Letter from Ellison Capers to his wife Lottie, July 2, 1862


Letter from Ellison Capers to his wife Lottie, July 2, 1862


Capers apologizes for not being able to visit her in Florence but says that he will try in the near future. He reminds her of his duty and thanks her for her letters. He also tells her of a note he received from Cousin Sam about Oddy and asks her to pray for him.


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Camp 24th S. C. V. J. I.
July 2nd 1862

My own darling Lottie

I am sorry that I said anything about going up to kiss you, my angel, at Florence, for I do not expect that the Genl. will grant my request, & if an alarm, which frequently happens, should occur just at the time of my proposed starting, why I would not ask for a leave. Do not expect me, darling & forgive me for raising a hope, the participation of which would make us so happy. But I will, if I leave this point at all, go up to you at Orange Grove, on the Friday night train, arriving at Lewisville at, or before, day light on Saturday. I

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will then be able to carry you to Florence. But do not expect me. If I do not come, darling, remember that it is because of my duty here. You shall have the biscuits and the Dalby, & I will D. V. get the latter from Aiman’s. I hope that you will have heard from me by this time that I have got a letter from you every day since the middle of last week, & while meantime one or two days passed without my getting one, the third day will always bring me one written for successive days. Thank you, my own precious wife, for your dear, sweet letters. They are to my spirit as refreshing as the April showers are to the beautiful roses in Mrs.

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Rogers’ garden.

A note from cousin Sam informs me that Oddy stopped a night with him, on his way, from Spartanburg, to Virginia to join a Regt. as a private. Oh! My darling you do not know how I love Oddy & you must always pray for his safety. Good bye, darling, the mail man is waiting on me. We are on picket tomorrow, Thursday. Why, darling, if the officers did not go on picket who would command the men stationed all along in the very face of the enemy? Don’t you remember the first order I sent you placing me in command of the picket? As we now take two Regiments to do the duty at a time Col. Hagood

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is in command. Good bye again, my own cherished angel--May God bless you.

Your own devoted


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