. Baynard P
24. J. E. Boinest S
25. W. W. Frazier S
26. F. G. Spearman P
27. M. H. Mims P
28. P. K. McCully P
29. J. D. Lining P
30. D. S. Taylor P
31. W. Jenkins P
32. B. C. Evans P

[Page 7]
33. C. T. Goodwyn P
34. F. Richards P
35. L. N. Fishburne P
36. W. Ravenel P
37. A. M. Odom S
38. F. A. Rogers P
39. J. J. Barr S
40. C. G. Waller P
41. J. T. Poe P
42. H. S. Morrison P
43. G. K. Ryan P
44. E. C. Riley P
45. F. N. Wilson P
46. J. B. Davis P
47. W. M. Richardson P
48. J. M. Lawton P
49. J. L. Jordan P
50. J. E. Lewis P
51. B. T. Gibbes P
52. T. Howard P
53. J. T. Westervelt S
54. E. J. Webb S
55. A. H. White P
56. T. C. Caskin S
57. W. J. B. Patterson S

II. Ordered – That the suspension of Cadets Moody, R. Davis, De Treville and Judge be confirmed.

III. Ordered, That Cadets [Illegible] and Proctor be expelled for desertion.

IV. Ordered, That the act of the Sup’t, in suspending Cadet Rhett, be approved, but in consideration for his previous good conduct and of his acknowledgement of his error, he is hereby restored to the Academy: said restoration to take effect on the 1st of January next.

V. Ordered, That the cadets of the Arsenal be granted a furlough for fifteen days from the 1st of January prior to reporting at the Citadel Academy.

VI. Ordered, That Cadets J. S. Dutart, E. D. Earle, M. B. Humphrey, W. S. Nettles, J. L. Seabrook, B. L. Beaty, G. Davis, A. W. Dozier, B. F. Earle,

[Page 8]
J. F. Hook, E. R. [Illegible], W. A. Johnson, S. H. Owens, B. H. Paslay, M. M. Seabrook, J. O. Wilson, J. V. Baxley, T. P. Black, E. J. Dennis, A. R. Chisolm, D. Jenkins, James Hagood, G. Hodges, J. Holmes, F. K. Huger, P. Mellett, H. Schipman, J. T. Salley, W. Salters, F. K. Simons, J. O. Sheppard, H. Spann, A. W. Taft, J. M. Womack, & G. McKenzie, suspended from the Citadel Academy for rebellion against the authorities of the institution be dismissed.

VII. Ordered, That Cadets Snowden, Middleton, Graves, and Pinckney, suspended from the Citadel Academy for desertion, be dismissed.

The following resolution was unanimously adopted.

Resolved, That Dr. J. Dickson Burns be elected Surgeon of the Citadel Academy, to fill the vacancy made by the resignation of Dr. Boylston, and that he report for duty on the first of January next.

The following memorial, submitted by Mr. Perrin was unanimously adopted.

Since the last meeting of this Board, it has pleased an over-ruling Providence to remove by death Ex-Gov. John H. Means. During a great part of his manhood, he was so connected with public affairs that his life is a history of that state, and therefore it is useless to record here his eminent public services, his patriotic sacrifice of his ease and comfort to the hard duties of the camp and the life of a soldier, or the circumstances of his glorious death. To the entire state the death of Governor

[Page 9]
Means was a public calamity. To the State Military Academy, with which he was connected from its first establishment, and to this Board, with whom he was associated for twenty years, his loss will be more deeply felt. Few men have ever more endeared themselves to their associates than Gov. Means. Social in his temper, generous in his disposition, sincere in his friendship, unselfish in all his objects, firm in all matters of principle and right, stern and unyielding when conscience and duty were involved, his presence was always greeted with pleasure and his counsel eagerly sought. He was unsurpassed in the purity of his principles, the ardor of his patriotism, or benevolence of the heart. In his character were beautifully blended the noble virtues of love to man and piety to God. It has seldom fallen to the lot of anyone to be more beloved in life or more lamented in death, To us his life is full of instruction and his memory will ever be cherished.

Resolved, That in the death of Gov. Means the State has lost an eminent and valued citizen, and this Board a useful and beloved associate.

Resolved, That a copy of the foregoing preamble and resolutions be forwarded to the family of the deceased, and that the same be published in the gazettes of this city.

Adjourned to meet at 3 P.M.

[Page 10]
Columbia, S.C.
Nov. 29th 1862.

The Board convened at 3 P.M.

Present. Gen. James Jones, Chairman
Gen. D. F. Jamison, Col. I. D. Wilson
Col. Henry C. Young and Hon. T. C. Perrin

Resolved, That the following youths be appointed probationary state pupils in the Arsenal Academy, and that they report for duty on the 1st of January next.

Joseph F. Black
William H. Tuten
H. Allison Webb
John P. Mousseau
Thos. Smyth Hughes
Robert Heriot
Erasmus E. Ervin
William H. Morris
N. E. H. Dopson
Hampden C. Dubose
Milledge Galphin
William J. Alexander
John Wistar Stewart
James H. Detyens
F. W. Shackelford
William P. Meares
Carey J. Thomas
Robert Knox Clarke
A. Conway Black
Wm. T. J. Phillips
James T. Dargan
J. B. Bethune
Perry Isaac Moses
John Ely Colton
B. S. Nesmith
David Blair

[Page 11]
The following resolution was then adopted.

Resolved, That hereafter during the existence of the present high prices, pay cadets in the South Carolina Military Academy be required to furnish their own under clothing, including shirts, drawers and socks; also their shoes, combs and brushes, and pay annually four hundred dollars, viz: one hundred dollars per quarter in advance.

Adjourned to meet on Monday Dec. 1st

John B. Patrick
Sec. B. V.

Columbia, S.C.
Dec. 1st 1862

The Board met today at 10 A.M.

Present Gen. James Jones, Chairman
Gen. D. F. Jamison, Col. I. D. Wilson
Col. Henry C. Young & Hon. T. C. Perrin

The committee to whom the accounts of the Bursars were referred submitted the following report which was concurred in.

In the accounts of the Bursar of the Citadel, on the 7th page, there is a mistake of one dollar in the addition of the members at the top and bottom of the page. On the 19th page, then is an error in the entry corresponding with the voucher No. 23. This voucher is for $227.50 – it is enlarged by the addition of $18.

[Page 12]
It seems that the gas company charged $18 too much in this voucher. On the next settlement this was corrected as appears in voucher No. 40. The voucher should, therefore, stand for the amount of $227.50 and not be erased as has been done by $245.50. It was proper to note on voucher No. 23, the correction of the error, but the figures should not have been changed.

In copying the accounts of the Bursar of the Arsenal, for the use of the Board, it seems that he omitted to enter in the 3rd quarter, the amount received from the pay cadets. The additions include this sum and are right. In other respects it is believed that these accounts are correct, and properly vouched. It is recommended that they be corrected in the particulars named.

Resolved, That the following youths be appointed probationary pay pupils in the Arsenal Academy, and that they report for duty on the first of January next.

Geo. C. Graves
Stringfellow Turner
J. W. Vance
Langdon Conner
Wm. T. Branch
F. L. Maxwell
G. K. Maxwell
Jno. H. Magill
Joseph P. Ligon
T. T. Osborne
Clarence E. Owens
Pinckney Brown
James Lynch
Edward Lynch
Hartstene B. Boyd
T. O. Lawton
Andrew F. Browning
Lawrence W. O’Hear
William Lucas

[Page 13]
Thos. G. Lucas
G. S. Coffin
Geo. M. Coffin Jr.
Wm. B. Pringle
Lewis S. Jervey
James F. Edwards
James P. Huger
A. G. Holmes
Daniel Huger
Charles P. Bull
Geo. H. Winkler
John Ball
Robert Vaux
Wm. E. Breese
I’On Lowndes
Wm. Gray Miller
Sam’l W. Gaillard
P. G. Stoney
B. W. Warren
James J. Lewis
John D. Harrison
Eli P. Harrison
R. H. Stringfellow
W. L. Reid
Henry L. Ragin
Robert N. Wells
F. C. Rastin
Mikel S. Sams
A. R. Heyward
Jno. R. Gibson
Chas. W. Harrell
Theodore G. Croft
Jas. A. Tillman
W. B. Brooks
George Croft
Randal T. Pearson
Jno. F. Goode
E. E. Stone
Waddy Thompson
Jas. Y. Goodlett
Jno. Furman
Wm. P. Nash
R. Lide Burn
Jno. H. Earle
John Parker
Henry Sampson
William Miller
Clarence R. Anderson
Chas. P. Allston
R. C. Dixon
Lewis C. Thompson
Charles J. Shannon
G. F. L. Massey
Samuel R. Todd
Jas. G. Simpson
H. L. Johnson
M. LaFayette Walker

[Page 14]
H. C. Vance
McNeill Simpson
W. H. Moetze
Jas. S. Emanuel
Angus N. McCollum
E. A. Bethea
D. N. Bethea
Wm. L. Durant
Jno. D. Henderson
R. G. Johnstone
Caldwell McMorries
Jacob S. Felder
A. M. Salley
Marion D. Bronson
Jno. M. Mays
Jno. Hall Brown
J. S. J. Harris
C. L. DuBos
Allen Jones Green
Jas. H. Boatwright
Richard F. Daniel
Thos. M. Hanckel
Albert Cannon
Dallas Chamblin
Wm. M. Dean
George Curtis
J. W. Nicholes
J. L. Bartlette
Wm. A. Beaty
J. A. Carlisle
David Johnson
E. R. Wallace
Thos. J. McCutchen
J. W. Rawlinson
E. B. Stoney
Richard Withers
Thos. W. Clawson
Samuel Lowry

Resolved, That the following youths be appointed pay pupils in the Citadel Academy, (3rd Class); and that they report for duty on the 1st Jan. next.

Jos. E. Dewees
Ettsel Adams
B. F. McCabe
Francis E. Taylor
Arthur Hall Locke
Jno. S. Horlbeck
Jno. W. Evans
Lucas McIntosh
Cleveland R. Singleton
Horace Moses

[Page 15]
Resolved, That the Board, concurring in the suggestion of the Supt. of that A., that it is “too much to require of an officer to discharge the duties of Supt, Professor, Bursar and Arsenal Keeper,” decide to elect a Bursar for the Arsenal Academy at a salary of $800 per annum.

Resolved, That the appointment of a suitable person for the office of Bursar be left to the Chairman of the Board.

Resolved, That Mr. Amory Coffin be elected Assistant Professor at the Citadel Academy, with the rank of 2nd Lieut. and that a salary of $1000 per annum, and that he be ordered to report for duty, on his acceptance, on the 1st of January next.

Resolved That the following report be adopted.

To the Honorable the General Assembly of South Carolina:

The Board of Visitors of the State Military Academy beg leave to submit the following report:

The Annual Examination of the Citadel Academy, held in April last, and they are just concluded at the Arsenal Academy, have been entirely satisfactory to the Board; and notwithstanding the excitement in all men’s minds, during the present year, occasioned by a state of war, good order has been generally maintained, and a high grade of proficiency has been reached in both institutions. One instance of insubordina-

[Page 16]
tion, however, occurred in the month of June, at the Citadel Academy, which resulted in the suspension of thirty seven cadets, who left the institution in a body, in violation of the regulations, and no other alternative was left the Board but to confirm their suspension, and consequently the offending cadets were dismissed from the Academy.

From the increasing popularity of these institutions, or from the closing of other places of education, a much larger number of applications have been received this year than ever before. Besides a large number of the state cadets, more than three hundred pay cadets have applied for admission into the class of next year, of whom the Board regret to say they can only receive at the Arsenal Academy, twenty seven state and one hundred and fifteen pay cadets. As it is very probable that a larger number of applications for admission into the Academies will be made every year than the limited means now at their disposal will enable them to accommodate, the Board would suggest to your honorable body the propriety of adding a wing on the east of the square at the Arsenal Academy, to correspond with a similar structure on the west, which would accommodate about one hundred and ten cadets; and as then is now insufficient accommodations for the Professors at the Arsenal the Board would also recommend that a house be built for the Superintendent outside of the barracks. By converting that portion of the barracks

[Page 17]
now occupied by the Superintendent as a residence and offices, into cadets quarters, about thirty additional cadets could be received; these improvements will cost as is estimated, about twenty-five thousand dollars.

The Board greatly regret that they will be forced to reject for want of accommodations at the Arsenal more than two hundred applications for admission into the class of the next year. If your honorable body would place at the disposal of the Board a portion of the college buildings, now unoccupied they would endeavor to make arrangements to receive all who have applied.

At the annual meeting of the Board, held on the first of December inst., there were twenty-nine pay and twenty-one state cadets at the Citadel Academy. Forty-four pay and thirteen state cadets were ordered to be sent from the Arsenal to the Citadel Academy, on the 1st of January next. Five pay cadets were retained for another year at the Arsenal, making at present in the institution, seventy-seven pay and thirty-four state cadets. There were appointed at the same time one hundred and fifteen pay cadets and twenty-seven state applicants, to enter the Arsenal Academy, and ten pay applicants to enter the fourth class, rising third, at the Citadel Academy; so that, on the 1st of January next, there will be at the Citadel, eighty-seven pay and thirty-four state cadets; and at the Arsenal, one-hundred

[Page 18]
and twenty pay and twenty-seven state cadets, making in the aggregate, two hundred and sixty-eight cadets in the Military Academy.

One of the most serious obstacles which the Board had to encounter during this present this present year, arose from the exorbitant prices paid for every article paid for every article used for the support of the Academies. According to an exhibit furnished the Board by the Superintendent of the Citadel Academy, it appears that the cost of maintaining a cadet during the ensuing year, based upon an estimate of present prices, will amount to two hundred and seventy one dollars and twenty-five cts for clothing and two-hundred and forty-four dollars and forty-one cts for subsistence: where the sum hitherto paid by the cadet only amounted to $200 per annum. As it would be impossible to support a cadet in the Academy at the amount heretofore charged, without bringing the institution greatly in debt, the Board have determined, during the existence of the present high prices, to require parents and guardians to furnish their sons and wards with shoes and certain articles of under clothing heretofore supplied, and to pay the sum of $400 per annum.

The following is a condensed statement of the receipts and expenditures of the Academy for the fiscal year ending September 30th, 1862, and the documents and vouchers of the Bursars of the Citadel Academy and Arsenal Academy are herewith transmitted:

[Page 19]
From Appropriation $37,000.00
From Pay Cadets 26,850.00
From Sales of Supplies to Officers, etc. 1,355.03 [Total] $65,185.03

For balance due last year 2,269.44
For Salaries of Officers 12,649.44
For Subsistence 18,661.19
For Clothing 12,452.17
For Washing 2,916.41
For Hire of Servants 2,057.53
For Music 463.00
For Contingencies including fuel, lights, book and stationery, medicines etc. 7,727.87
For Books for Library 19.50
For Permanent Improvements 2,951.84
For Repairs to Buildings 286.93
For Pay and Subsistence of Magazine Guard 1,824.01 For Balance cash on hand 905.70
[Total] $65,185.03

I transmit an exhibit showing the number of cadets appointed to the Academy and their disposition.

Respectfully reported,
(Signed) James Jones,
Chairman B. of V.

[Page 20]

Showing the number of cadets appointed the number that failed to report, discharged, suspended and graduated.

[See chart on original document.]

(Signed) James Jones
Chairman Board of Visitors

In accordance with the resolutions of the General Assembly the following persons have been appointed by the Governor to the S.C. Military Academy.

First Cong’l Dist.
George W. Ferrell

Second Cong’l Dist.
J. Chaplin Huger

Third Cong’l Dist.
Arthur W. Thomson

Fourth Cong’l Dist.
Abner W. Lamar

Fifth Cong’l Dist.
R. A. Gwin

Sixth Cong’l Dist.
Daniel E. Miller


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