Letter from Wilson Ashby McElveen, Jr. to his parents, postmarked April 28, 1946


Letter from Wilson Ashby McElveen, Jr. to his parents, postmarked April 28, 1946


Letter written by Wilson Ashby McElveen, Jr. at The Citadel to his parents in Sumter, S. C.


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Charleston (S. C.)


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[Typed letter on stationary with letterhead “The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina, Charleston”]

Postmarked April 28, 1946

Late Saturday Afternoon

Dear Mother and Dad,

I guess you all were surprised to hear that Ray and Joye got hitched. Well to tell you the truth I was rather surprised myself. I guess you all knew that I knew -- but I did not know until last week-in [sic] when Ray and I were at the Beach. Ray told me that he owed it to you all to tell you before it was ann-ounced but they didn’t tell anyone until the last minute and then he didn’t have time to come to see you. I think Pop had strong suspecisons [sic]. Mother, will you please get me some kind of a wedding present and send it to Joye and Ray for me. -- I am not very good at this kind of thing and would appreciate itif [sic] you would get something nice for my best friend and his bride. Just think, he roomed with me for three months after he was married and never told me a thing about it.

-- Well enough of this Marriage bussiness [sic] --

We got back safely Wednesday afternoon and I settled down for another fiftty [sic] days. Ray left about dinner time the next day but we didn’t tell a soul down here until it was announced in the paper. I have done some studying but ave [sic] lots [illegible] it befor [sic] me tomorrow,. Physics and especially statistics are still giving me a great deal of trouble. I am going to battle them and hope I make out as the Allies did in this last war.

This morning instead of having inspection we had a review and the pitched tents. It was somthing [sic] different and that was all. After we were ready to move back into the barracks the Col. made a talk. He told us that we are going to be inspected by a group of army officers on the 17 of May. We are going to get out of classes that day and everything has to be in ship shape. That ought to be a pretty interesting day. I certainly hope that I don’t goof off.

The col. also told us that all of us boys rooming of the top gallery were going to have to move down on the quardrangl [sic]. I don’t mind moving to much but hope that I can continue to room by

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Myself. I think that I get more studying done when I room by myself but if I do have to room with somebody maybe it will help me.

I certainly did have a wonderful time at home this last furlough. Thanks a lot for all the wonderful meals. Tell cook that they were mighty good. I wish now that I had stayed home instead of going to the beach. That No. 208 N. Purdy St. is certainly a good place. It is the real HOME SWEET HOME.

Well there are just six more weeks of classes and then a week of exams and I will be home again. It is just seven weeks from today.

I have been to see [illegible deletion] two pictures shows this week-in [sic]. I went to see “Adventure” with Gable and Garson friday night. It is a swell show -- Mom see it when it comes to Sumter.

I have written Sis behging [sic] off for not seeing her last week-in [sic]. You all please write me soon as I do not hear from anyone else.

Your devoted son,
W. A. McElveen Jr.


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