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Hall 29.jpg
Photograph of Padgett-Thomas Barracks with a Jolly Roger pirate flag, 1930s.

Hall 28.jpg

Hall 27.jpg
A group of cadets dance in a circle while holding hands.

Hall 26.jpg
Caption on Back of Image: “The ‘moon’ over Barracks one of these nights when I should have had a ‘Pint’ in one hand and the other around a girl.”

Hall 25.jpg

Hall 24.jpg

Hall 23.jpg

Hall 22.jpg

Hall 21.jpg
Image of the Lane of Remembrance as viewed from the tower of Padgett-Thomas Barracks.

Hall 20.jpg
General Charles P. Summerall in front of the new chapel, Summerall Chapel, on The Citadel's campus.
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