Letter from Ellison Capers to his wife Lottie, September 12, 1864


Letter from Ellison Capers to his wife Lottie, September 12, 1864


Capers asks Lottie to knit him a pair of gloves and describes the weather where he is located. He assures Lottie that he has plenty of paper even though he is writing on scraps. He also says that he probably won't see them until Christmas and that he thanks God for keeping them all safe. The beginning of this letter is missing and is written on the back of a certificate for the extension of furlough.


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[Beginning of letter is missing]

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the shirts [illegible] offers to give me. I want you to knit me a pr. of woolen gloves. Don’t make the fingers too short. We are having summer weather & rain every day. Dr. Moon, in whose yard I have my tents pitched (by invitation, as a protection) tells me that they have always had frost here by this time, and I remember that on the morning of the battle of Chickamauga we had a heavy frost. Don’t think, my Lottie, I have no paper. I have a good supply. I am writing up these scraps, which lumber up my Port Folio. About what time will you go to C.G.? I fear this campaign will extend into November, so that if God spares me, it will be Christmas before I see you. We have every thing to be thankful for, & the gratitude of my heart is expressed in the sweet thanksgiving of the evening prayers for family worship. God has been “patient” with us, & his Holy Spirit has “assisted” me all of my life. His Providence! Oh! Lottie how I believe in it has shield us both amid dangers. Kiss my darling Frank, & our precious little May. Love to the family. May God bless you, my dearly loved wife.


[This letter was written on the back of the following]

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Certificate Recommending Extension of Furlough

Captain L.B. Wever of “I” Co 24th So Ca Regt., Gists Brigade, Post Office Edgefield C.H. So Ca, having been granted a furlough on the 10th August 1864 at Macon Ga by Med Director and having appeared before this Board for recommendation for extension of furlough, we hereby certify that we have carefully examined him and find that he is suffering from general debility, the result of chronic diarrhea of long standing, and in consequence thereof, he will not, in our opinion, be fit for duty in a less period than (30) thirty days, for which time we recommend an extension of his Furlough.

J.B. Baxley, Surgeon P.A.C.S.
W.G. Lomax Asst. Surgeon P.A.C.S.
G.S. Seymour, Asst. Surgeon P.A.C.S

Examining Board Augusta, Ga
Date Sept. 12, 1864


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