Minutes of the Board of Visitors of The Citadel, 1886


Minutes of the Board of Visitors of The Citadel, 1886


Official minutes of the governing body of The Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina.




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Charleston (S.C.)


[Page 1]
Charleston – S. C.
10 Feb. 1886

Board of Visitors of S.C. Military Academy met at Charleston Hotel at 10 A.M.

Gen. Hagood – Chairman
Gov. Thompson
Genl. Manigault
Dr Jones
Col. Croft
Maj. Gadsden

Major Gadsden appointed by Governor as one of the Board took his seat.

The Board considered the ways & means of carrying on the Institution with the reduced appropriation made by the Legislature & without reaching any definite conclusion adjourned to meet at Citadel this afternoon at 4 ½ P.M.

Afternoon Session

Board met at Citadel at 4 ½ P.M. & inspected the Barracks & Corps & adjourned to meet at 9 30 on Thursday morning.

Thursday morning. Board met at 9 30 at Charleston Hotel

All members present.

[Page 2]
Report of Judge Mackey as to present status of [illegible] for [illegible] against [illegible]. Status was read & rec’d as information.

Report of Supt. as to Cadets found deficient and dismissed namely, M. Glazner – B. C. W. Lack
B. C. M. Ellis – P.
Wm Thomas – P.
read and received as information.

Application of Dr Lucas to have his son transferred from the Pay to the Beneficiary Cadetship – considered & respectfully refused as inadmissible under rules regulating Beneficiary appointments & the Secretary is instructed to inform Dr Lucas and express their regret, that they cannot comply with his request.

The following resolution was submitted.

Whereas Genl C. I. Walker has resigned his place upon the Board of Visitors of the S.C. Mil. Academy & his resignation has been accepted by the Governor.

Resolved – 1- That in parting with Genl. Walker, the Board recognizes & desires to express its appreciation of the valuable services which, for so long a time, he has rendered to the Institution & regrets the existence of facts

[Page 3]
which in his judgement rendered his resignation imperative.

2nd That in retiring from the Board Genl. Walker carries with him the respect and esteem of his comrades, & their best wishes for his future health & happiness – adopted, & ordered to be entered on minutes & copay furnished to Genl. Walker.

Major C. S. Gadsden was elected as Member of Executive Committee in place of Genl. Walker – resigned.

Moved and carried that in addition to the $500 already appropriated for laboratory purposes $250 additional be appropriated

Moved and carried that Gov. Thompson be excused from voting, in the matter of reply to Trustees of S. C. College

Communication from said Trustees as to their election of Prof. Brown to a chair in said college received read & considered. Prof. Brown having [illegible] the chair thus profered [sic], Resolved that no reply be made.

Lieut. Weaver’s application for increased duties & increased pay considered. Ordered. That the Board appreciate the valuable services which Lieut. Weaver is rendering as Instructor in English & the Board regrets that in view of the decreased

[Page 4]
appropriation for maintenance of the Institution it is unable to [illegible] after 1st March next, his compensation at a higher rate than fifty dollars per month.

Resolved that the compensation of Prof. Weaver from Oct 1885 to March 1st 86 be at the rate of seventy-five dollars per month

Resolved that the matter of obtaining [illegible] from [illegible] to fill Lieut Weaver’s place be referred to Ex. Com’t. with power to act.

Resolved – That the Board defer action on the matter of decreased appropriation for support of Institution until our next meeting, & that in the meantime should it be necessary the Supt. in conference with Ex. Committee be authorized to diminish the amt of allowances for clothing to the Beneficiary Cadets.

Board adjourned

[Page 5]
Charleston 25 Mar 1886

Pursuant to a call of the Chairman, the Executive Committee convened at the Charleston Hotel at 8 P.M.
25th March 1886.

All the members.

The following action was had
Whereas the term of service of Lt. Weaver as Prof of Military Science in the Academy will expire on 1 July next; and the selection of an Officer of the Army to fill his place has been by the Board of Visitors to referred to the Executive Committee with power to act

Resolved That for this purpose Lt Colm P. Thompson 2 Arty USA is the first choice of this committee: & Lt A. L. Mills 1st Cavalry the second choice.

Resolved – further, that the Chairman of the Board be requested to take the necessary steps to procure the detail of one or the other of these officers in the order of preferences indicated.

Committee adjourned.

[Page 6]
Charleston SC 26 July 1886

The Board assembled this day at the Citadel Academy and reviewed the Corps of Cadets.

27 July 1886.

The Board assembled at 10 o’c AM at the Charleston Hotel

Present. Whole Board –

The following resolution was adopted

Resd That the Chairman of the Board be instructed at the business meeting of the Graduates tomorrow to submit to the same for discussion the views of the Board as expressed herein – to wit –

That it is expedient to abolish the Beneficiary feature of the school as it now exists and substitute therefore a fee from each cadet for tuition & maintenance with a smaller annual appropriation from the State.

Resignation of Maj Brown reported to Board, On motion it was accepted to take effect on 1 October 1886.

Resignation of Capt Hall reported, On motion it was accepted to take effect 1 Oct 1886.

Moved that the Board proceed to the election of successors to these officers.

After consideration of several applications, Dr W. H. Emerson was elected to fill

[Page 7]
the chair vacated by Maj Brown

The following resolution was adopted

“Resd that the position heretofore filled by Capt Hall be filled by the election of two graduates from the Class of 1886 – their pay to be five hundred dollars each per annum, with Board from the Mess Hall

Gov Shephard submitted the following motion

Moved that the election of the Cadets as above provided be confined to former pay cadets – on [illegible] this motion was lost

Cadets Harrison and Bond were nominated and elected, under the above resolution

The following Resolution was adopted

“Resd that the election of the above officers is made subject to the action of the Genl Assembly upon an [illegible] application to be made to release them from this obligation under the Law, to teach for two years in the public schools of the counties

That the rank of the following officers of the Academy shall be as follows

Dr Emerson shall hold the rank of Major

Lt Mazyck shall hold the rank of Captain

Lt White shall rank as first Lieutenant

Messrs Harrison and Bond shall rank as Second Lieutenants, in the order in which their names here appear

[Page 8]
That the proposition of Mr China a graduate of the Class of 1886 to act as Hospital Steward for next Academic year be accepted. Mr China to receive board from the Mess Hall and a room in the Academy building

Applications of Cadets Brunson and Lee appealing from the Academic Board by which they were declared deficient and not [illegible] to graduation

Carefully considered and following action taken

That the action of the Academic Board be approved and the Board sustained

That the Chairman be instructed to admit a number of Beneficiary cadets to the Citadel for the ensuing year, which with those present will make the number sixty three and in order to accomplish this purpose, the counties of Berkley, Colleton, Orangeburg, Abbeville and Richland be allowed two beneficiaries each instead of three as under the former apportionment.

[Page 9]
Charleston SC
28 July 1886

The Board assembled this day and attended the commencement exercises of the graduating class at 10 AM at the Hibernian Hall –

29 July 1886

Board met at 10 AM at Charleston Hotel

Present Whole Board

The following resolution adopted

The Superintendent having resd expressed a willingness to devote a portion of his vacation to the service of the Academy, Resd that he be instructed to visit the South Western States, with a view to extending the patronage of the Institution

The following letter was submitted by the Chairman

Charleston SC 29 July 1886

To the Chairman and Board of Visitors of the Citadel Academy

My son W A Leland who graduated yesterday was a Beneficiary for only one half of his course. He signed a promise on reporting to teach for two years after graduation. Others who had signed the same promise and only accomplished a partial course have been required

[Page 10]
to teach in proportion to that course

May I ask that my son be released from his pledge by teaching one full year

(Signed) Yours respy
J A Leland

After consideration the following Resolution was adopted

That in the opinion of the Board Cadet Leland will in the spirit of the Law discharge his matriculation promise will be discharged by teaching one year in the public schools of his County.

Upon consideration the following action was taken by the Board in regard to bestowal of Diplomas in certain cases

Whereas Genl C Irving Walker a regular graduate of the Class of 1861, accidentally failed to receive his diploma

Resd that a diploma signed by the present Board be tendered to this distinguished son of the Academy, and that this resolution be endorsed therein.

In response to the recommendation of the Association of Graduates and in accordance with the full [illegible] of the Board as to its practice

That Diplomas signed by the present Board be issued to the

[Page 11]
Class of 1865, which completed its full course but were prevented by the events of the Civil War from formally graduating, and that this resolution be endorsed in each diploma so issued”

That one thousand copies of the Oration of Genl Capers delivered at the Commencement of the Class of 1886 be published in pamphlet form and that Mr C S Gadsden be appointed a committee of one to carry this resolution into effect

The following resolution adopted at meeting of 27th was by error omitted in minutes of that meeting

That the salary of Lt Weaver shall cease from and after the 15th day of August 1886.

Board adjourned
H A Gaillard

[Page 12]
Columbia S.C. Sept 7th 1886

The Executive Committee convened at 8 P.M. Sept 7th in office of Adjt. General in pursuance of the call of Chairman to pass upon applications for permits to go before County Examining Boards where Beneficiary vacancies exist

Present Ch. Genl. Hagood, Col. Gadsden & SB Jones appointed by special detail in place of Genl. Manigault deceased

There being several members of the Board in the city – it was resolved that they be invited to meet with the Ex. Comt. for the purpose of a general discussion of the affairs of the Academy before the Ex. Comt. should proceed to the discharge of the special duty, for which it had convened. Gov. Sheppard, Col. Croft & Genl. Bonham attended in pursuance of this invitation. Maj. Gadsden reported the result of an examination of Citadel building, recently made by him. He estimates the damage of the recent earthquake approximately at $1500 After some discussion the following preamble & resolution were offered by Gov. Sheppard & adopted, to wit, whereas the Governor is not authorized to appropriate money from his civic contingent fund in excess of what is necessary to protect the property of the state from impending damage, and, whereas, for this purpose only five hundred dollars of said funds is available and consequently, no more can be so appropriated, and

[Page 13]
whereas, from estimates furnished it will require, in addition, at least the sum of one thousand dollars, to make the building habitable.

Resolved, That the Board of Visitors request the City Council of Charleston to loan them its credit, until the Legislature can act in the matter, to obtain said amount.

Resolved That the Chairman of the Board & Maj Gadsden be appointed to carry out the foregoing resolution.

The Ex. Comt. then took up for consideration of counties applications for Beneficiary Cadetships.

Anderson County was taken up & the following resolution was adopted whereas the Board has been informed that the official notice relative to Beneficiary appointments did not appear in the Anderson County papers until Sept 2nd; too late for applications from said county to be made, in proper form, to this meeting – Resolved that applications be received from Anderson County by the Ch. at Barnwell ‘till the 22nd inst & that the county examining Board be requested to postpone their meeting until Thursday the last day of September.

The Comt. adjourned to meet tomorrow morning to meet at the Central Hotel –

[Page 14]
Wednesday morning Sept 8th 1886

The Ex Comt met this morning at the time & place appointed – Present – all the members of committee

The applications of A. H. Spain Jr. of Darlington & of A. M. Law Jr. of York being under consideration the following resolutions to govern in these & similar cases was adopted

Whereas the Beneficiary system is supported by the whole tax paying of the state & whereas the number to receive appointments is very limited, therefore resolved, that in the opinion of the Board it is unfair & inexpedient to award such an appointment to more than one member of the same family - Resolved that in accordance with the above general principle, applications for warrants to go before the Examining Board, in the cases under consideration be respectfully refused.

Aiken County was taken up, and A. J. Burckhalter Aiken and T. W. Whately Aiken were granted warrants to appear before the County Board. The application of W. Haney, Langly, was refused – applicant being over age.

Barnwell County –
J. C. C. Cruch, G. W. Easterling, [illegible] Eaves, J. W. Gray, H. W. Johnson, J. B. Mixon, W. W. Stewart, J. K. Tindal & L. S. Trotti, were granted warrants & the following were refused warrants on the grounds specified
B. T. Boynton over age –
J. H. Lancaster – too much property –

[Page 15]
A. A. Patterson – too much property –
R. W. R. Riley – too much property
C. A. Kush – too much property
J. H. Rowell – too old

Anderson County – delayed to Oct 1 –

Beaufort County –
F. M. Edwards – W. P. Sepple, John Ball Jr E R Elliott & W. C. Sepple
J L Ferguson, Rob. Fishburne, Y. G. McCants
E. R. Elliott
were granted warrants

Berkley County
John Ball Jr, J. L. Ferguson, Rob. Fishburne, Y. G. McCants, Geo. Garity & JD Lucas were granted warrants & the following were refused
J. H Haney over age

Charleston County
J. B. Brown, L. D. V. Blake, R. L. Chancey, J. R. Hannahan, L. L. Gailliard, W. H. Simons, R. J. Middleton Jr., W. H. Prioleon Jr. were granted warrants and
R. H. McDowell Jr. too much salary
A H [illegible] Jr. too much salary
were refused.

Chester County
E. E. Cornwell, Smith Harden, T. M. Hunter were granted warrants

Chesterfield County
E. M. Wells, C. A. Bright, W. Godfrey, B. D. Lucas, T S Maloy were granted warrants & application of R. J. Griffith not properly made out – returned for completion with instructions to Chairman to act if returned in time.

Darlington Co.
Robt Erwin, John A. Chase, John R. Horn, R. L. Dargan, H. A. DeLorme, J. W. Ragsdale were granted warrants &
A. H. Spain was rejected, Sec resolution
R Erwin was rejected too much property

[Page 16]
Edgefield County
Wm. D. Brith, B. S. Cogbourne, John Lake were granted warrants and application of W. K. Durham was returned to be filled out. Ch. to act if paper reaches to be filled out, and R. H. Hill same as above & application of J W Marsh was refused on [illegible] of too much property.

Fairfield County
R. A. McMaster, W. L. Hicksin, J. B. Robinson R. H. Lucas, J. R. Boulware were granted warrants & application of W W Dixon was referred to Gilliard for information

Greenville Co
J. C. Bailey – C. L. Foster were granted warrants & E. M Blythe was refused, too much income & Walker Glarner was refused late beneficiary
B. M Sullivan application returned to be properly filled out.

Hampton Co
G. L. Simmons – Jno. D Nix were granted warrants – and the following were rejected
M. B. Stokes too much property
W W Lison referred to Maj Gadsden

Horry Co
D A Spiney, W F Todd W R Nelson G. B. Gillespie were granted warrants
H. C. Cook rejected too old

Kershaw Co
Heughes E. C. C A Richards were granted warrants

Lancaster Co.
G W Allison, R. A. Bruce, W. H. Witherspoon E. F. Cauthen, E. H. Beecham were granted warrants and the following was rejected

[Page 17]
J. O. Williams too much property

Laurens Co.
B W Allen A. Bramlette, W. E. Barksdale S. F. Garlington W. B. Harris J Watts J. B. W. Watts, J B Workman were granted warrants

Marion Co.
P. W. Allen, A. G. Bethen, N. Evans J B Jame, W. S. Scott, E. E. Sivert, E. McK. Gilchrist, T. G. Wilkerson J B Stanley, D. Hence, A G Singletary, T. W. Godbold were granted warrants

Marlboro Co
E. M. Brown, R. L. Furman, C D Goulet

Newberry Co.
W Pasinger, J. E. Buzhard, JP Boozer J.A. Gilliard, T. W. Gary, W. W. Hentz J. J. Teague were granted warrants
W A McFall rejected county office
C. T. Paysinger too old

Orangeburg Co –
W H Salley, F Wannamaker, C C Dantyler

Pickens Co.
S. D Parkins warrant granted

Spartanburg Co
T. C. Black warrant granted
R. W. Allen rejected too much property

E. Mickens, J. R. Caldwell, H. L. Kelly, A. H. Moise were granted warrants

York Co.
T. B. Grier H. R. Moore warrants granted
W L Lard rejected Sec Resolution

Williamsburg Co
J. C. [Muccoborough] rejected too much property

[Page 18]
No application having been filed from Williamsburg County from any one qualified to receive a beneficiary appointment in the State Mil Academy, the Ch. of the Board was instructed to advertise the vacancy existing in that county until the 1st Oct next & the Examining Board of said county be requested to meet on Tuesday Oct 12th to examine those receiving warrants.

On motion the Board adjourned

Sam. B. Jones
Act. Sec.

The following applications were rec’d after adjournment of Ex Com of Bd – and as in each case more or less special circumstances relieved the delay were acted on by Chairman
1 Robt E. Brown. Anderson.
13 Sep Rejected. 20 yrs old
2 Thos Ed. Baskins. Sumter.
12 Sep. Permit mailed
3 David A. Harris [illegible] Edgefield
Co. 12 Sep. Permit mailed
4 Jno Blakely Boyd, Munsboro
Fairfield Co. 12 Sep Permit mailed
5. Hugh L. Calhoun. [illegible words]
Marlboro Co. 12 Sep Permit
6. C. S. Fike. Laurens C. H.
12 Sept. Permit mailed
7. Paul A Phillips. Blankville P.O.
Orangeburg Co. 12 Sep Permit
8. J. H. Evans. [illegible] Chesterfield Co
12 Sep. Permit.

[Page 19]
9. Wm Baleard Moore. Hagood PO. Sumter Co 12 Sep. Permit mailed
10. Edgar Stoney [illegible]. Charleston
12 Sep. Permit mailed
11. W. H. Ambler. Pickens C. H.
12 Sep. Refused by Ch. too much property
12. J. H. Taylor Orangeburg Co
12 Sep. Refd. Legal residence
Richland Co
13. M. B. Cannon. Ellenton. Aiken Co
12 Sep. Refd – property shown
14. David Dwight [illegible]. Fairfield
12 Sep. Permit.
W. Woodward Dixons application reported on favorably by Col Galiard
Permit mailed 11 Sep.
15. Colm Henry Dillard Laurens C.H. 12 Sep. Permit

The committee consisting of the Chairman & Maj Gadsden charged by Resolution of Board with the matter of repair of Citadel Building from damages rec’d by earthquake respectfully report.

That conferring with Mayor Courtenay of Charleston they were informed that it was impracticable to obtain the aid sought from City Council.

That there upon the Committee sought and established a credit for purposes of repairs not to exceed $1500 with the Carolina Loan & Trust Company

[Page 20]
and the Carolina Saving Bank – half each. The Banks to give the credit to the State of South Carolina & look to reimbursement for a special appropriation at the next General Assembly, but the members of the Board of Visitors to lodge their individual notes with each bank for $70 each as collateral. This with the $500 from the Civil Contingent Fund makes $2000 available for repair. The damages are estimated near at $1500 – may be more; we hope less.

That a sufficient force of hands has been put at work under competent [illegible] and the constant supervision of Maj Gadsden & [illegible words] to put the building in complete order for the reception of officers & cadets on 4 Oct next & the resumption of uninterrupted academic duties at the regular commencement of ensuing session.

Respectfully submitted
Johnson Hagood

16 Sept 1886

[Page 21]
Charleston S.C.
Citadel Academy

[Written in margin]
Nov 2, 1886

[Written in margin]

The Board of Visitors met this morning at 12 PM in Citadel
Present. Hagood, Jones, Gadsden, Sheppard & Bonham –

SB Jones was appointed Secretary

The protest against the appointment of Cadet Lucas as a Beneficiary from Berkley Co. was considered, & on a full hearing of the facts and consideration of the law as to domicile it was determined that Cadet Lucas was entitled to the appointment.

[Written in margin]
Stewart vs Johnson

The protest of Stewart vs Johnson Beneficiary appointee from Barnwell was taken up & considered & it was resolved “That Mr. Stewart having been endorsed by the majority of the Examining Board as the successful candidate for the Beneficiary appointment from Barnwell County is entitled to the position & will be awarded a warrant in place of Mr. Johnson who received a warrant upon the prima facie Statement of Chairman of Board of Examiners.

[Written in margin]

The protest against the appointment of Mr. Ferguson as a Beneficiary from Berkly [sic] Co. was considered & upon hearing additional facts as to the property owned by applicants mother from which it appears that she has in Bonds $16,800 earning interest at 6% and a note of $1700 earning interest at 7% & a note of $200 int at 7% and whereas these facts have been brought

[Page 22]
To the attention of the Board since the warrant was issued and were not disclosed in the original application, therefore Resolved that the said warrant be revoked.

[Written in the margnins]

Resolved further That the third man on the competitive examination, namely Mr. John Ball be awarded the appointment.

Board adjourned at 4 P.M. to meet tomorrow at 10 A.M.

Wednesday Nov. 3rd 1886

Board met in pursuance of order on adjournment at 10 A.M. this day in Charleston Hotel – Present all the members present yesterday, together with Col. Croft of Greenville.

The subject of Beneficiary Cadetships & their mode of appointments was the subject of long serious discussion & the result of the deliberation & discussion is embodied in the following disc resolutions.

1 Resolved, That it is deemed best for the Board of Visitors to retain the power of determining what individuals are entitled to the Benefaction of the State.

2 Resolved, That the present form of application be modified in the following particulars
1st The statement of the pecuniary affairs of the applicant made by himself, shall be verified by affidavit before an officer authorized by law to administer an oath.
2nd That this statement shall be supplemented by a certificate from at least two of the members of the General Assembly, from that county, that in their judgement the boy, whose appointment is sought, is by reason of his inability to pay

[Page 23]
Three hundred dollars, per annum, for maintenance & education, a suitable person to receive the Benefaction of the State.
3rd That the certificate now required from the county officers be retained so that applicants thus receiving permits shall be certified to the Board of Visitors; & the parties so certified shall receive warrants of admission, subject to the regulations of the Academy.

There will be no appeal from the conclusions [illegible] at by the County Examiners. An appeal will lie to the Board of Visitors upon alleged misstatements in the papers submitted in obtaining permits to go before the County Examiners.

On motion it was resolved that the Chairman of Board & Dr. Jones be appointed a Committee to arrange details in the printed thanks for applicants for Beneficiary Cadetship.

It was resolved “That the Executive Committee be authorized to act in the matter of the proposed memorial of the city government in regard to the erection of a police station on the lot on King St. west of the old site of the west wing of the Citadel Academy.

The following resolutions were unanimously adopted.

Whereas since the last meeting of this Board its distinguished member,

[Page 24]
Genl. A. M. Manigault, late Adjutant & Inspector General, has in God’s providence been taken hence, to receive in the world to come, the reward of his life of piety and devotion to principle and duty – and whereas whether in the quiet walks of civil life, or upon the tented fields of Mexico, or the blood-stained fields of battle of the civil war, illustrated the highest ethics of the life of a citizen and a soldier. And, whereas, as a member of this Board, he was prompt and faithful, in the discharge of his duties, and was ever mindful of the true interests of the South Carolina Military Academy & whereas, his association with the members of this Board was always frank, genial and agreeable. Now, therefore, Be resolved
1 That the Board of Visitors of the South Carolina Military Academy bear willing testimony to the nobility of the character and the integrity of the character life of their late associate, Genl. Manigault.
2 That they deplore the loss to the State of the services and the example of this honorable gentleman.
3 That the Board, by his death, has lost one of its most useful members.
4 That these resolutions be spread upon the minutes of the Board & a copy sent by the Secretary to the family of the deceased, & that a copy of the same be furnished the prep for publication.

The Board adjourned & after inspecting the quarters of cadets & the Citadel Building, general, proceeded again to business.

[Page 25]
Major Gadsden’s report on repairs and expenditures was presented, recorded as information & on motion, the Chairman was directed to embody the same in his annual report to the Legislature & take the necessary steps to obtain Legislative action towards repayment of the money borrowed. On motion it was resolved, That, whereas, the recent earthquake in Charleston has damaged the building now occupied by the officers & students of the State Military Academy, which damage has been repaired by borrowed money only to a habitable extent, & whereas, much more money is needed to make the building what it ought to be for the proper efficiency of the school, & whereas, any funds which may be [illegible] by Congress for the rents of the building, are, by act of the Legislature of So. Carolina, set apart for the use & benefit of the Institution & whereas, the growing wants of the Institution are urgent & imperative, therefore, Resolved, That our Senators & Representatives in Congress be registered to use their earnest efforts, to bring to a conclusion, at the earliest practicable day, the adjustment of said claim.

On motion – The Chairman of the Board in lieu of $40 heretofore allowed for postage & stationery, be allowed $100 per annum for postage & stationery and clerical assistance.

On motion Genl. Bonham & Col. Croft were appointed a committee to audit the Quartermaster’s account & that Genl Hagood & Maj Gadsden

[Page 26]
be appointed a committee to recast the Quartermaster’s report after items are vouched for.

On motion, it was ordered that the repairs made by Genl Johnson in consequence of damages by earthquake amounting to about $450, be embraced in the report of repairs made by Maj. Gadsden.

The report of the Superintendent for the year closing Oct. 1, 1886 was read received as information & ordered to be published.

A communication from Lieut Miles suggesting the appointment of Commandant of Cadets & asking that his duties be defined with exactness, was received & referred to the Chairman of Board with power to act

Committee on Examination of [illegible words] reported the same properly vouched.

Board then adjourned - directing [illegible words] above appointed to sit until their work was accomplished.

Saml. B. Jones Sec.


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