Minutes of the Board of Visitors of The Citadel, 1864


Minutes of the Board of Visitors of The Citadel, 1864


Official minutes of the governing body of The Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina.




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The Citadel Board of Visitor Meeting Minutes










Charleston (S.C.)

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[Page 1]
Charleston, April 14th, 1864.

The Board of Visitors having considered the report of Major J. B. White, Superintendent of the Citadel Academy, with the accompanying paper, setting forth the action of the Academic Board, on the several matters contained therein:

1. That the members of the Second Class be allowed to rise in the order of the merit roll of that class, accompanying the report of the Superintendent.

2. That the members of the Third Class be allowed to rise in the order of the merit roll of that class, with the following exceptions, to wit: Cadets J. J. Barr, H. T. Beauregard, T. A. Aiken, P. Lawton and L. N. Fishburne, who are not allowed to rise with their class, but to remain in the Third Class.

3. That Cadets G. K. Ryan and A. M. Odom be honorably discharged.

4. That Cadet J. M. Lawton be discharged from the institution for deficiency in studies and conduct.

As the papers in the cases of Cadets R. W. Cousart, W. A. Easterlin, B. Evans and T. A. Aiken are in the possession of the permanent Chairman of the Board, these cases are referred to him for his decision and orders.

In the case of Cadet W. B. Pringle, the sentence of suspension imposed by the Superintendent is approved, and it is ordered that final action in his case be suspend-

[Page 2]
ed until after the examination of his class.

In relation to the resolution of the Academic Board, recommending that a minister of the gospel be elected annually to deliver a commencement sermon before the graduating class, no action is deemed necessary, as the Academic Board have full power in the premises.

The following resolution was adopted:

Resolved, That any cadet, selected to deliver an address at the commencement exercises of the Academy, who shall make any material alteration or addition to his address, after it has been submitted to the Professor of Elocution for his revisal, shall be reported to the Board of Visitors for disobedience of orders, and upon the fact being substantiated to the satisfaction of the Board, such cadet shall incur a forfeiture of his diploma.

(Signed) D. F. Jamison

Cadets R. W. Cousart, W. A. Easterlin, T. A. Aiken, B. C. Evans and W. B. Pringle, suspended during the year were dismissed by order of the Chairman of the Board acting for the Board.

John B. Patrick

[Page 3]
Columbia, Aug. 17th 1864.

By the Board of Visitors,

The recommendation of the Academic Board of the Citadel Academy upon considering the Rolls of the several classes as determined at the semi-annual examination just concluded, are approved and ordered to be carried into effect in the following particulars viz:

1. That Cadet A. W. Clement of the first class be discharged from the Academy for deficiency in studies: and that Cadet T. B. Boyd of the same class be transferred to the second class.

2. That Cadets C. T. Goodwyn and W. W. Frazier of the second class be transferred to the third class, and that the recommendation in relation to Cadet F. Richards, (he being under suspension), be reserved for the future action of the Board of Visitors.

3. That Cadets M. L. Walker, H. L. Ragin, M. Simpson, N. McCollum, J. W. Vance and M. Salley of the third class being found deficient in the studies of that class, be transferred to the Arsenal Academy and fourth class; and that Cadet T. C. Caskin be dismissed from the Academy for deficiency in studies.

4. That the following Cadets be censured in orders for their low stand in conduct viz: W. DeSaussure, L. Hagood, H. L. Ragin, and J. W. Vance.

(Signed) James Jones

[Page 4]
Columbia, S.C.
Dec. 1st 1864.

The Board of Visitors of the S.C. Military Academy met this day at 10 A.M. in the Qr. Mr. Genl’s Office.

Gen James Jones, Chairman
Col. I. D. Wilson, Hon. T. C. Perrin
& W. Gilmore Simms L.L.D.

The following correspondence between the Chairman & His Excellency the Governor was submitted and ordered to be placed on the journal, viz:

Columbia September 24th 1864.

His Excellency
Governor Bonham
Columbia, S.C.

I have it in charge from surviving members of the permanent Board of Visitors of the South Carolina Military Academy, to propose to your Excellency the name of Wm. Gilmore Simms L.L.D., to fill the place upon the Board, made vacant by the death of our lamented colleague, General Daniel F. Jamison.

I have the honor to be
Very respectfully
Your Excellency’s
Ob’t Servant
(Signed) James Jones
Chmn Board of Visitors
S.C. Military Academy

[Page 5]
Executive Department,
Columbia, S.C.
Sept. 24, 1864.

It gives me pleasure to confirm the nomination pf Wm. Gilmore Simms L.L.D. to the place on the Board made vacant by the death of the lamented General Jamison.

(Signed) M. L. Bonham

The accounts of the Bursars of both Academies were referred to a committee consisting of Messrs. Perrin, Wilson and Simms, after which the Board adjourned to meet tomorrow at 10 A.M.

Dec. 2nd, 1864

The Board met at 10 A.M.

Dr. Simms submitted the following preamble and resolutions which were unanimously adopted.

It has pleased Almighty God, in the inscrutable Providence, which we must endure, even when we fail to comprehend, to withdraw from his country, his family, and this Board, David J. Jamison, one of the original members of this Body, and one whose loss we especially deplore.

For twenty-two years, our associate was a diligent and wise counselor of this Board, - one whose amenity and grace, courtesy, gentleness, good sense and general bearing as well as intelligence made it equally profitable and pleasant to unite with him in council. He was a pains-taking and useful worker, a sound discriminative thinker, a patient [illegible], logical in reason and modestly unobtrusive in the utterance of advice.

[Page 6]
He blent within himself those many minor attributes of head, heart and social manners, which, duly united, we call moral providence and without which counsel must always fail to work the results of wisdom.

In this Board our associate especially proved his claim as a judicious councilor, - his wisdom placed him in an almost patriarchal relation to successive generations of young men in the keeping of the Institution, over the interests of which he maintained an unwavering watch, and in all the progress of which he showed a tender concern, and a never flagging care which grew in time, to an affection if not a passion.

The withdrawal from us, of this our honored associate, is a loss which we know not well how to bear, and which it will not be easy to supply.

And such, too, is the loss of the whole country in whose service he commenced his best prime of youth, and vigorous manhood, and in whose harness of work and warfare, he sunk at last, dying at his post of duty. Filling several of the highest positions in the state and in the Confederacy, he found his way to them without making search or struggle. He was the sought, and not the seeker; and in all the situations which he filled, his working fully justified the choice which gave them to his charge. His native State, the Confederacy, his large and bereaved family, his many friends, these young men

[Page 7]
his late and grateful charge – all equally suffer in the departure of our honored friend and associate. He died at Charleston, of yellow fever, most unexpectedly, after a few hours illness. Death, which is usually a surprise to man, is, to us, in this case, a wonder as well as sorrow, since in our prevailing sense of his worth, our uniform confidence in his habitual presence here, we never allowed ourselves to regard him as one whom we should one day, and so suddenly find missing from his post.

Resolved, That in the death of David F. Jamison, this Board deplores the loss of one of its most highly valued, and useful and esteemed members.

Resolved, That the state of South Carolina which has enjoyed his life-long services, has yielded up to God one of her most honored sons.

Resolved, That this Board doth herewith, respectfully offer its tribute and testimonial of profound sympathy to the widowed wife, the suffering mother of his children, the sons and daughters of our friend.

Resolved, finally, That our secretary be instructed to provide copies of this report, and these resolutions for publication in the newspapers, communicate copies to the family of our associate and enter them fully on the records of this Board.

[Page 8]
The report of the Supt of the Citadel Academy was then taken up, when it was,

Ordered, That the suspension of Cadets Richards, J. O. Sanders, J. S. Horlbeck and P. Lawton, be confirmed and that they be dismissed.

Ordered, That Cadet C. T. Goodwyn be honorably discharged.

The report of the Supt A. A. was next taken up, and it was ordered

Ordered, That the suspensions of Cadets H. M. Palmer, Wharton, C. Smith, Lindsay, Steele, Allen, J. L. Spann, A. L. P. H. Walker, J. W. S. Chafee, Heath, Colcock, Salley and Caldwell be confirmed and that they be dismissed.

Ordered, That the suspension of Cadet R. T. May be confirmed and that he be expelled.

Ordered, That the suspensions of Cadets Noble, Huger, John Johnson and Chisolm be approved, but that in consideration of the punishment already endured they be restored to their place in the Academy.

Ordered, That the recommendation of the Academic Board, that Cadets F. V. Appleby, E. Williams, H. Gantt, F. W. Rivers, J. C. Small, C. O. Buck, J. Harrison & R. Cain be discharged for deficiency, but that the discharge be deferred for the present, be approved.

Ordered, That all the other cadets, viz:

G. M. Coffin
W. E. Carville
A. B. Watson
D. R. Sessions
W. T. Whetstone
K. S. Dargan
J. T. Spearman
J. S. Wells
Waddy Thompson
J. Lyons
G. W. Ferrell
H. E. Footman
W. B. Buckingham
H. N. Obear

[Page 9]
J. Jones
Vandry McBee
T. A. Johnson
R. J’On Lowndes
Peyn Thomas
R. Noble
S. B. Hughes
H. M. Gantt
L. C. Cannon
W. Z. McGee
H. A. Smith
C. L. Evans
J. C. Sellers
E. S. Adams
J. W. Keys
J. W. Spann
L. Meng
C. F. Janney
W. B. Pressley
W. D. Palmer
J. R. Parker
M. Simpson
W. W. Simons
J. H. Boatwright
A. B. Hemingway
J. S. Cantey
W. W. Kennedy
J. H. Fell
A. P. Woodward
J. C. Tiediman
M. L. Walker
George Johnstone
A. W. Lamar
R. A. Gwin
C. P. Sanders
H. Brown
J. [Illegible]
J. C. Ingram
D. A. Miller
T. G. Snowden
W. E. McMichael
A. W. Thomson
T. T. Moon
J. G. Vose
E. R. Wallace
H. L. Ragin
R. H. Martin
L. N. Chisolm
Walter Williman
W. E. Johnson
T. H. Moon
W. O. Cain
+ T. E. Boggs
+ J. W. Vance

be transferred to the Citadel Academy on the 1st day of January next.

+ J. Johnson
+ J. C. Huger

+ No relative position assigned in consequence of absence on furlough.

[Page 10]
The following report was then submitted and adopted.

The committee to whom was referred the accounts of the Bursars of the Citadel and Arsenal, beg

Beg leave to report that they have examined the accounts and find them vouched and that the additions are all correct. The whole [illegible] kept in a business like manner.

Respectfully submitted
(Signed) T. C. Perrin
W. Gilmore Simms
I. D. Wilson

The Board then receded from business to meet at 7 P.M.

Evening Session.

The Board resumed business at 7 P.M., and adopted the following resolutions, viz:

Resolved, That, hereafter, during the existence of the present high prices, pay cadets in the S.C. Military Academy, be required to furnish their own underclothing, including shirts, drawers and socks; also their shoes, combs, brushes, towels, pillow cases and sheets for their bedding; and pay annually the sum of twelve hundred dollars – three hundred dollars per quarter in advance.

Resolved, That it is the sense of this Board, that the Chairman of the Board should of Visitors should be a salaried officer

[Page 11]
of the state: and in view of the great labor performed, both mental and physical, the salary should be ample.

Resolved, That the Secretary of the Board be instructed to communicate these resolutions to the Governor with the request of the Board that he lay the same before the General Assembly.

Resolved, That it be referred to the Chairman to select and contract for a suitable building or buildings for the cadets of the Citadel.

Resolved, That the pay of the Officers in the S.C. Military Academy, for the ensuing year be as follows viz:

Citadel Academy
Major J. B. White, - Exclusive of pay as Arsenal Keeper $5000.
Capt H. S. Thompson 5000.
Lt N. W. Armstrong 5000.
Dr. W. Hume 5000.
Lt. Amory Coffin 3200.
Lt. J. E. Black 3200.
Lt. A. H. Mazyck (Bursar) 2400.
Dr. J. D. Bruns (Surgeon) 1000.

Arsenal Academy
Capt J. P. Thomas – Exclusive of pay as Arsenal Keeper $4200.
Lt. J. B. Patrick 3800.
Lt. A. J. Norris 3800.
Lt. R. O. Sams 3600.
Lt. B. H. Knight (Bursar) 2000.
Dr. A. W. Kennedy (Surgeon) 1000.

Resolved, That the Chairman of the Board be instructed to ask the Legislature for an appropriation for each state cadet, equal to

[Page 12]
that required of a pay cadet.

Resolved, That owing to the peculiar circumstances of the case of J. A. Carlisle and T. W. Clawson, the money paid by them respectfully for the 2nd quarter be refunded to them.

Resolved, That the act of the Chairman of the Board, be instructed transferring Cadet Murdoch from the pay to the state list be confirmed.

Resolved, That the act of the Chairman, increasing Lt. Sams’ salary be approved.

Resolved, That the Chairman of the Board be instructed to grant such indulgence to Cadets A. B. DeSaussure, G. W. Klinck, J. M. Rogers, J. E. Boinest, A. H. Locke, B. F. McCabe, E. C. McCanty, W. J. B. Patterson, J. R. Pringle, & L. W. Sanders after they return to Academic duties, as he may deem proper.

Resolved, That the application of Cadet T. B. Boyd to be allowed to go on with his class be not granted.

Adjourned to meet tomorrow at 10 A.M.

December 3rd 1864.

Pursuant to adjournment, the Board met at 10 A.M. and took into consideration the propriety of electing an additional officer for to the Citadel Academy, whereupon it was

Resolved, unanimously, That Capt John F. Lanneau, of the Engineer Corps C.S.A., be elected Asst. Prof of Mathematics at the Citadel Academy, with the rank of 2nd Lieutenant and pay of three thousand two hundred dollars per annum.

[Page 13]
The following persons were then appointed to the Arsenal as state cadets, and directed to report forthwith to Major J. B. White, Commanding Battalion State Cadets viz:

James L. Dean
J. B. Lewis
M. W. Graham
Alfred P. Nelson
Augustine D. Davant
William W. [Illegible]
Thos. Hamlin Strohucker
James Reeves
Walter E. Fisher
Walter F. Reid
Edward C. Sigwald
Leslie McCormick
John C. Mangum
Henry Mood Lanisey
James Pope Norris
William R. Thomas
David S. McCullough
C. W. Mummerlyn
George Grant
John F. Villipigue
W. T. Odell
Charles G. Taylor
Charles Edward Nicholes
Otherwise Charles Edward Jones
Beatty Hughes
W. M. Carothers
David Blair

[Page 14]
The following are the names of the Pay Appointments, made at the same time and directed to report forthwith to Major J. B. White, Commanding Battalion State Cadets.

* Z. V. Sims
Henry Clay Strauss
Thomas Sumter Chatham
M. A. Wilson
William Lattimer
Edward H. Waller
* William E. Breese
Benj. Sloan Gaillard
John C. C. Thompson
Albert O. Brown Lewis
L. Gaillard
* Laurence W. Brown
* John S. Shuck
* Isadore L. Tobin
Charles J. Gray
Edward L. Owens
Thomas Willingham
Gen. G. W. McCue
William E. Martin
* John Graham
* James Thomson
* James B. Heyward
* Augustus Youmans
Barnwell S. Sams
James S. Boyd
Henry D. Elliott
* A. Yates
* Augustus Simons
* Paul Bouton Lalane
* Lewis S. Jervey
* Paul Fitzsimons
* Edmund V. Joye
* W. H. Morris
* Arthur Mazyck
* James P. Allen
* J. J. Pringle Smith
* James P. Lesesne
Edward T. Paine
Ferdinand A. Silcox
Charles Blum Lanneau
Joseph E. A. Smyth
Edward M. Wilson
J. J. Schipman
Charles Barbor
John C. McKay
Robert Noble Cunningham
Thomas S. Browning
Keating Lewis Simons
J. C. Wienges
James K. Robinson
Andrew M. Adger
Thomas A. Ryan
John S. Reynolds
Charles E. Carriere
Edward H. Priolean
John E. Baker
John Calhoun Ripley
M. J. [Illegible]

[Page 15]
Edward P. Warren
Daniel H. Bacot
James M. Bee Jr.
R. B. Heyward
J. Ives Edgerton
T. Ogier Smith
W. P. [Illegible]
W. D. Ingram
Henry M. Stevenson
D. H. Stevenson
Samuel H. Reid
Albert Blakeney
William Moses Butler
Joseph [Illegible]
* William H. Morris
* Julius H. Heyward
* Jennings W. Perry
* Capers Calhoun Stephens
Archibald C. Williams
C. Pinckney Fishburne
W. J. Fishburne
Robert J. Prentiss
William Williams
* Thomas T. Earle
* Thomas Lide
Thomas W. Hart
Thomas H. Parrott
Joseph W. Parrott
LaFayette Sheppard
George O. Walker
Walter Scott Sheppard
Mark Abney Mims
Madison Richardson
John Miller Bettis
* W. H. McPhecters
Jones M. Stewart
Woodson Boyle
John Charles [Illegible]
* Albert W. Ware
* T. Edwin Ware Jr.
Frank Butler McBee
W. G. McConnell
Duncan Brooks
William G. S. Grady
* Sedgwick Johnston
Charles P. Allston
John Franklin Dozier
Thomas P. Alston
Charles J. Brown
Thomas W. Graham
William A. Cunningham
F. P. L. Bonney
Albert Evans
Eli S. Campbell
* H. C. Vance
P. H. Maddin
William Miller
William J. Wells
George W. Sullivan
* W. H. Moetze

[Page 16]
W. W. Lovick
W. A. Geiger
John L. Hodges
John T. Rogers
James Stackhouse
Robert H. Henderson
David F. Miles
* James S. Spearman
John L. Epps
Frank P. Lipscomb
William J. Harp
* Marion D. Brunson
* Edward Whaley
George R. R. McKeun
Lucius B. Bates
Edward S. Hubbell
Earle Garrett
W. G. Miller
S. W. Vance
* Reginald Williams
Jonathan Maxcy
Benjamin A. Rawls
W. B. Powell
Philip P. Pearson
Barnham W. Foster
Benjamin F. Bates
Mills Dean
Francis W. Johnston Sistrunk
* M. S. Moon
* W. F. Muldrow
* John J. Muldrow
* Robert E. Muldrow
* Henry G. Shan
* James Y. Lenoir
James H. Colclough
George W. Lee
Robert M. Pitts
George Williams Walker
David Johnson
Clarendon Witherspoon
John J. McCollough
* W. H. Thomasson
Charles G. Matthews
A. S. Withers
Robert J. Lattice
James E. Lowry

It was then,
Resolved That the salary of the Secretary of the Board be increased to two hundred dollars.

John B. Patrick

[Page 17]
Appointed by the Governor under act of the General Assembly.
1st Congressional District – John C. Mangum
1st Congressional District – B. H. Owens
2nd Congressional District – A. F. O’Brien
3rd Congressional District – B. J. Johnson
4th Congressional District – L. Yancy Dean
5th Congressional District – T. O. Ward
6th Congressional District – W. A. Sanders
vice M. F. Hawthorn


To the Honorable the General Assembly of South Carolina:

The Board of Visitors of the South Carolina Military Academy beg leave to submit the following report:

In consequence of the threatening movements of the enemy, His Excellency the Governor and Commander in Chief deemed it proper to order the Battalion of Cadets into the field on the eve of the annual examination at the Arsenal Academy. The Board were, therefore, unable to conduct the usual examination of that Academy. During the past year, the frequent and at one time, prolonged demand upon the Citadel Cadets for military service in the field and as Provost Guard by the Confederate Military authorities, seriously interrupted their Academic progress; but the Board are happy to state that the discipline of both Academies has been preserved unimpaired throughout the year.

[Page 18]
At the present meeting of the Board there were four-hundred and forty nine applications for appointment as Pay Cadets, and eighty-seven as State Cadets, making the whole number of applications five-hundred and thirty-six, (536), of whom the Board appointed one-hundred and ninety, which, with seven appointed by the Governor, under a resolution of the General Assembly, make the whole number of appointments one-hundred and ninety-seven (197). The Board regrets to have to say that the impractibility of erecting or fixing or buying buildings for their accommodation precluded any more appointments.

The following statement shows the [illegible] of the appointments, and the number that will be in the Academy on the 1st January next.

In the Citadel Academy Dec. 1st 1864 Pay: 63 State: 35
Transferred from the Arsenal to the Citadel Pay: 54 State: 20
Appointed to the Citadel Pay: 43 State: 0
Will be in the Citadel Academy Jany 1st 1865 Pay: 160 State: 45

Retained in Arsenal Academy Pay: 2 State: 1 Appointed to the Arsenal Academy Pay: 121 State: 26
Appointed by the Governor Pay: 0 State: 7
Will be in the Arsenal Academy Jany 1st 1865 Pay: 123 State: 34

Whole number in the South Carolina Military Academy, Jan 1st 1865 283 Pay, 79 State, Aggregate Pay & State Cadets 362

The new appointees have been ordered by the Board to report for duty, forthwith to the Battalion of State Cadets.

[Page 19]
The following is a condensed abstract of the Receipts and Expenditures of the Academy for the fiscal year ending September 30th 1864. The accounts and vouchers of the Bursars of the Citadel and Arsenal Academies, respectively, are herewith transmitted; they have been thoroughly examined by the Board and found correct.

Balance on hand Oct. 1st 1863 245.59
Received from Appropriations & deposits 113,571.57 Received from Pay Cadets 113,200.00
Received from Sales to Officers & Academy 8431.37 [Total] $235448.53

For pay of Officers 22003.33
For subsistence 108415.26
For clothing 53877.26
For washing 7387.24
For Hire of Servants 2554.19
For Music 258.00
For Contingencies, including fuel, lights, books, stationery, medicines 24388.01
For Permanent improvements 76.25
For Repairs to buildings, furniture, etc. 1348.65
For Magazine Guard in Charleston 4926.36
For amount redeposited in Treasury 200.00 225434.55
Balance $10013.98

Cash balance at Arsenal 3945.66
Cash balance at Citadel 6068.32
[Total] $10013.98

Seven thousand five hundred dollars of this amount arises from an undrawn balance of the appropriation for the year 1863, remaining in the Treasury, Oct 1st 1863, and drawn Jany 1st 1864. And as the whole of the ap-

[Page 20]
propriation for the year 1864 has been drawn, the balance from that appropriation alone would be two thousand five-hundred and thirteen dollars and ninety eight cents ($513.98). 

During the last year, the Academy was allowed the privilege of purchasing subsistence to a considerable extent from the State and Confederate Commissaries, at cost price, greatly below the price for which similar supplies were selling in the open market.

The Board regret to state that, that source of supplies is now cut off and both subsistence & clothing will have to be purchased at the enormous prices asked in the open market. The Board has, therefore, increased the amount to be paid by Pay Cadets to twelve hundred dollars for the year, and they ask of your honorable body a corresponding increase in the appropriation for the Academy, for the pay of the Officers and support of the State Cadets.

In answer to the earnest petition of the Officers of the institution, and in pursuance of what seemed to the Board an act of justice to them, their pay was increased one-hundred percent upon their salaries of last year.

The Board ask a general appropriation of one-hundred and forty seven thousand two hundred dollars ($147200) for the support of the Military Academy.

The continued bombardment of the city of Charleston by the enemy has rendered the Citadel in that city a dangerous habitation and wholly unfit for the Academic duties of the Cadets. They must, therefore, be removed

[Page 21]
from that vicinage. If convenient and suitable quarters cannot be hired for them, it is the design of the Board to erect temporary huts for their accommodation; and the Chairman is instructed to ask your honorable body for a special appropriation of fifteen thousand dollars ($15000), if so much be necessary for that purpose.

Respectfully reported
(Signed) James Jones,

Showing the number of Cadets appointed, the number that failed to report, discharged, suspended and graduated.

[See chart on original document.]

Respectfully Reported,
(Signed) James Jones, Chairman

Columbia Dec 5th 1864


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