Letter from Elizabeth Nelson to her husband, Manning, May 8, 1945


Letter from Elizabeth Nelson to her husband, Manning, May 8, 1945


Elizabeth wrote this letter to her husband, Manning, while he was stationed in the Pacific. These letters reached Manning after he had been killed and hence, were returned to Elizabeth. They were still sealed and unopened when they arrived at The Citadel Archives.


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Richland (S. C.)


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Dearest “Boobie”,

Tonight finds me at home with Mama. It’s always nice to be here. She hasn’t been feeling well for the past week, but wouldn’t let me know. Says that she’s better today. She made me sleep for awhile this morning after I got in, but I was afraid to stay in bed too long. Afraid that I might not be able to sleep tonight. I’m always doing things like that. We’ve been visiting neighbors this afternoon and enjoyed that too. It’s always nice to see the folks at home. I almost didn’t come up here ‘till the afternoon for fear that I’d have a letter from you and wouldn’t be there to get it. However, I came on anyway, but certainly hope that I have a letter or several from you when I get back. This going without mail is really

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awful. Think you know what I mean.

Everyone has been so enthused today over the news that the Germans have surrendered unconditionally in Europe. Tomorrow morning at 9 a.m., the President will make the announcement. Of course, I’m glad but I can’t be really happy until it’s over in the Pacific too. That will be the day. I know that with the war being over in Europe that it will cause things to step up in the Pacific. I’m happy about that and my brother will be able to come home and many of the other boys. Wish I could say and know that you’re coming now. I wonder how the boys over there feel about hearing the news.

I’m keeping my chin up and know that it won’t be as long as it has been.Take care of yourself for me. I love you with all my heart. Mama sends love and wants you to come home. She [sic] anxious about you too.

All my love,

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[See original document for envelope.]


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