Minutes of the Board of Visitors of The Citadel, 1850


Minutes of the Board of Visitors of The Citadel, 1850


Official minutes of the governing body of The Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina.




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The Citadel Board of Visitor Meeting Minutes










Charleston (S.C.)

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State Military Academies – South Carolina

List of distinguished Cadets reported at the Annual Examinations, Nov. 1850

Names – Districts – Academy – Studies, etc. in which each Cadet particularly excels

First Class
1 D. H. Egleston – Charleston – Citadel – French, Bel. Let., Intel. & Moral Phil., Pol. Science, Engin., Tactics, Drawing, Conduct
2 J. A. Houser – Orangeburg – Citadel – Intel. & Moral Phil., Pol. Science, Tactics
Second Class
1 H. W. Wright – Charleston – Citadel – Mathematics, Nat. Phil., Chemistry, Bel. Let., Conduct
2 J. P. Thomas – Fairfield – Citadel – Nat. Phil., Chemistry, Bel. Let., Conduct
Third Class
1 W. S. Brewster – Charleston – Citadel – Mathematics, French, History, Elocution, Drawing, Conduct
2 T. W. Fitzgerald – Pendleton – Citadel – Mathematics, History, Drawing, Conduct
Fourth Class
1 R. Singletary – Marion – Citadel – Mathematics, History, Elocution, Mythology, Conduct
2 J. Winswith – Spartanburg – Citadel – History, Elocution, Mythology, Conduct
1 J. M. Richardson – Sumter – Arsenal – Mathematics, French, English, Conduct
2 W. F. Besselieu – Beaufort – Arsenal – Mathematics, French

Signed Ja. Jones
Chairman B of V

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Citadel Academy Charleston
Nov. 18th 1850

The Board met this day.

Jas. Jones – Chairman
John H. Means

The annual examination of the graduating commenced this day – the 2nd 3rd & 4th Class were in turn examined. When the Board (after passing the following resolution) adjourned on Thursday 21st inst. to meet at the Arsenal Academy on Tuesday 26th inst.

Resolved that diplomas of the institution be granted to

1 D. H. Egleston
2 J. A. Houser
3 C. D. Oliver
4 J. W. Robertson
5 J. A. Crooker
6 O. A. Darby
7 S. N. Kennerly
8 J. R. Abrams
9 J. L. Inglesby

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Arsenal Academy Col
Nov 26, 1850

The Board met this day


James Jones – Chairman
D. F. Jamison
Jn. H. Means
J. W. Cantey – (Adj. Genl)

when the annual examination of the Cadets in this institution commenced & closed on Thursday 28th inst.

The Board adjourned to meet tomorrow at the State House at 9 O’ clock AM.

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At the annual meeting of the Board of Visitors held in the State house in Columbia on Friday 29th Nov. 1850


James Jones, Chairman
David F. Jamison
Daniel Wallace
William J. Hanna
John H. Means
James W. Cantey

The annual Reports of the Superintendents of the Military Academies were taken up & read.

The list of distinguished Cadets was ordered to be published – as well as the “Annual Register” containing the name of each Cadet.

Resolved – That Cadets R. Dudley & J. S. Daniel (Citadel Academy) shall not be permitted to advance to 2nd Class – but that they be retained for the ensuing year in 3rd Class.

Resolved that the following Cadets be discharged from the Military Academies, viz.

T. Grimke – Citadel Academy
Davis – Citadel Academy
Stall – Citadel Academy
Meggett – Citadel Academy
Cross – Arsenal Academy
Culpepper – Arsenal Academy
Mills – Arsenal Academy
Thomas – Arsenal Academy
Cullen – Arsenal Academy
McCully – Arsenal Academy
Rice – Arsenal Academy

[Page 7]
Resolved that the suspensions of Cadets Henry (Citadel Academy) and Markly (Arsenal Academy) be confirmed – and that they be dismissed.

Resolved that Cadet Clarkson (Citadel Academy) be expelled for desertion – and that Cadet Fowler (Arsenal Academy) be expelled for remaining absent without leave.

Resolved that Cadet Haines (Arsenal Academy) be discharged in pursuance of 58 par. Of the Regulations – having received over 200 demerit marks.

Resolved that Cadets Godfrey and Sheppard (Arsenal Academy) be retained at the Academy another year: provided they retain a position in the 1st section of the class.

Resolved that Cadet Harlee (Arsenal Academy) be honorably discharged, in consequence of being affected with a disease (bites) which renders him unfit for military service.

Resolved that Cadet D. T. Williams (CA) be relieved from the demerit marks recorded against him for breaking, by accident, mess formation.

Resolved that Cadet E. P. Laurens be retained henceforth at the Citadel Academy as a benefic. Cadet.

[Page 8]
Resolved that Cadets Houser and Kennedy be not refunded the amount paid – and that the Superintendent in future permit no deduction from the amount received from pay Cadets.

Resolved that hereafter no pupil shall be received into the State Military Academies who is a non resident of the state.

Resolved that Wm. Steedman Yeadon be continued powder receiver at the Magazines (Charleston) until the next annual meeting of the Board.

Resolved that Dr. Boylston’s letter be laid on the table.

Resolved that Dr. Humes account $138.24 be paid by the Bursar of the Citadel Academy.

Resolved that the appointment of Major Colcock as arsenal keeper at Charleston made by the Chairman of the Board, be confirmed.

Resolved that diplomas be granted to Cadets Odom, Wheaton & Edwards (CA): but the Board does not intend, by this indulgence, that diplomas shall hereafter be granted in all cases as a matter of course to Cadets who shall have passed through the entire course.

[Page 9]
Resolved that the merit roll sent up from the Citadel Academy by the Superintendent, is not in accordance with the requisition of the 54th art. of the Regulations – and is therefore not satisfactory to the Board of Visitors – and that he hereafter be required to send up with his reports, merit rolls in accordance with the aforesaid requisition.

Resolved that the Superintendent of the CA, in future, make out “the abstract from the Register” in such a manner, that the Cadets shall be classed in alphabetical order, with the district to which they belong – taking the districts in the order prescribed by 13 par. of the Regulations.

Resolved that Professor Brisbane have leave of absence from the Citadel Academy, for 14 days to commence on 9th Dec next.

Resolved that hereafter the Superintendents be required to lay before this Board at each annual meeting, an abstract from the reports and records of the respective academies, showing the number and duration of the permits of absence granted to each Cadet, respectively during the year proceeding.

Resolved that the Board of Visitors having read and considered the several Reports of the officers of the Citadel Academy, do not deem any further action necessary for the present.

[Page 10]
Resolved, that the Superintendent of the Citadel Academy be instructed to alter the “Remarks” appended to the official Register to conform to the facts, so as to read as follows (in any future publication) viz.


Two Military Schools were established and are supported by the State of South Carolina: one at Charleston and one at Columbia: the latter, auxiliary to the former. Two arsenals, containing the arms and munitions of war of the State are located, one in Charleston, and the other in Columbia, which were formerly guarded by two companies of enlisted soldiers at an annual expense of $24000. In 1842 this appropriation was transferred by an act of the General Assembly to the support of two schools, which were organized upon the basis of the U. S. Military Academy at West Point, in the beginning of 1843 by a permanent Board of Visitors appointed by the Governor, the Cadets at which perform all the duties of a guard for the Arsenal.

The Cadets admitted consist of two classes Beneficiary and Pay Cadets. The state supplies to the Beneficiary Cadet all his expenses. The Pay Cadet pays $200 per year for every charge including clothing. The Beneficiary Cadets are selected from those not able to bear their own expenses.

[Page 11]
Applications for admission are made to the Chairman of the Board of Visitors, prior to the annual meeting of the Board, which takes place on Tuesday next after the fourth Monday in November, by whom appointments are made at that time, for both classes of Cadets; respect being had to a due appointment among the several judicial districts of the state.

Resolved – that the 62 par of the Regulations be so altered that the suspension of the academic studies shall hereafter be in the month of July and August; instead of the “month immediately succeeding the semi-annual examination and in December in each year.”

Resolved that the following Cadets be transferred from the Arsenal Academy to the Citadel Academy & enter next years third class viz.

1 A. M. Barry
2 E. F. Bell
3 W. F. Besselleu
4 E. D. Brailsford
5 J. H. Charles
6 G. M. Connor
7 Jas. Evans
8 P. S. Frederick
9 J. P. Gibbs
10 J. G. Guignard
11 J. Kershaw
12 S. W. Lawrence
13 A. H. Preston
14 J. M. Richardson
15 W. H. Seabrook
16 R. G. Tillman
17 F. Witsell

[Page 12]
Resolved that the following persons be appointed probationary pupils at the Arsenal Academy - & that they report themselves to the Superintendent thereof on 1st January next viz

1 T. M. Cantey
2 J. R. Cantey
3 D. G. Fleming
4 Scott

1 J. W. Pope – Abbeville
2 G. M. Brooks – Abbeville
3 J. E. Heape – Beaufort
4 G. W. Morrall – Beaufort
5 Tho. Gadsden – Charleston
6 C. M. Rivers – Charleston
7 J. D. Radcliffe – Charleston
8 W. Whittemore – Charleston
9 T. H. Abbott – Charleston
10 A. H. Mazyck – Charleston
11 A. Holmes – Charleston
12 J. J. Jenkins – Charleston
13 Y. E. Hart – Darlington
14 J. Culpepper – Darlington
15 Tho. Brennan – Fairfield
16 W. H. Screven – Georgetown
17 B. Johnson – Horry
18 R. Pettier – Kershaw
19 Ed. Jones – Laurens
20 C. T. C. Adams – Lancaster
21 J. P. Heath – Lancaster
22 C. F. Richter – Lexington
23 J. Clyde – Pickens
24 S. Whetstone – Spartanburg
25 H. Poole – Spartanburg

[Page 13]
Resolved that the following named persons be appointed probationary pay pupils at the Citadel Academy – and that they report themselves to the Superintendent thereof on 1st January next.

1 R. B. Brown – Barnwell
2 J. H. Hallonquist – Barnwell
3 F. H. Gantt – Barnwell
4 R. M. Willis – Barnwell
5 J. C. Williams – Beaufort
6 E. Williams – Beaufort
7 Bolan – Beaufort
8 R. J. Roberds – Beaufort
9 W. G. Blythewood – Beaufort
10 W. L. Henderson – Colleton
11 W. Murray – Colleton
12 C. Stewart – Colleton
13 E. R. Drayton – Charleston
14 A. A. Ward – Charleston
15 A. H. Dupre – Charleston
16 T. S. Brownfield – Charleston
17 J. Strobecker - Charleston 
18 A. Coward – Charleston
19 W. J. Lucas – Charleston
20 G. H. Ingraham – Charleston
21 J. T. Gibbs – Charleston
22 B. M. Desel – Charleston
23 Scott Davis – Charleston
24 J. H. Packer – Charleston
25 Curtis – Charleston
26 B. Randall – Chester
27 F. C. Beckham – Chester
28 T. M. Ward – Edgefield
29 R. S. Means – Fairfield
30 B. H. Means – Fairfield
31 A. Aiken – Fairfield
32 A. D. Hope – Greenville
33 B. A. Mannerlyn – Georgetown
34 T. B. Lee – Kershaw
35 J. M. Steedman – Lexington
36 D. L. Gary – Newberry
37 J. McCord – Orangeburg
38 W. A. O’Cain – Orangeburg
39 J. R. Adams – Richland
40 P. Adams – Richland
41 T. S. G. Mayrant – Richland
42 L. Smith – Sumter
43 J. E. Simms – Union
44 A. M. Chandler – Williamsburg


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