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1961.1 Spur WATERMARK copy.jpg
Spur used by Ellison Capers during the Civil War.

*This item is not currently on display in The Citadel Museum. To view this item in person, please contact the Archivist at The Citadel.

Capers Pocket Diary_Full.pdf
Pocket diary of Ellison Capers, kept from July of 1863 through October of 1863.

Photograph of Richard Y. Dwight in his Confederate State's Army uniform. The sword that Dwight is wearing in this photograph is in the collection of The Citadel Archives and Museum.

Capers writes that the Regiment was on the move towards Wilmington but was then told to return back after a message was given to General Whiting. He then describes an almost fatal accident that occurred while he was directing the cutting down of…

Capers writes to Lottie about a sermon that was given in camp by a Mr. Wightman. He uses a quote from Cicero to describe how Wightman won over his audience. Mr. Wightman warned the men of the dangers of camp life including profanity and drinking.…

In his letter on the 9th, Capers describes the destruction he sees around him and remarks on the efficiency of the Yankee army. He commends them for properly burying their dead in marked graves while the Confederate army dumps their bodies in…

Capers describes the siege and aftermath of the fall of Atlanta in detail. At the end of the letter, he asks Lottie about her health and tells her that she needs to take care of herself. He also tells her that God will watch over her and that they…

Capers does not write anything to Lottie on September 30th due to rain but in his letter on the 1st of October, he tells her where they are camped and how many miles they have marched. He also tells her what he ate for dinner and that he is the most…

Capers complains about the slow postal service and hopes that Lottie is receiving his letters. He gives a physical description of Jefferson Davis who visited the camp in anticipation of a possible assault on Sherman and Atlanta. He also scolds Lottie…

In his letter on the 17th, Capers complains to Lottie about how slow the mail is but that he is glad that their daughter May is better. He also tells her to remember to trust in God in all things. In his letter on the 18th, Capers writes that the…
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