Letter from James C. Fanning to his family, September 29, 1949


Letter from James C. Fanning to his family, September 29, 1949


James C. Fanning, Class of 1953, wrote these letters to his family during his four years as a cadet at The Citadel.

Audio recording by Kyle Ballinger, Citadel Archives intern, summer 2020.




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Dear Daddy, Mother, and Sandy,

How you like this slick stationery? All engraved and everything. Last night I believe I left you where I was just going to bed and “Boy”, did I go to sleep fast. As soon as I hit the “sack” I have to get up bright and early at 5:30 so I can get my brasses [sic] and shoes shined before we have to “fall in.” Reveille is at 6:15 and breakfast is at 6:25 so it doesn’t leave much time for us plebes.

Had a good breakfast this morning and then I and Bob cleanup up the room for MRI (Morning Room Inspection) I had a class of German this morning instead of at

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8:00 AM. Next came Eng. from Lt. Daniel. Germon is from Lt. Sears. I also had algebra and chemistry lecture. My chemistry lecture teacher is Lt. Durkee. I thought you might want to look these men up in the old catalogue and see where they came from. From 12-1 we had band practice with the full band, it sounded very fine indeed. There are some good clarinets [sic] players here but I am I guess about fifth chair. The four ahead of me are very good indeed.

Had a good dinner, and then I studied history until time for class. We had history class at 3. My teacher is Lt. Fortunato not Lt. Hargreave.

This afternoon we had woolen uniforms fitted and just messed around

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until time to eat. As usual a very good meal and then off to choir practice. It is required for all who read music and sing. You can walk punishment tours for not attending. It takes an hour off your study period, but it doesn’t matter to me much, Thursday is an easy day anyway for I have just 3 classes.

Finished my studying time to go to bed. I will have to write you sometime about the library. It is beautiful.

Could you please send me 3 or 4 dollars extra sometimes because I am buying books from the upperclassmen. I will get a refund at the end of the year for all I don’t buy from the QM. It is cheaper this way. They have all been checked by the teachers. I already

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am using the books. Money I have left over will be used for my allowance.

Send Write English and spelling mistakes to me. I want to be perfect you know????

Lots of Love,


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