Minutes of the Board of Visitors of The Citadel, 1851


Minutes of the Board of Visitors of The Citadel, 1851


Official minutes of the governing body of The Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina.




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State Military Academies: So Car:

List of distinguished Cadets reported at the Annual Examination November 1851

Names – Districts – Academy – Studies, etc. in which each Cadet particularly excels

First Class
1 J. P. Thomas – Fairfield – Citadel – French, Pol Science, Mil Eng., Bel. Let., Intel. & Moral Philosophy, Nat Philosophy, Chemistry, Conduct
2 W. H. Wright – Charleston – Citadel – French, Pol Science, Mil Eng., Bel. Let., Intel. & Moral Philosophy, Chemistry, Mathematics & Drawing
Second Class
1 A. H. Little – Newberry – Citadel – Mathematics, Nat. Phil., Bel. Let., Drawing
2 D. T. Williams – Beaufort – Citadel – Nat. Phil., Bel. Let.
Third Class
1 J. M. Richardson – Sumter – Citadel – Mathematics, Bel Let., French, Drawing, Conduct
2 R. Singletary – Marion – Citadel – Mathematics, Bel Let., French, Drawing, Conduct
Fourth Class
1 A. D. Hoke – Greenville – Citadel – Mathematics, French
2 T. B. Lee – Kershaw – Citadel – Mathematics, French, Bel Let.
1 T. E. Hart – Darlington – Arsenal – Mathematics, Bel Let., Conduct
2 A. H. Mazyck – Charleston – Arsenal – French

James Jones
Chairman Board of Visitors

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Citadel Academy Charleston
Nov 13 1851

The Board met this day.


Genl. James Jones Chairman
D. F. Jamison

The annual examination of the several classes commenced this day - & was continued until Saturday 15 Nov. inst. when the Board adjourned to meet on Monday 17th at the Citadel at 10 O’ clock.

Citadel Nov. 17 1851

The Board met in pursuance of adjournment

Genl James Jones Chairman
D. F. Jamison
His Excellency Gov. J. H. Means

The Examinations were resumed – and the Board adjourned on 20th inst. to meet at the Executive Office in Columbia on Friday the 28th inst.

Arsenal Academy
Nov 24 1851

The Board met this day


Genl. Ja. Jones Chairman
D. F. Jamison

When the annual examination of the Cadets in this institution commenced & closed on Wednesday 26th inst. Board adjourned to meet at Ex Off on Monday next.

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At the Annual Meeting of the Board of Visitors held in the Executive Office on the 27th & 28th day of November 1851


James Jones, Chairman
David F. Jamison
Daniel Wallace
William J. Hanna
Governor Means Ja. W. Cantey – Adj & Insp Genl

The Report of the Superintendent of the Arsenal Academy was taken up & read, when

It was Resolved,

That Cadet Sheppard (Newberry) and Cadet Poole (Spartanburg) be honorably discharged.

That the suspension of Cadet Heath (Lancaster) be confirmed – and that he be dismissed.

That Cadets Jones (Laurens) and Pope (Abbeville) for desertion be also dismissed.

That Cadet Brennan (Fairfield) be honorably discharged.

and that

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Resolved that the following Cadets be transferred to the Citadel Academy to enter third class viz.

1 J. E. Godfrey – Beaufort
2 J. E. Heape – Beaufort
3 G. W. Morrall – Beaufort
4 T. H. Abbott – Charleston
5 T. Gadsden – Charleston
6 A. Holmes – Charleston
7 J. Jenkins – Charleston
8 A. H. Mazyck – Charleston
9 J. D. Radcliffe – Charleston
10 C. M. Rivers – Charleston
11 T. E. Hart – Darlington
12 J. F. Culpepper – Darlington
13 W. H. Screven – Georgetown
14 C. Adams – Lancaster
15 C. F. Richter – Lexington
16 D. R. Jamison – Orangeburg
17 T. J. Clyde – Pickens
18 D. G. Fleming – Richland
19 W. Whitemore – Charleston

Resolved that the following named persons be appointed probationary pupils at the Arsenal Academy and that they report themselves to the Superintendent thereof on 1st January next viz.

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1 F. R. Calhoun – Abbeville
2 B. F. Reynolds – Abbeville
3 W. M. Erwin – Barnwell
4 J. B. Patrick – Barnwell
5 J. M. Tillman – Edgefield
6 B. W. Glover – Edgefield
7 Thos. Watt – Fairfield
8 Jn. Bell – Fairfield
9 W. Thompson – Greenville
10 W. Garlington – Laurens
11 J. T. Godfrey – Laurens
12 S. P. Boozer – Lexington
13 E. Dreher – Lexington
14 J. Boatwright – Richland
15 T. S. Mayrans – Richland
16 R. C. Carlisle – Union
17 E. Erwin – York
18 P. Alleson – York

1 T. W. Giles – Abbeville
2 A. Burt – Anderson
3 W. Crawley – Barnwell
4 J. Chandler – Charleston
5 W. T. Long – Chesterfield
6 J. Rugg – Darlington
7 J. B. Goodwyn – Edgefield
8 – Hill - Edgefield
9 W. B. Gilbert – Fairfield
10 J. M. Phinney – Fairfield
11 H. C. Dozier – Georgetown
12 H. S. Thompson – Greenville
13 J. Bessant – Horry
14 S. Walker – Laurens
15 C. S. N. Legg – Spartanburg
16 J. Blythe – Union
17 B. F. Whitehead – Williamsburg

The Report of the Superintendent of the Citadel Academy was then taken up, when the following Resolutions were passed, viz.

That Mr. Panknin’s a/c of $109.47 be paid by the Bursar.

That Mr. Gregorie, the Bursar, contract for the plastering required at the Citadel Academy at the lowest possible price.

The Board adjourned at 3 PM to meet tomorrow at 9 AM.

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Ex: Off. 29th Nov 1851

At an adjourned meeting held this day

(all the members of the Board)

It was resolved that the suspension of the academic studies shall in future take place as pointed out in art. 62 of the Regulations.

Resolved that the Board of Visitors have received the resignation of Lieut. C. C. Tew Esq, Professor of Mathematics in the Arsenal Academy at Columbia: and the terms upon which he has placed his resignation leave to them no alternative but to accept it.

The Board cannot sever the connection which has existed so long between themselves and Mr. Tew without expressing great regret for the reasons which have determined his course & their high appreciation of the ability, zeal & fidelity with which he has discharged all his duties as professor; and they tender to him their kindest wishes for his future prosperity & success in life.

Resolved unanimously that Mr. P. F. Stevens be elected 1st Lieut. & Professor of Mathematics at the Arsenal Academy.

Resolved, that the Superintendent of the Citadel Academy be required to enforce the 45th Regulation, so as to insure uniformity of marks in all the Professors according to the plan in force at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. And that the record shall be open to inspection by the Cadets, during office hours, on the Monday of each week.

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Resolved that the suspension of Cadet Ingraham (C. Acad) be confirmed, & that Cadet Rice (C. Acad) for desertion be dismissed.

Resolved that the following named Cadets (C. Acad) be discharged: viz.

1 Ja. Kershaw
2 W. S. Lance
3 E. J. Lawrence
4 S. W. Lawrence
5 A. H. Preston
6 R. G. Tillman
7 W. J. Blythewood
8 A. A. Ward

Resolved that Cadet H. Williams (CA) shall not be advanced to the next higher class – but retained in the present class.

Resolved that Cadet W. Stewart (CA) be honorably discharged.

Resolved that a furlough be granted to the Superintendent of the Citadel Academy until 1st January next.

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Some of the members of the Board of Visitors having received information and complaints of inattention to, and disregard of discipline in the Citadel Academy in the following respects. viz

1st The habitual smoking of segars by the Cadets contrary to the 78th Art. of the Regulations.

2nd The almost total neglect by the Supt. and Faculty of the duties required of them by Art. 130 -132 – 133 -134 and especially 135.

3rd The loose and unfaithful performances of duty by the officers of the day required of them by Art. 148 – they as, we are informed, taking it upon themselves to report offenses, or excuse from report as they may think proper.

4th The frequent violation of the spirit of Art. 184 by Cadets going to hotels, and taking meals without any notice of the offence.

It is therefore resolved, that the Superintendent be required to enforce all the Regulations of the Academy, and particularly those here referred to: and that no Cadet shall at any time be permitted to go to any hotel, tavern, or eating house to take any meal, or lunch, except in company with his parent or guardians or some near relative, and by written permission from the Superintendent at the request of such parent, guardian, or relative on pain of immediate suspension.

[Page 10]
Resolved that diplomas of the institution be granted to

1 J. P. Thomas
2 W. H. Wright
3 J. G. Pressly
4 W. W. Veitch
5 N. W. Armstrong
6 L. A. Brown
7 J. B. Chandler
8 J. M. Pelot
9 J. J. Lucas
10 J. Aiken
11 J. W. Hudson
12 B. W. Powell
13 E. J. Walker
14 T. J. Arnold
15 J. B. Cotrell
16 W. S. Dudley
17 E. P. Frederick
18 E. C. Bailey
19 J. S. Seabrook
20 J. B. Colding
21 H. S. Bass
22 F. G. Palmer
23 W. R. Powell
24 F. H. Cooke
25 A. S. Collins
26 W. D. McMillan

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Resolved that the following persons be appointed probationary pay pupils: and that they report themselves to the Superintendent of the Citadel Academy on January 1st next.

1 F. L. Parker – Abbeville
2 C. T. Haskell – Abbeville
3 W. Hickson – Barnwell
4 S. D. Mixon – Barnwell
5 J. Bostick – Beaufort
6 D. Haidee – Beaufort
7 J. M. Verdier – Beaufort
8 W. H. Coit – Chesterfield
9 H. W. Coit – Chesterfield
10 F. S. Curtis – Colleton
11 J. J. Miles – Colleton
12 W. B. Brown – Darlington
13 J. H. Hart – Darlington
14 Jn. Venning – Charleston
15 W. B. D. Snowden – Charleston
16 Jos. Palmer – Charleston
17 W. G. Holmes – Charleston
18 S. W. Trotti – Charleston
19 G. W. S. Legare – Charleston
20 Jos. Cohen – Charleston
21 J. G. K. Gourdin – Charleston
22 S. C. Smith – Charleston
23 J. R. Laurens – Charleston
24 E. J. White – Charleston
25 W. B. Minott – Charleston
26 W. H. Jones – Charleston
27 W. J. Lucas – Charleston
28 W. F. Roach – Charleston
29 S. Kirk – Charleston
30 W. McKelvey – Charleston
31 E. F. Jones – Charleston
32 R. H. Mims – Edgefield
33 R. Hayne Mims – Edgefield
34 E. Croft – Edgefield
35 W. P. Dubose – Fairfield
36 W. D. B. Dubose – Fairfield
37 W. B. Lyles – Fairfield
38 E. Mobley – Fairfield
39 D. Johnston – Fairfield
40 J. A. Evans – Georgetown
41 H. S. Gasque – Georgetown
42 P. Prior – Georgetown
43 B. B. Smith – Georgetown
44 R. A. Young – Kershaw
45 Thos. E. Lucas – Kershaw
46 Jas. Young – Kershaw
47 T. W. Chesnut – Kershaw
48 J. D. Wylie – Lancaster
49 W. F. Nance – Newberry
50 J. N. Williams – Newberry
51 J. Holman – Newberry
52 R. Ruff – Newberry
53 S. Pope – Newberry
54 T. Barton – Orangeburg
55 F. S. Garvin – Pickens
56 P. Bryce – Richland
57 T. S. Muller - Richland
58 J. M. Dean – Spartanburg

[Page 12]
59 D. S. Bomar – Spartanburg
60 T. D. Singleton – Sumter
61 Leonard White – Sumter
62 D. B. Bobo – Union
63 B. Bobo – Union
64 H. F. Sims – Union
65 J. D. Gist – Union
66 R. B. Dehay – Union
67 J. F. Pressly – Williamsburg
68 J. F. McConnel – Williamsburg

Winsmith’s case –
Columbia Nov. 29 1851

The Board of Visitors of the State Military Academies having particularly investigated & maturely considered the case of Cadet Winsmith suspended by the Supt. of the Citadel Academy on the 4th day of June last, on charges set forth in his report to the Board, have come to the following conclusions.

1st That Cadet Winsmith did defraud a negro woman by passing to her a copper coin covered with quicksilver for an amount greater than its value.

2nd That as Treasurer of the Amosophic Society, he was careless in keeping his accounts of receipts and disbursements of funds which came into his hands, and that he manifested an indisposition to settle with his successor and pay over the balance due the Society as he should have done.

3rd That these acts were highly reprehensible but as he may have been & probably was influenced in the commission of them more by youthful indiscretion than by a criminal intent, the Board is of opinion that the suspension already inflicted has been a sufficient punishment.

[Page 13]
The Board attaches no blame to the Superintendent, believing that his acts proceeded from a sincere desire to do his duty. The Board is equally clear in the opinion that the Cadets have also been influenced by consideration highly honorable to them. The Board however is of opinion that the investigation of charges against a cadet should not be submitted to the Corps, even though the accused himself desires it. Believing therefore that Cadet Winsmith has been sufficiently punished for the youthful indiscretion of which he has been guilty, It is ordered that he be restored to his rank in the Citadel Academy.

Board adjourned (sine die)


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