Letter from Robert Emmet Gribbin to his sister Mary, March 21, 1903


Letter from Robert Emmet Gribbin to his sister Mary, March 21, 1903


Robert Emmet Gribbin, 1887-1976, graduated from The Citadel in 1906. His collection in The Citadel Archives includes letters written to his mother and two sisters in Blackville, South Carolina during his first two years as a cadet. A selection of these letters have been digitized and transcribed for this website. The full collection can be viewed at The Citadel Archives in Charleston, South Carolina.




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Charleston (S.C.)

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Charleston, S.C.

March 21, 1903

Dear Sister Mary,

I received your long nice, newsy & interesting letter Wednesday dinner and you may be sure it was well appreciated. I went out last night and got a Washington picture for Miss Miles. The man I got it from showed me a platinum one too of Washington & not being able to decide which of the two I liked best I got both so you can give Miss Miles either one and keep the other for yourself. I did not forget that Tuesday was St. Patrick’s day. I could not wear my sprig of green however as it would not have been allowed.

The Irish Volunteers always go to church on St. Patricks [sic] Day in a body. I heard 

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their band playing The Wearing of the Green on their return from Church.

I did not know what piece it was they were playing until a Scotch boy who rooms next door told me what it was. He laughed at me about knowing it but I never had heard it. I believe that boy knows every piece of Irish & Scotch that is sung or written.  

I guess as you are Pres. of W.C.T.U. you will give me a good drink of wine like a certain lady gave me Christmas. What did Mamma say to Mrs. W. about me drinking that wine?

I would be glad to see Mrs. Free and if you get a good chance I would like you to do as you proposed. I am sorry to hear the “Ebby” & “Ike” have broken up as I thought they would make it up.

Where did Mamma get her Irish potatoes from? How many is she going to plant?

I guess she got her cabbage plants from “Jeff.”

Bowman & Roy got a large box to-

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day & Henry got a box a week before I got my grub so I we have not and will not perish.

You say I must be awful big. I am not a dwarf and yet not a giant but I have fairly good dimensions for one of my age. At present I am lack just the least bit of being 5 feet 8 inches high, I weigh 140 lbs., and “last but not least” I wear No. 8 shoes. I looked at two stores last night & today for underwear and the prices there for just the common underwear are more than Mamma said for me to pay. So I did not get any.

I will close now hoping you will get this alright and hoping to hear from you, Mamma & Annie.

I remain your loving brother,

  1. Emmet Gribbin.


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