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Capers Pocket Diary_Full.pdf
Pocket diary of Ellison Capers, kept from July of 1863 through October of 1863.

Capers diary.pdf
Diary of Ellison Capers, kept from July of 1862 through November of 1863.

Photograph of Richard Y. Dwight in his Confederate State's Army uniform. The sword that Dwight is wearing in this photograph is in the collection of The Citadel Archives and Museum.

This account of the Battle of Tulifinny was written by John C. Sellers and addressed to Ben B. Williams.

Capers begins his letter by telling Lottie he has received some of her letters including one which notifies him of the death of a Mr. Graves. He greatly admired this man and is sad to hear of his passing. He apologizes for sending Lottie a letter in…

Capers writes that the army has finally set off towards the Tennessee River but had to stop again on account of torrential rain. He tells Lottie that he will send her money from his October pay and that she should not spend it on items for him. He…

Capers writes Lottie a short letter stating that the army still has not left for Tennessee on account of bad weather but they may leave tomorrow. He asks Lottie to tell Frank that he has a deer story to tell him and to thank his mother for the shirts…

In his letter on the 5th, Capers states that the army has been delayed in crossing the Tennessee River due to a delay in supplies. He reports the large number of men who are in need of shoes and other necessities and the small amount that is actually…

In his letter on the 1st, Capers describes to Lottie what he has seen on the march towards Tennessee including ruined plantations and overgrown fields and how it makes him miss her and their home. He then gives her a list of every place they have…

Capers writes that the army has reached Decatur in northern Alabama and has been camped outside of the garrison for a few days. He talks about the mail and thanks Lottie for remembering his birthday. He also mentions that he was not surprised by his…
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