Letter from Wilson Ashby McElveen, Jr. to his father, postmarked July 23, 1945


Letter from Wilson Ashby McElveen, Jr. to his father, postmarked July 23, 1945


Letter written by W. A. McElveen, Jr. at The Citadel to his father in Sumter, S. C.


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Charleston (S. C.)


[Written on lined paper torn from a notebook]

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Postmarked July 23, 1945

Sunday Night

July 22, 1945

Dear Pop,

I got your letter this morning. Thanks a lot for writing me and sending me that check.

I would have written you all more this week but I have been studying a good deal. I can see now why a man with a college education really has something.

Mr. + Mrs. Legare, Punkin and Ya;Ya [sic] came down yesterday afternoon. Ray and I had a grand time with them yesterday afternoon. They came to Chapel this morning and took Jimmy and I too the beach with them afterwards. We had dinner with them and then they brought Jim and I back to school as I had to write an English theme.

Pop - I guess it should be every boys desire to go to West Point. To most boys it is the peak of their ambition. I have ambition but not enough to want to go to West Point. I figure the war will be over in another year and I may get to finish

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My education here. If I went there I would have to serve 8 years in the army which I don’t want to do. I figure that I can graduate from here and have a reserve commission and won’t have to serve in peace time. However I may come home to take the exam but don’t make any arrangements for me as I don’t think I am coming. I will probaly [sic] regret this all the rest of my life but I don’t want to go up there. Jimmy Thank you for leaving it up to me.

We went by Sam Bowmans yesterday afternoon but he was closed up. I saw some Buick hub caps in the Buick [illegible deletion] Company display window. I will try to buy you some. Work on that radio deal for me and tell all the boys hello.

Will try to write you more this week.


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Dear Mom,

Please pardon this stationary but I because I am in the library and can’t get anything close.

As I say every time ---- I have had a hard week. I had test in nearly everything last week and I am looking for testt in everything this week. I studied nearly every afternoon last week and studied during E. S. P. and still I don’t get everything throughly [sic] done. I am trying to keep up the good start that I got.

At drill period Thursday we took a pre[illegible] road march through Hampton Park. It wasn’t any fun. We walked about 140 steps a minute (regular - 120) and took 40 inch steps (regular - 30). I was worn out when we got through but my vitality picked up before classes.

On Saturday morning we had physical drill right after breakfast. Just before it started we were issued field packs for use on road marches.

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After we put the packs in our rooms we went back to the obstacle course. We did the 300 yard dash, push ups, broad jumps, climmed [sic] the bar and a dozen other things. After about an hour of this we double timed back to barracks. Boy they really kill you but after its all over you feel better.

I hope you can read this this but I am worn out and can’t do much writing. Send me something ot eat. Please -

I got a letter + check from dad. The letter was the best thing I ever got. Think I will save it because it will encourage me when I am blue.

Write me Love


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