Letter from Elizabeth Nelson to her husband, Manning, May 6, 1945


Letter from Elizabeth Nelson to her husband, Manning, May 6, 1945


Elizabeth wrote this letter to her husband, Manning, while he was stationed in the Pacific. These letters reached Manning after he had been killed and hence, were returned to Elizabeth. They were still sealed and unopened when they arrived at The Citadel Archives.


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May 6, 1945

My Darling,

Well, I certainly am the lazy one. I stayed in bed until after 7 O’clock this evening. Got up too late for supper but had an invitation to go to church with three of the other girls. Hurried to get dressed and made the First Baptist Church by 8 O’clock. Just couldn’t make my stomach behave as it was so empty. Managed to get a piece of pie before coming back to the hospital and to dinner. Now, I feel as if I’ve over done [sic] this eating business.

Actually think that this is the beginning of a good night on duty. It’s about time because I’ve been so busy for the last few nights. Had two patients to expire within the last two days and nights. I’m off tomorrow

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and certainly can use a night off. Am planning to go home in the morning. Haven’t seen Mom in two weeks and am rather anxious. Hope that she’s been well. Don’t suppose I should be writing this way because I know you must be wanting to see your folks and I hope me as badly as I want to see you. It has been so long and absence does make the heart grow fonder.

Still haven’t received a letter from you but know that it will come soon. I must say that the news from the Pacific has me plenty worried but know that you will be alright because we are praying for you.

Take care of yourself for me.

All my love,

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[See original document for envelope.]


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