Letter from Robert Emmet Gribbin to his sister Mary, October 6, 1903


Letter from Robert Emmet Gribbin to his sister Mary, October 6, 1903


Robert Emmet Gribbin, 1887-1976, graduated from The Citadel in 1906. His collection in The Citadel Archives includes letters written to his mother and two sisters in Blackville, South Carolina during his first two years as a cadet. A selection of these letters have been digitized and transcribed for this website. The full collection can be viewed at The Citadel Archives in Charleston, South Carolina.




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Charleston (S.C.)

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Charleston, S.C.

Oct. 6, 1903

Dear Mary, I received your late but well appreciated letter yesterday. 

On account of an order by “George” Hodges had to move out as all 1st class men had to room together. We had to take in some “rat” in our room and as James was without a room we took him in. Hodges rooms with Culler & Drummond.

No. 3 is not our room particular but a set of rooms on the upper gallery extending from 2 to 13. So you see we are not the only ones.


My studies now are, Chem. 4 times a week, French 2 times per week, English (Meyers Hist.) 3 times per week, Mil. Science twice a week, Drawing 3 times a week, Math (Trig.) every day. We still have two drills a day. I have been on guard twice and got orderly Sunday. Our bayonets and tc scabbards are very rusty as they were wrapped in salt sacks during the summer.

There are about 50 “Rats” here. I have not touched a Rat yet; not even [illegible].

James and I went around to see the Boonies Saturday night as we had leave. I have not been to see anybody else yet.

My grub has given out long ago but James has 3 jars of jam etc that we are devouring with stolen light bread.

Miss Anna’s trade was from “JB” 

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about how struck with me etc. and what a good character he thought I had from manners.

Hodges sked for you & Miss Anna. Give my best to Miss Anna, Miss Norris, & Prof. Wist. I did not intend for you to send those stamps but accept thanks for them and kindly accept book with best wishes hoping you may derive much good from it. Hope you are better by now & will continue so. Hope Ryan will be better by next time and remember me to Maggie.

Remember my to all the girls and boys.

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and tell Mamma and Anie to write as soon as possible.

With love to all,

Your loving brother

  1. Emmet Gribbin


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