Letter from José Perpiñán to Asbury Coward, December 5, 1904


Letter from José Perpiñán to Asbury Coward, December 5, 1904


Letter sent by José Perpiñán, brother of Citadel cadets Francisco and Jose Alba, to Colonel Asbury Coward, President of The Citadel.


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Havana (Cuba)


Typed transcription:

Habana 5 Diciembre de 1904

Sr. Coronel

Asbury Coward.

Sup’t de la South Carolina Military Academy.



En una carta que acabo de recibir de mi hermano Francisco Alba me dice que se ha [a]rreglado la dentadura con un dentista amigo de Vd. y al cual que pagarle $22.00 Currency por la composicion [sic]. Al mismo tiempo me dice que le envie dicha cantidad á Vd [Usted]. a fin de que Vd. se la pague al dentista. Tengo el gusto de incluirle un girl postal por dicha suma con objeto de que haga llegar su importe á poder del referido facultativo por lo cual le anticipo un millon de gracias.

Asimismo me dice mi hermano Frank que mi otro hermano José no obserya [sic] una conducta correcta en la Academia. Yó suplico á Vd. que la prohiba toda clase de salidas fuera de la Academia y toda clase de recreos, hasta que él mejore su comportamiento.

Sin otro asunto por ahora me es grato repetirme nuevamente á sus órdenes atentamente.

José Perpiñán


Translation by Christian Mateo Mérida:

Havana December 5th of 1904

Sr. Coronel

Asbury Coward.

Supt. of the South Carolina Military Academy.



In a letter that I just received from my brother Francisco Alba tells me that to have his teeth fixed with a dentist friend of yours and that there is a payment of $22.00 Currency for the composition. At the same time he tells me to send the said quantity to you and you will pay the dentist. I have the pleasure of including a money order for the said sum so that it is made to arrive in your import to pay the referred doctor, for which I can anticipate a thousand thanks from him.

At the same time, my brother Frank tells me that my other brother José did not observe correct conduct in the Academy. I advise you to prohibit all classes outside of the Academy and all classes of recreation until he improves his behavior.

With nothing else from me I am pleased to repeat myself again at your service.

José Perpiñán


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