Letter from Elizabeth Nelson to her husband, Manning, April 28, 1945


Letter from Elizabeth Nelson to her husband, Manning, April 28, 1945


Elizabeth wrote this letter to her husband, Manning, while he was stationed in the Pacific. These letters reached Manning after he had been killed and hence, were returned to Elizabeth. They were still sealed and unopened when they arrived at The Citadel Archives.


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April 28, 1945

My Darling,

There still isn’t very much for me to write about, but I’ll send this little note to let you know that we’re all well at home and everything is fine. I was so excited for awhile this afternoon or evening until I just had to shed a few tears. I’ve heard that the war was over in Europe and you know how happy that made us, but about one hour after the news came over the radio, President Truman made an announcement that there was nothing to it. It was like sticking a pin in a bubble. Still don’t think it will be much longer any way and once it’s over in Europe don’t think it will take too much longer in the Pacific. Don’t know why I should be telling

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you this now, because I know you know far much more about the situation than I do. I am very much interested though and have to try to keep my chin up. Sometimes I get so tired of hearing some of the girls around here grip about every little thing. They’re always complaining about food etc. and they don’t know what it’s all about. Guess some people are just born that way - but they certainly aren’t nice to be around.

Haven’t had any mail yet from you, but had a letter from Mom. She’s well. Hope to hear from you tomorrow. I repeat. Take care of yourself for me. I love you with all my heart.

All my love,

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[See original document for envelope.]


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