Pocket diary of Ellison Capers, July 1863 - October 1863


Pocket diary of Ellison Capers, July 1863 - October 1863


Pocket diary of Ellison Capers, kept from July of 1863 through October of 1863.




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For words to be defined, see 1st of February.

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No. 161 Pearl Street.

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[See original document for calendar.]

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SUNDAY, January 1st, 1860.

Books desirable, & to be read. Jefferson’s kind of correspondence. Ellison’s & Madison’s debates.
Peter Parley’s Recollections.
Luther Martin’s letter.
Dr. Hammond’s history of political parties in the state of New York.

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MONDAY, January 2d, 1860.

John Adam’s Works.
“Odd People” by Capt __ .
“Evenings at Home.”

[Note: numerous pages ripped out of journal.]

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SATURDAY, January 21st, 1860.
July - 10 - 1863

Heard enemy’s guns at day light from Stoney’s house, corner Lynch & Bull Sts. Enemy take South end of Morris Isld. Leave Charleton at 2 P.M. with Lottie & the children. - See them safely off at Moncks Corner for Pinopolis, & so back to Charleston by night train. -

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SUNDAY, January 22d, 1860.
July 11th 1863

Enemy storms Battery Wagner & are repulsed. Henry comes up to city from Isld. & spends night at Judy’s. - Garrison Battery Wagner: 7th So. Ca. Batt. 21st Regt. S.C.V. 12th Geo. Batt. Batt. of 1st Geo. Regt. & Batt. of 18th Geo. Batt. with Chickester’s & Matthews’ Cas. Artly.

MONDAY, January 23d, 1860.
July 12 1863

Turrets bombard Battery Wagner.

July 14th - Stevens, Henry, Sage & I ride over to James Isld. & call at Gnrl. Hagood’s Hd. Qrs. (Royall’s) & ride with him to Legare’s Ft. where Engineers are erecting battery against enemy on Black Isld. who are thought to be at work. Distance 1¼ miles. Spend night of the 13th with Lottie at Pinopolis.

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TUESDAY, January 24th, 1860.
July 13 ‘63 

[See original document for map.]

WEDNESDAY, January 25th, 1860. July 14 ‘63

[See original drawing for map.]

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THURSDAY, January 26th, 1860.
July 15 ‘63

Henry & I ride over to Sullivan’s Isld from Hadnel’s & visit the works: Battery Bee, Ft. Moultrie & Battery Marshall. - Spend night at Judy’s. - From Mt. Pleasant witness spirited bombardment of Battery Wagner by Turrets & Gun Boats. -

FRIDAY, January 27th, 1860.
July 16 ‘63

Awoke at daylight by heavy firing from James Isld. Go to Military Tel. office & learn that Genl. Hagood is attacking the enemy on the Isld. A message from him to me the day before miscarried, and was on Sullivan’s Isld. The courier of the 17th, or 18th gives good act. of it. Leave Ch. for Pinopolis. -

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SATURDAY, January 28th, 1860.
July 17 ‘63

Lottie, Frank, Sue, & I, with servants go up to Eutawville, from which point I leave for the week. Lottie quite unwell. - 

SUNDAY, January 29th, 1860.
July 18 ‘63

Enemy bombarded Battery Wagner all day, & assault it at night repulsed with heavy loss. See papers of Monday, the 20th. Garrison of Ft. Wagner on 18th: 51st & 32 31st No. Ca. Ch. Battalion, & Batt. of 1st So. Ca. Infty. (adj. artly.) with section of Blake’s (late Preston’s) Battery.

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MONDAY, January 30th, 1860.
July 19 ‘63

Sunday! My Lottie still quite feeble.- Hear Rev. Mr Johnson preach in the river afternoon.

TUESDAY, January 31st, 1860.
July 20 ‘ 63

Opens clear & pleasant. Dr. Jas. Palmer calls & announces enemy’s assault on Battery Wagner on Saturday night.

Mercury of today comes up to [illegible] at night, & I go over to Mr. Jas Gailard’s to read account of fight on 18th. -

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WEDNESDAY, February 1st, 1860. July 21 ‘83 

[Illegible words.]

THURSDAY, February 2nd, 1860.
July 22 ‘63

Paper of this morning read at Mr Gaillards.

[See original document for map.]

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FRIDAY, February 3d, 1860.
July 23 -’63

Cloudy morning, with rain. - Frank & I go over to the Bowling Alley & play at ten pins. - Lottie sits up today & is manifestly better. Enemy quiet all day - see Mercury of 24th.

SATURDAY, February 4th, 1860.
July 24 -

Lottie is better today, & sits up. Heavy rain in afternoon. Guns heard in the direction of Charleston this morning. - Paper of today read at Mr. Gaillard’s tonight.

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SUNDAY, February 5th, 1860.
July 25

Opens brightly. - Lottie better still, but feeble. A rainy afternoon, with sharp thunder.

MONDAY, February 6th, 1860.
July 26 ‘63

Sunday - No church. Lottie very feeble, but up for the most part of the day. -

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THURSDAY, February 9th, 1860.
July 29

Arrive at Atlanta at daylight, & at 7 am go up to Marietta, & spend day with Brother’s family. - Brother gone up to Resaca on W. & A.R.R. to fortify bridge.

FRIDAY, February 10th, 1860.
July 30

[illegible] A.M. Leave Marietta & go down to Oxford & spend day with Judy. Brother came down at night. - Met Genl. S. W. Lee on train. He is [illegible] the Vicksburg [illegible] and gave me some interesting facts.

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SATURDAY, February 11th, 1860. July 31 -

1½ A.M. Brother & I bid goodbye & start for Atlanta, where we parted at 5½ A.M. I make this note now, nearly 8 P.M. at West Pt. Geo. where I am [illegible words]. Will start for Montgomery at 12 tonight.

SUNDAY, February 12th, 1860. August 1st ‘63

Montgomery at 7 A.M. Spend day and leave in Steamer Virginia at 8½ P.M. Berth with a Mr. Matthews of Cahawba. He is for guaranteeing the abolition of slavery by 1900, as a concession to European powers. Many of the Gettysburg wounded on the boat. -

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MONDAY, February 13th, 1860.
Aug. 2d 63

Sunday. Breakfast ($2.) in Selma & off for Meridian. Arrive at 5½ P.M. & stop for the night. - Three of Co. “F”, wounded with me on the 14th of last May, with Capt. Steinmeyer, taken as prisoner on that day, join me. - Write to my Angel just at sunset. -

TUESDAY, February 14th, 1860.
Aug. 3d ‘63

Ride over the miserable road from M. to Morton Miss. Arrive at 2½ P.M. Ride [illegible] times out to the Bivouac of Gist’s Brigade and once more join my Regt. after seventy days leave of absence. Bivouac 2 miles from Morton Miss.

[Note: following numbers written over journal entry]
82.50 .

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FRIDAY, February 17th, 1860.

Thursday - 6th Aug. ‘63 This day three months ago I bade my wife goodbye at Pinopolis S.C. & joined Regt. in City, I started for the west - How much has since transpired! The loss of the Miss. River, & the defeat of Lee in [illegible]!

SATURDAY, February 18th, 1860.

Aug. 10th 1863.
Nothing of note to chronicle. We are brushing our Bivouac clean, & drilling. - Got my first letter from Lottie on the 7th eight days & a half in coming.

Aug. 15 1863.
No special news from the enemy.

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SUNDAY, February 19th, 1860.

A few prisoners captured by our cavalry on the line of the Big Black, & brought to Morton, is all we’ave seen of the enemy lately. Since the tenth our ration has been reduced as follows:
Hd. Qurs. Morton Miss special orders Aug. 10th ‘63 No. 152 The fol

WEDNESDAY, February 22d, 1860.

lowing ration will govern the issue to the army of the Miss. from Aug. 1st ‘63 until otherwise ordered:
Bacon to the ration ⅓ Pound
Salted Pork “ ⅓ “
Beef “ 1 “
Smoked Beef “ ¾ “
Flour " 1 "
Corn Meal “ 1 “
Hrd. Bread “ 1 “
Peas, or Beans in lieu of Rice to the 100 rations 8 qrts.
Rice to 100 rations 10 pounds

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THURSDAY, February 23d, 1860.

On yesterday the 14th Genl. Johnston & Maj. Genl. Walker visited our camp. Sent a dispatch to Lottie on yesterday. - I have only heard from her once since I left on the 28th ultimo. - May God protect my wife; my precious Angel. - Very warm but good weather. - 

FRIDAY, February 24th, 1860.

Aug. 16th, Sunday.
No preaching. Field officer of the Day. Rain in the afternoon & at night. Two letters from my wife on yesterday evening - Thank God she is better.

Aug. 17th
Opens cloudy.

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MONDAY, February 27th, 1860.
[Illegible]. Genl. Hardee expressed himself as much gratified. A few days preceding the Regts of our Brigade were exercised in the drill & Dress Parade before Genl. Johnston. Regts. Of Gist’s Brigade: 46 Geo. 16 S.C. 24 S.C. 8th Geo.

TUESDAY, February 28th, 1860.

Battalion, with Ferguson Lt. Battery S.C. - Ector’s Texas, & Col. Wilson’s Geo. Brigade bivouaced near us 9th 10th, 14th & 32d Texas Regts. compose Ector's Brigade - 25th, 29th, & 30th Geo. with Geo. Sharp Shooters & 4th La. Batt. compose [illegible].

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WEDNESDAY, February 29th, 1860.

Genl. Breckenridge’s Division 3 miles to the East of us, & Loring’s at Forrest, on the R.R. Gregg’s Brigade of Walker’s Division, & McHain’s Arkansas Brigade at Enterprise on the M & O.R.R. Genl. Johnston’s Head Guns at Morton. 

THURSDAY, March 1st, 1860.

Aug. 21st Friday - Col. Colquitt & I called at Genl. Hardee’s Hd. Qurs. Passed a pleasant hour in company with the Genl. & Genl. Buckenridge. Hardee goes to Demopolis to reorganize Pemberton’s Army.

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FRIDAY, March 2d, 1860.

22d Augst. Saturday
Letter from Lottie, of the 13th & 14th telling me of Sue’s extreme illness. - At 25m to 5 P.M. receive dispatch from Charleston, of the 21st, telling me of our little Angel’s death, on Monday last, the 17th inst. -

SATURDAY, March 3d, 1860.

23d August - Sunday.
Walker’s Division ordered to Genl. Bragg. Rosecrantz & Burnside advancing on Bragg. News from Charleston indicates a severe bombardment of Wagner, & the steady fire of the enemy’s 200 & 100 pds. Parrott’s on the South wall of Sumter. Ector’s

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SUNDAY, March 4th, 1860.

Brigade leave for Chattanooga. A very warm day. Capt. Gist quite sick in Morton. [Illegible] threatened with Typhoid fever there.

MONDAY, March 5th, 1860.

Monday. Aug. 24th
Our Brigade will formally begin to move tonight: 24th, 8th Geo. 16th S.C. & 46th Geo. in the order of their numbers. Mobile papers of Saturday evening last report the Bombardment of Sumter & Wagner by land and sea as very severe during

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TUESDAY, March 6th, 1860.

the week. - Sumter reported to be badly damaged. - This is a warm day - I send telegram to Lottie to go to Oxford. Letter from my wife, in the evening, telling me of our little Sue’s departure. Capt. Gist died at 5½ P.M.

WEDNESDAY, March 7th, 1860.

Aug. 25th - Tuesday
Early morning cloudy & quite cool. [Illegible] very ill. Gist buried. 8th Geo. & 16th S.C. go. [Illegible] died at 9¼ P.M. 24th left for Chattanooga at 9¼ P.M. I remain to inter the remain of poor [illegible].

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THURSDAY, March 8th, 1860.

Aug. 26th. Spend day at Morton. Dine & breakfast with Dr. Yandell, Med. Director - Bury [illegible] at sunset. Take a cup of coffee & piece of corn bread with Lts. Manning & Hampton at Genl. Johnston’s table. Show the Genl. [illegible] diagram of Morris Isld. Leave at 9½

FRIDAY, March 9th, 1860.

P.M. for Chattanooga in Company with Genl. Helm & staff. Joe’s fare $4.

Aug. 27th Thursday
Arrive at Meridian at 3 A.M. At day light very cool. Fires quite pleasant- Joes fare to Mobile $5. Leave at 7 for Mobile. Arrive at 8 P.M. Stop at Battle House.

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SATURDAY, March 10th, 1860.

Aug. 28th Cross Mobile Bay in the Steamer Mary Wilson & take cars for [illegible] 16 & 22d Ala. 19th La. Genl. Adams’ Brigade.

Aug. 29th
Arrive at M. at 5½ A.M. Join Regt. & off for West Pt. at 7½. Meet my afflicted friend Mrs. [illegible]. -

SUNDAY, March 11th, 1860.

30th Aug - Sunday.
Arrive at Atlanta at 5½ A.M. and leave, in charge Cos. B, G. K & Genl. of F- by mail train for Chattanooga. Arrive at Chickamauga at sunset. Bivouac - coffee with Genl. [illegible]. - Night quite cool. - No certain of the enemy, except that he is moving to the North of Chattanooga.

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MONDAY, March 12th, 1860.

Aug 31st Monday.
Our Brigade moves out to Bivouac near Tyner’s Station, on East Tenn. & Vir. R.R. A very warm March. Cool night. Miss. Elvira [illegible] bakes us biscuits, & frys bacon &, corn for us! Very good, Miss Elvira!

TUESDAY, March 13th, 1860.

Sept. 1st Tuesday. -
Slept cold last night. Letter from Judy, dated on yesterday. A warm day. - Make our Hd. Qtrs. in old Crews’ Garden. Old Crews has had his corn pulled by the soldiers, & his fruit & fences destroyed, & is in a pack of trouble.

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WEDNESDAY, March 14th, 1860.

Sept. 2d Wednesday.
Mustered the 46th Geo. for bay.

Palmer & I took a pleasant ride after Parade to the Signal Mountain, from which we got a beautiful view to the West. - Col. & I spent evening at Genl. G’s Hd. Qurs.

THURSDAY, March 15th, 1860.

Sept. 3d Thursday -
Slept under sky last night. Overcoat & blanket comfortable. - Pleasant morning. Nothing of interest transpired today in our army. Col. Hallonquist & Maj. Palmer called on me - Learn from a letter to Major P. from Eutawville, dated Aug 28th, of the serious sickness of my little boy.

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FRIDAY, March 16th, 1860.

Sept. 4th 1863.
Regt. inspected by Major Clear of Genl. Bragg’s staff. Orders to move to Rome Ga. delivered at 1½ P.M. Start at 3½ - Leave Chickamauga at sunset, on train, with 24th, two Cos. of 46th, & Genl. Gist & staff. Mail letter to Lottie.

SATURDAY, March 17th, 1860.

Sept. 5th
Arrive at Rome at Sun Rise, & after three or four hours in Rome march out to Bivouac on creek, on Ala road, 2½ miles distant. Enemy reported as crossing Sand Mountain, in three arms. Mail letter to my wife.

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SUNDAY, March 18th, 1860.

Sept. 6th. A warm day. I make this note by the side of a little stream, in the evening, & my heart is full of love to God for his mercy to me. I have just read the beautiful Church Service, & communed with my Heavenly father, having my precious wife & boy in my heart.

MONDAY, March 19th, 1860.

Sept. 7 ‘63
Another warm day. Colquitt, Gist & I take a pleasant bath in creek. In the evening Col. Stevens & I ride to the top of the mountains to the west of our Bivouac. A fine view of the country! Old man lives on the top of the mt.

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TUESDAY, March 20th, 1860.

Sept. 8 1863
Field officer of the day, today. - Rode down the Coosa River, on River road - crossed mts. to Cane Spring Road & went on to Old Ala. Road, reconoiting country. 

WEDNESDAY, March 21st, 1860.

Sept. 12th 1863
Since my last note it has been definitely ascertained that Genl. Bragg has evacuated Chattanooga, & the position held by Buckner, at Charleston, falling back into Georgia. His army is believed to be, today, in Walker County. We don’t

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THURSDAY, March 22d, 1860.

know whether the enemy has crossed any other than a cavalry force to the east of the Lookout Mountain. Our cavalry have fallen back from that line, & are now on the line from this point to Lafayette. If Rosecrantz [sic] avoids

FRIDAY, March 23d, 1860.

giving Bragg battle, our only chance to redeem the loss of Tennessee, is failed, & defeated. I fear it will be so.

The news from Charleston brings the intelligence of the evacuation of Morris Isld. by our forces, on Sunday Night last, the 6th inst, with little loss.

[Page 35]

SATURDAY, March 24th, 1860.

The enemy had concentrated upon batteries Wagner & Gregg, the heaviest fire they had experienced, on Saturday & Saturday night & all day Sunday. The Ironsides, munitions, & Morris Isld. Batteries, were engaged in this fire. Wagner was rendered untenable, the enemy advancing his

SUNDAY, March 25th, 1860.

approaches nearly up to the ditch. On Wednesday, the 9th, before day, Sumter was assaulted; the enemy coming were from Morris Isld. in Barges. - The assault was repulsed, several officers, & over 100 men captured, & Anderson’s Ft. Sumter flag, “the Old Flag” captured also!

[Page 36]

MONDAY, March 26th, 1860.

The enemy’s Cavalry being reported at Summerville, Genl. Gist thought proper to man an infantry force to the Summerville Road. The 24th moved on yesterday, the 11th, & is now bivouaced,one mile from Rome, to the west of the Road., waiting “A

TUESDAY, March 27th, 1860.

raid” on Rome, on “orders”, just as you please. The people are alarmed & our neighbors are moving east of the Rivers. Alas! for our country. The peace & security of so many homes destroyed, by the numerous armies of our wicked & powerful foe. Since

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WEDNESDAY, March 28th, 1860.

May last, it has pleased God to permit their uniform success - Gettysburg! Vicksburg! Ft. Hudson, & the entire state of Tennessee! all lost to us. - Our people must rally & reinforce our armies, or we shall be overrun - conquered,

THURSDAY, March 29th, 1860.


Sunday - 13th
Sept. 1863

Attended divine service today, in company with Genl. Gist, at the Episcopal Church- A very good sermon, & the service grateful. Joshua VII Ch. 131.

[Page 38]

FRIDAY, March 30th, 1860.

Monday 14 - Sept.
Engaged today in opening a road in rear of the range of hills selected for the defence of the Summerville road.

A pleasant bath in the Oostanaula, gave Hard Times a swim.

SATURDAY, March 31st, 1860.

Tuesday 15 Sept. 63

Still engaged on the road. Working forty [illegible] Rifle pits. - Genl. Whorton writes to Genl Gist from Alpine, that he does not believe the enemy to be East of the Lookout Mts.

[Page 39]

SUNDAY, April 1st, 1860.

Wednesday, Sept. 16th / 63
A fine morning. Orders to the Ready, with three days rations, to man the Ringgold. Orders Red. at 12 M. Col. S. & I take tea at neighbor Hardesty's.

MONDAY, April 2d, 1860.

Thursday. Sept. 17th / 63
Waiting in camp all day for transportation. - Letter from Billy dates the 4th inst. also letter from Dr. Ogier authorizing me to sell Bay horse - No news of the enemy. Dine with McDonald, at Bonnie’s Merc. -

[Page 40]

TUESDAY, April 3d, 1860.

Friday. Sept 18th / 63
Transportation ready at early morning. Leave Rome in 12 box cars at 9 AM, arrive at Kingston at 10. Longstreet’s corps passing over the state road. Wait at Kingston till 8½ P.M. before we get off. - This is the first cold day of the fall. - Sky overcast & windy. 

WEDNESDAY, April 4th, 1860.

Saturday- Sept 19th / 63
Arrive at “Catoosa Wood Shed” at 10 A.M. after a very unpleasant night cold & crowded in a box car. Find our army all in front, & hear firing to the left & West. Kershaw's Brigade inst left for the front as we arrive. 12 M. now await the arrival of the 16th S.C. & the remainder of the 46th Ga. who are left at Kingston. A cool, fine day. - Ordered off at 3 A.M. Leave for Alexandria’s Bridge, over Chickamauga, at about 4 P.M.

[Page 41]

THURSDAY, April 5th, 1860.

Friday. Sept 18th, 63
Monday Sept. 21st 1863
I make this note while lying on my back in a tent, at Walkers’ Division Hospital, in company with Col. Stevens, Major Jones & Capt. Johnson, all of the 24th S.C.V. wounded in the battle yesterday: Sunday, the 20th inst. 

FRIDAY, April 6th, 1860.

Oxford. Ga. -
Oct. 6th 1863
Here I am! Very comfortable off, at my Sister’s, with Lottie & our little boy! Left Field Hospital (James, Johnston & I) on Wednesday 23d ult. & rode to Catoosa Woodshed by 3 P.M. Took cars at sunset for

[Page 42]

SATURDAY, April 7th, 1860.

for Tunnel Hill. Some 150 wounded in our car. Very much crowded. Spent night of 23rd in car at Tunnel Hill - 24th go to Atlanta & to the College Hospital. - My leg very painful - a bad night - Brother, Dr. [illegible]

SUNDAY, April 7th, 1860.

& Mr. Hagood call. Permission to go to Oxford. Leave at 7, with Brother for Oxford - Arrive at 10 P.M. Lottie & Frank came by morning train! Thank God! I am now more at rest. Brother went back to Marietta on 26th. - I am now (6th Oct.) sit-

[Page 43]

MONDAY, April 8th, 1860.

ting up, while I make this note.

Tuesday, Nov. 10 - ‘63

This is a very cold day. My wound is much improved - I walk on crutches with little difficulty.

Our news is not stirring from any quarter of the

TUESDAY, April 10th, 1860.

Confederacy. From Genl. Bragg’s Army but little is known except that Genl. Longstreet is moving off in the direction of London [illegible]. which looks like an effort either to turn Thomas’ flank, or simply a diversion in

[Page 44]

WEDNESDAY, April 11th, 1860.

in that quarter. On the morning of the 28, (or that evening) of last month the enemy gained a point on Bragg by forcing Brower’s Ferry & Racoon Mt. from which points we intercepted his communications 

THURSDAY, April 12th, 1860.

with Bridgeport. P.W.A. writing to the Savannah paper on the 2d inst . says:

“Enemy still holds Lookout valley, Brown’s Ferry, Raccoon Mountain, and the R.R. & river from Bridgeport to a point within one mile of Lookout Pt. “ Lee has

[Page 45]

FRIDAY, April 13th, 1860.

made a report of his race after Meade, & his return.- At Charleston, Gillmore is still firing on the ruins of Sumter. Prest Davis has just returned to Richmond after making a triumphant tour through the 

SATURDAY, April 14th, 1860.


We are all pretty well here at Oxford. I made a visit to Atlanta on yesterday. - Fount two [illegible] of our Regt. in Hospital recovering from their wounds, received at Chickamauga. I record some

[Page 46]

SUNDAY, April 15th, 1860.

some of the prices noticed at Atlanta yesterday:

Breakfast $3.75
Chickens $3 to 3½
Ladies shoes $75.
Shirt $8 [illegible]

MONDAY, April 16th, 1860.

[Blank page.]

[Page 47]

FRIDAY, May 25th, 1860.

[Blank page.]

SATURDAY, May 26th, 1860.

Left with Lottie & Kate for Eutawville.

[Page 48]

SUNDAY, June 10th, 1860.

Our daughter, Katherine Marion was baptised this day, by Rev. Roberts Johnson, at the Episcopal Church in the village of Eutawville.

MONDAY, June 11th, 1860.

[Blank page.]

[Page 49]

SATURDAY, June 16th, 1860.

Returned from Eutawville.

SUNDAY, June 17th, 1860.

[Blank page.]

[Page 50]

MONDAY, June 18th, 1860.

[Blank page.]

TUESDAY, June 19th, 1860.

Bought Lane Books of McCarter & Dawson.

[Page 51]

FRIDAY, June 22d, 1860.

Mr. & Mrs. Heyward Gov. Lynn & [illegible words]

SATURDAY, June 23d, 1860.

Made note in Bank of the S. of So. Ca., for $100. Due August 23d.

[Page 52]

SUNDAY, June 24th, 1860.

[Blank page.]

MONDAY, June 25th, 1860.

Schirner, having [illegible] in possession.

[Page 53]

THURSDAY, June 28th, 1860.

The Corps, Lt. Norris, escorted the Palmetto & Moultrie Guard.

Was invited to dine with Palmetto & Moultrie Guards. Did not accept.

FRIDAY, June 29th, 1860.

DuPont, Sqd. Mon. improperly dismissing classes after marching from 10, S.C., recitation: [illegible] class on steps.

[Illegible], visiting in study hours.

[Page 54]

MONDAY, July 2d, 1860.

Est. 16 pt. milk tickets of Irishman Honest!

An extremely hot day! 

TUESDAY, July 3d, 1860.

Received of Mazyck, [illegible], $75., one quarter’s salary to 30 of June.

[Page 55]

FRIDAY, July 6th, 1860.

Wells & Farr, [illegible], allowing contraband articles to be introduced into Mess Hall. Carr, Lowell & Schipman introducing the same.

Not returning [illegible].

[Illegible], Allison Moses - Haynesworth H. Griffin

SATURDAY, July 7th, 1860.

Whispering - Neil & Wilbr: (Smiling - [illegible words] & Middleton.) Not keeping eyes to front. Hain. [illegible words]

[Page 56]

SUNDAY, July 8th, 1860.

[Blank page.]

MONDAY, July 9th, 1860.

Left Lottie at 8 P.M. for Spartanburg. Weather very warm.

[Page 57]

TUESDAY, July 10th, 1860.

Arrived at Columbia at 5½ A.M.

Pleasant morning. Look at my bright angel’s face in the bright light of morning. ¼ of 7 A.M. Waiting to leave for Spartanburg at the Columbia Wharf. Arrived at Walker Home at 5 P.M. 

WEDNESDAY, July 11th, 1860.

This day I heard witnessed my brother Cody Graduate. Ma & I sat with each other in the audience - Sister Mary & Mr. Stevens also. At night attended Com. Party. - A pleasant gathering. - Spent night (latter part) with Cody in his room. -

How the scene changes as the wheel goes round!

[Page 58]

THURSDAY, July 12th, 1860.

Breakfast at Prof. DuPre’s with Cody & Ma. - Dine & take tea with same.

A fine rain & thunder storm in afternoon. Cody, as one of the “Knights of Ghlen Eaden”, attended a party at Mrs R’s. - Spent the night in Cody’s room. -

FRIDAY, July 13th, 1860.

Was awoke by Cody at 3 A.M., & started from Charleston at 4 A.M. Mr Duncan, a collegemate & friend of Cody’s, Cody & I walked to R.R. Depot. A new moon A star light night - we sang together. Goodbye - God bless you. ½ past 10 P.M. welcome to my arms, my best beloved.

[Page 59]

SATURDAY, July 14th, 1860.

This day, I commanded the corps of cadets, & we buried our comrade Hugh [illegible]. -

SUNDAY, July 15th, 1860.

Change of weather. Attended St. Luke’s Church, Morning and Evening.

[Page 60]

MONDAY, July 16th, 1860.

Purchased food for Com, presented by Mr. Stevens. -

2 Bushels of [illegible]
2 “ “ Bran
2 “ “ B. Flour

Earle, no stock in section room.

TUESDAY, July 17th, 1860.

[Blank page.]

[Page 61]

WEDNESDAY, July 18th, 1860.

[Blank page.]

THURSDAY, July 19th, 1860.

Purchased bale of Hay for cow

[Page 62]

FRIDAY, July 20th, 1860.

The Literary Club met this evening - I acted as Moderator. Question: “The [illegible] Laws.” - The unanimous voice of the club was raised against them, & they were declared to be inexpedient.

SATURDAY, July 21st, 1860.

At 20 m past 4 O.C., P.M., Lottie discovered the appearance of Kate’s first tooth!!

[Page 63]

TUESDAY, July 24th, 1860.

[Blank page.]

WEDNESDAY, July 25th, 1860.

Purchased, for Com
1 - Bag of Shorts
1 - “ “ Bran

Wescot, improper conduct in section room.

[Page 64]

THURSDAY, July 26th, 1860.

MacKay, laughing in
[illegible], leaving
Wescott, “
}section room

FRIDAY, July 27th, 1860.

[Blank page.]

[Page 65]

TUESDAY, August 21st, 1860.

Bought cow feed.

Ordered 20 bushels of gravel for [illegible].

WEDNESDAY, August 22d, 1860.

[Blank page.]

[Page 66]

THURSDAY, August 23d, 1860.

Sent $55 to H. A. Eaillers, to take up north to Wm McCully. -

FRIDAY, August 24th, 1860.

[Blank page.]

[Page 67]

SATURDAY, September 8th, 1860.

Left Charleston for [illegible] - Arrived at 10½ P.M. -

SUNDAY, September 9th, 1860.

[Blank page.]

[Page 68]

THURSDAY, September 20th, 1860.

[Blank page.]

FRIDAY, September 21st, 1860.

This month, so far, has been quite cool.

This morning we find it very cool. “A” fire to warm by” would be comfortable. Thermometer opens at 60͒. -

We leave [illegible] for Charleston, stopping at Summerville.

[Page 69]

MONDAY, September 24th, 1860.

[Blank page.]

TUESDAY, September 26th, 1860.

A pleasant day. Rode down to Mr. Dwight’s plantation in company with himself, Ch.[illegible] & Dr. Henry Ravenel.

The ride back a very pleasant one.

[Page 70]

FRIDAY, September 28th, 1860.

A warm day.

A hunt, in the afternoon, with F. M. Mitchell.

No birds killed!

SATURDAY, September 29th, 1860.

Morning opens cloudy & cool.

A thick coat comfortable.

Mailed a letter to Ma.

[Page 71]

THURSDAY, October 4th, 1860.

Drove up to Summerville -

Started at 25m before 5 & arrived at 9 P.M. -

Mitchell & myself had a pleasant time.

Once [illegible] wish my own true love, & our own little ones.

The whole morning cloudy & very rainy.

FRIDAY, October 5th, 1860.

[Blank page.]

[Page 72]

SATURDAY, October 6th, 1860.

Drove down to Charleston. Started at 10m before 8 A.M. & arrived at 12¼ P.M. at the Citadel.

A fine day, a good road, but very lonely.

Missed sending a note to Lottie by evening train.

SUNDAY, October 7th, 1860.

Sunday opens clear.-

A solemn stillness [illegible].

My thoughts went to my absent loved ones; to my Sundays at Anderson.

Dined with Judy.

Called upon Mr. Murray at night. -

Missed my absent heart all day long.

[Page 73]

FRIDAY, October 12th, 1860.

[Blank page.]

SATURDAY, October 13th, 1860.

A cool, pleasant day. Lottie, Mr. Stevens & I dined with Sister Judy.

I witnessed this night my first fireside picture: Lottie Kate sitting merrily down & looking into the blaze of our fire. At the Citadel.

[Page 74]

Handed to me by my dear little daughter, in the name of Lottie.


Many happy returns of this day!

Oct 14th

[Page 75]

SUNDAY, October 14th, 1860.

My 25d birthday!

Clear & quite cool. My dear little daughter, with her own Mothers [illegible], hands me a [illegible words] & the precious words [illegible words] slip of paper pasted on this leaf.

MONDAY, October 15th, 1860.

Precious promises. -
VII-7.8. XI.28.29.20. XXI-21 & 22. XXIII-12

[Page 76]

TUESDAY, October 16th, 1860.

[Blank page.]

WEDNESDAY, October 17th, 1860.

Matt. V. 16. 23. 24. 29. 30. 34. 35. 36. 37. 44. 48. - XXIV. 42. 44. XXV. 13-

[Page 77]

THURSDAY, October 18th, 1860.

[Blank page.]

FRIDAY, October 19th, 1860.

Matt. XII. 28. 29. 30.

[Page 78]

MONDAY, October 22d, 1860.

[Diagram of dinner seating chart and meal.]

TUESDAY, October 23d, 1860.

Addy’s 21st birthday! Ma, Sisters Judy & Mary, Brothers Sam, & wife, [illegible] & Stevens & Sue & Lizzie James & [illegible] Stevens dined with us.

A very pleasant day; a little cloudy in the afternoon.

[Page 79]

WEDNESDAY, October 24th, 1860.

Lunched with Addy at Judy’s. -

[illegible] took tea with us.

Brother P.F.S. & I accompanied F.L.C. to the com at 8 ½ P.M. & saw him launch forth for the “voyage of life.” Henry went forth from the Citadel & so did [illegible] & L.

THURSDAY, October 25th, 1860.

[Blank page.]

[Page 80]

SUNDAY, December 9th, 1860.

[Blank page.]

MONDAY, December 10, 1860.

Lottie & Kate left me for Cherry Grove. -

Dined with Col. Pettigrew, & the Captains of the rifle Regiment

[Page 81]

THURSDAY, December 13th, 1860.


For there is no difference between the Jew & the Greek; for the same Lord over all, is rich unto all that call upon him.


For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.

FRIDAY, December 14th, 1860.

[Blank page.]

[Page 82]

THURSDAY, December 27th, 1860.

Detachments of the Washington Lt. Infantry, [illegible] Guards, & Carolina Lt. Infantry, under the command of Col. J.J. Pettigrew & myself, by the order of the Gov of So. Ca. took possession of Castle Pinckney.

FRIDAY, December 28th, 1860.

[Blank page.]

[Page 83]

SATURDAY, December 29th, 1860.

[Blank page.]

SUNDAY, December 30th, 1860.

[See original document for drawing.]

[Page 84]

MONDAY, December 31st, 1860.

[Blank page.]

Lt. Capers section room which corps met at his suggestion.

Com. White, Magill, & Tew in J.L. Branch & C.C. Tew, Comd. for Pres, former elected after 2d Ballot. Served for two years! Above Com. consulted with Lt. Capers * formed constitution. Corps meet in A’s kitchen to receive Constitution, & above election.

[side note] Who called to Chair, & [illegible].

[Page 85]

[See original document for calculations.]

E. Capers Dr.
To M. $80
“ M. Preston 1.70
“ Srgt. Williams Co. “K”
“ Capt. Roddy 7
“ Col. Colquitt Paid 18.25
“ Maj. Dearing 8.
“ Maj. Jones 20.00
“ Col. Stevens 50.00

[Page 86]

15th S. after T. 13 Sept.
16 “ “ “ 20 “
17 “ “ “ 27 “
18 “ “ “ 4 Oct
19 “ “ “ 11 “
20 “ “ “ 18 “
21 “ “ “ 25 “
22 “ “ “ 2 Nov
23 “ “ “ 9 “
24 “ “ “ 16 “
25 “ “ “ 23 “


[Page 87]

Hd. Qurs- 24th S.C.V.
Sept. 5th 1863 Lieut. Col. Capers & Srgt. Frist
Lieut. Col. Capers have permission to visit Rome.
C.H. Stevens
Col. [illegible]
24 S.C.V.

Watch - Opera Glass Case.
Inkstand - Ask Tailor for Jmes Coat.

[Page 88]

[Blank page.]

Letter to Lottie-

[illegible] child
12 mo. old 23 of Aug.
Old [illegible].-

[Page 89]


195 250
300 12
495 40

Pr, shoes.
“ “
“ “

[Page 90]


Peter a pr. Shoes.
Bess “ “ “
Lou “ “ “

[Page 91]

1 Teaspoon full of [illegible words] or twenty drops of [illegible words] according to strength. You may add 5 drops of peppermint.

[Page 92]

[See original document for calculations.]

[Page 93]

[Back Cover]

July 10 1860 To [illegible] 10 1863


Capers, Ellison, 1837-1908, “Pocket diary of Ellison Capers, July 1863 - October 1863,” The Citadel Archives Digital Collections, accessed June 21, 2024, https://citadeldigitalarchives.omeka.net/items/show/1595.