Letter from Manning Nelson to his wife, Elizabeth, July 13, 1943


Letter from Manning Nelson to his wife, Elizabeth, July 13, 1943


Letter written from Manning to "Lib" while stationed at Carlisle Barracks, Pa.



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Richland (S. C.)


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July 13, 1943

Dearest “Lib”,

Here it is the thirteenth of July and I didn’t get a letter from you. Didn’t receive one sunday but got two monday.

Think that it was a coincidence for both of us to write the same kind of letter around the same day. It showed that we were thinking around the same lines.

I have been working hard during the day (going to class is the hardest kind of work) and when I’m through during the day I’m so tired I can’t write a letter[.] Besides there is some studying that has to be done.

Was in hopes that maybe you could come up with George and Francis. Thought that you probably weren’t ready, Sure do miss you and am looking forward to to

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seeing you.

I’m putting in for five days leave after we finish up here. Think we finish Aug. 12. The officers up here seem to think that we’ll be able to get the leave. If you would rather wait until this time it will be alright with me. Should I come home it would take about three days there and back. Another possibility is for me to meet you about half way, say around Richmond Va. Know that your folks would rather for us to get married around home and think my folks do also. As for me I’m not, as you know, in favor of doing this, but will do what ever [sic] you want.

Received a telegram from George today, letter from home, and a letter from my aunt. Try and write every day. Your letters help me so much.

I love you

All my love

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