Letter from James C. Fanning to his family, September 26, 1949


Letter from James C. Fanning to his family, September 26, 1949


James C. Fanning, Class of 1953, wrote these letters to his family during his four years as a cadet at The Citadel.




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September 26, 1949

Dear Daddy, Mother, and Sandy,

It is just twenty minutes until the close of another day at The Citadel. I felt quite different at this time last week. I have quite a bit of self-confidence, now. This morning we had about two hours rest and I memorized some of the cadet prayer. At ten o’clock we had band practice until twelve. I received Friday’s letter this morning and the shoes (Thanks alot.) This afternoon I got your Saturday’s and Sunday’s letters. The clippings are just what I want.

Enclosed is what I should have sent yesterday, the church program. Also is an article from the News -Courier. It was written by a graduate and former Marine who entered the Citadel again.

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I didn’t get a copy of the first but it just told about arriving and getting temporary rooms.

This afternoon we ran around like monkeys. From one building to another getting our schedules. I passed both tests, but the first two weeks are conditioning weeks and if we fail those we go back.

I went to town tonight and saw “The Beautiful Blonde From Bashful Bend”, it wasn’t very good. They sure are nice to us giving us four nights in a row with leave. It won’t last long though classes start tomorrow.

The radio idea is fine and I may decide to buy one. The tailor checked the coat and said it was too short, but he is getting me one Friday for $25 he is going to inspect it carefully.

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It’s his job. I consulted my faculty adviser about buying used books. He is helping me very wisely. It is too detailed to explain, but I trust his wisdom. Its is [sic] job also.

Send blanket, getting cold. Low cut tennis shoes also. No food is allowed in rooms, but they feed us enough anyway.

Could you do one upperclassmen a favor. Could you cut from the old directory or copy from the new one all the people whose last name is Traywick. Thank you.

Thanks for helping me on my spelling, Daddy. Please send me allowance by Friday.

Let Sandy sniff this. That’s all. Having swell time.

Lots of love,

Jimmy P.S.

Don’t work to [sic] hard (over)
[See chart in original letter]


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