Letter from Robert Emmet Gribbin to his mother and sister Mary, November 27, 1903


Letter from Robert Emmet Gribbin to his mother and sister Mary, November 27, 1903


Robert Emmet Gribbin, 1887-1976, graduated from The Citadel in 1906. His collection in The Citadel Archives includes letters written to his mother and two sisters in Blackville, South Carolina during his first two years as a cadet. A selection of these letters have been digitized and transcribed for this website. The full collection can be viewed at The Citadel Archives in Charleston, South Carolina.




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S.C.M.A Chas. S.C.

Nov. 27, 1903

Dear Mamma & Mary:

I will have to beg your pardon for writing you a joint note but the present condition of the inner man will not warrant too great a pull on it or he would bust. 

I can speak the sentiments of the room where I say we have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy (for a limited time only) the box. You could not have fixed a better box and more to my liking than you did. I have enjoyed myself immensely yesterday & today. Yesterday we had for dinner here all the turkey, ham, apples etc.  All of us in our room were leaving the top bottom of our trousers open and grunting like a set of pigs.

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To cap the climax comes the box today. You know I never feel happier than when I am eating or just full. Everything in the box was in good shape when it arrived here this aft. About 4 P.M.

I asked the Officer of the Day (Gettys) and the Orderly (Kennedy, who the target medal in Rock Hill) and Roy beside occupants of Room 3.

James is writing tonight and has started off with the apology that you all responsible for all mistakes.

James and I put off going for dinner to Miss Boone’s until some day we could not get much here to eat. We had a fire drill today and we certainly kicked up a fuss. We had a exam today in Chemistry and have much to be thankful for as I got one problem that several made a mistake in. I think I should have 95 on the exam.

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I can not think of anything more to write now in my condition which is deplorable but I hope to have long letters from both of you soon.

I will close now with much love and accept many thanks and heart felt appreciation of your kindness.

Your loving son & brother,

  1. Emmet Gribbin


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