Letter from Ellison Capers to his wife Lottie, August 13, 1864


Letter from Ellison Capers to his wife Lottie, August 13, 1864


Capers writes that they are waiting on news from Wheeler's expedition to the rear of the enemy troops. He says that he visited a man named Joe and that he is well. Capers also writes that he is well and tells Lottie that he had a dream about her. He recalls important events in their life together and adds a new one of her watching their daughter getting dressed while he was home on leave.


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In the Trenches East of Atlanta
Saturday 13th 1864

My Lottie

Every thing quiet this morning, except the constant contest between the skirmishes. Nothing yet heard from Wheeler’s expedition to the enemy’s rear - much expected from it. I rode over to see Joe last night. He was quite well - had received his box, & said the tomatoes had spoiled much of the contents. It was a mistake that Joe’s horse was shot. He was in no wise injured. He is pleased with Uncle Joe’s engagement.

My cold is better today. Otherwise, my dear darling, I am well. I dreamt of you last night. My recent visit to you, my precious wife, seems like a dream to me, with all of the trials & losses. And oh! what a source of Thanksgiving to God it is! I feel what I say when I exclaim, Blessed be God. There are, my darling wife, certain features of our lives, particular instances, which come up to me with so much of tenderness that I cherish their recollection with all my heart. Such, my lamb, is my recollection of our first association - of our meeting at Cherry Grove in Dec. 1858 - of our life at Winnsboro - the birth of Kate, & a thousand precious circumstances which are stamped upon my heart; never to be effaced while reason & love are left to me. It was just such a circumstance, my Lottie, when I entered your room, unexpectedly, on Sunday morning

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last, and found you sitting by our little daughter, intently watching her being dressed. You looked so sweetly in your pure white dress, & there was so much of loving earnestness in your face! May God grant me, my own dear Lottie, many an hour, & many a year of joyful association with our dear little May.

Our mail has just been delivered. No letter yet. I would read one from you with the avidity of my whole soul. I know that you have written to me.

Good bye, my angel wife. Kiss my little boy & our little girl. Love to the family.

Your own


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