Letter from Ellison Capers to his wife Lottie, August 23, 1864


Letter from Ellison Capers to his wife Lottie, August 23, 1864


Capers writes how thrilled he is to receive four letters from Lottie and mentions a loss that the family has suffered. The rest of the letter is business regarding the mailing of money, when his next letters will be posted and information about a surgeon named Abney.


A1961.1, Box 3, Folder 24


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In the Trenches Atlanta
Tuesday 23rd Aug. 1964

My Dear Wife

We received today a glorious mail! Your letters of the 8th, 9th, 15th, & 17th, with one from Mr. Stevens, all came to me! I have read & rejoiced! I also got [illegible] letter to you. What a loss your list includes! Wear Kate’s dresses, the most severe.

I think, my darling, that you do well to decline to take the wine unless you need it. I started [illegible] off yesterday with a long letter to you and $150. I write today a short note, merely to acknowledge your dear letters up to the 17th. I have written you & mailed the letters here, every day since my return, & at Macon, dropped a note in the office there on my way here.

I am quite well, my dear wife, & have in the past week regained all that I have lost.

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Kiss my dear boy for me & our little May. N.W. Abney is Dr. N.W. Abney of Edgefield Dist. S.C. the late asst. Surgeon of our Regt. I write to Stevens today & will send him his P.O.

I close this, my darling, in rush for the mail. I hope it may be more regular hereafter.

God Bless you - Your

Love to the family. You may have an opportunity from [illegible], or Aiken, to send the money to [illegible], and save the Express expense. Ellie


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