Minutes of the Board of Visitors of The Citadel, 1849


Minutes of the Board of Visitors of The Citadel, 1849


Official minutes of the governing body of The Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina.




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The Citadel Board of Visitor Meeting Minutes










Charleston (S.C.)

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[Page 1] The Board of Visitors met Tuesday 1st of May 1849 at the Citadel Academy Charleston, having been called together by the Chairman of the Board


James Jones, Chairman
D. F. Jamison
J. H. Means
W. J. Hanna
J. W. Cantey

when various matters in relation to the Citadel Academy, having been decided upon – the Board adjourned on Wednesday evening 2nd May.

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State M. A. So: Ca:

List of distinguished Cadets reported at the Annual Examinations – November 1849

Names – Districts – Studies, etc.: in which each Cadet particularly excels – From what Academy

First Class
1 P. F. Stevens – Pendleton – C & M. Engineering, Nat. Phil. & Ethics, Chemistry, Bel. Let., Conduct – Citadel
2 U. A. Rice – Barnwell – C & M. Engineering, Nat. Phil. & Ethics – Citadel
Second Class
1 D. H. Egleston – Charleston – Mathematics, Bel. Let., Drawing, Conduct – Citadel
2 C. D. Oliver – Edgefield – Mathematics, Bel. Let. – Citadel
Third Class
1 W. W. Veitch – Charleston – Mathematics, History, Bel. Let., French, Conduct – Citadel
2 J. B. Chandler – Sumter – Mathematics, History, Bel. Let., French – Citadel
Fourth Class
1 W. S. Brewster – Charleston – Mathematics, French, History, Conduct – Citadel
2 Jn. Murray – Charleston – French, History, Mythology – Citadel
1 C. S. Gadsden – Colleton – French, History, Mythology – Arsenal
2 W. S. Eichelberger – Mathematics, Conduct – Arsenal

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Citadel Academy Charleston SC
19 Nov 1849

The Board met this day


Jas. Jones, Chairman
D. F. Jamison
J. H. Means

The annual examination of the graduating class commenced this day – the 2nd, 3rd & 4th classes were in time examined, when the Board after passing the following Resolution adjourned on Friday 23rd inst. to meet at the Arsenal Academy on Tuesday the 27th instant

Resolved, that diplomas of the institution be granted to

1 P. F. Stevens
2 U. A. Rice
3 J. T. Zealy
4 H. L. Thurston
5 J. B. White
6 G. B. Lartigue
7 W. G. Inglesby
8 G. H. Bunker
9 J. A. Walker
10 H. W. Stewart
11 T. E. Strother
12 W. M. Morgan

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Arsenal Academy Columbia
Nov 27 1849

The Board met this day


James Jones, Chairman
D. F. Jamison
W. J. Hanna
Jn. H. Means
J. W. Cantey (Adj Gen)

when the annual examination of the Cadets in this institution commenced, & closed on Thursday 29th inst.

The Board adjourned to meet tomorrow at the state house at 9 O’ clock AM

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At the Annual Meeting of the Board of Visitors held in the State House, on the 30th Nov. & 1st Dec. 1849

The Board consisting of

J. Jones, Chairman
D. F. Jamison
Jn. H. Means
W. J. Hanna
J. W. Cantey

The annual reports of the Superintendents of the Citadel and Arsenal Academies were taken up and read.

The list of distinguished Cadets was ordered to be published – as well as the annual Register containing the name of each Cadet (as particularly set forth in par 61 of the Regulations of the Military Academies)


That the suspension of Cadets Blassingham – Citadel Academy
Cadet Lee – Citadel Academy
Cadet Taylor – Citadel Academy
Cadet Goode – Arsenal Academy
Cadet Mitchell – Arsenal Academy
Cadet Twittey – Arsenal Academy

be confirmed, and that they be dismissed from the Military Academies of the State.

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That Cadets Lee and Wheaton (Citadel Academy) be discharged in compliance with the 58th article of the Regulations.

Resolved That Cadet Mackey – Citadel Academy  Cadet Kirk – Citadel Academy
Cadet Gadsden – Citadel Academy
Cadet Truesdell – Citadel Academy
Cadet Keels – Arsenal Academy
Cadet Thompson – Arsenal Academy

be honorably discharged.


That Cadets Walker and Raysor (Citadel Academy) not being entitled to advanced positions, be retained in their present class. 


That Cadet Ja. Aiken be transferred from the Arsenal Academy to the Citadel Academy, and be entered in 2nd Class.

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Resolved that the following Cadets be transferred from the Arsenal Academy to the Citadel Academy and be entered in 3rd Class, viz

1 J. W. Daniels
2 J. S. Daniel
3 H. Williams
4 W. Y. McCammon
5 Jn. S. Rich
6 C. S. Gadsden
7 A. H. Lyttle
8 G. W. Earle
9 S. C. DePrass
10 W. S. Eichelberger Pay
11 Jos. E. Lee
12 S. M. Prothro
13 R. Dudley
14 C. S. Hannegan
15 J. W. Fitzgerald
16 W. H. Dial
17 H. P. Houseal
18 R. Palmer


That furlough until 1st January next be granted to the Cadets who remained at the Citadel Academy, during the time that the Corps was disbanded: & absent thereupon on account of yellow fever.

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Resolved that the following persons be appointed probationary pay pupils at the Citadel Academy – and that they be directed to report themselves to the Superintendent thereof on 1st January next: viz.

1 Jas. A. Wardlaw – Abbeville
2 J. J. Brown – Barnwell
3 L. M. Rice – Barnwell
4 R. B. Wilson – Barnwell
5 J. McNair – Barnwell
6 H. M. Prothro – Barnwell
7 Estes – Barnwell
8 W. P. Duncan – Barnwell
9 R. J. Davant – Beaufort
10 W. G. Capers – Beaufort
11 A. D. Johnson – Beaufort
12 E. T. Davis – Beaufort
13 Daniel Logan – Colleton
14 M. Grimke – Colleton
15 Thos. Grimke – Colleton
16 J. A. M. Perry – Colleton
17 V. Milnor – Colleton
18 W. Seabrook – Colleton
19 W. C. Meggett – Colleton
20 R. Fishburne – Charleston
21 W. S. Lance – Charleston
22 J. H. Stall – Charleston
23 J. E. More – Charleston
24 Jos. [Illegible] – Charleston
25 G. R. Hunter – Fairfield
26 E. E. Adamson – Kershaw
27 B. S. Lucas – Kershaw
28 R. S. Singletary – Marion
29 P. J. McCants – Orangeburg
30 D. Fleming – Richland
31 Jn. Elmon – Richland
32 J. Winswith – Spartanburg
33 J. E. Henry – Spartanburg
34 – Moore – Spartanburg
35 E. P. Laureue – Sumter

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Resolved that the following persons be appointed probationary beneficiary pupils at the Arsenal Academy & that they may be directed to report themselves to the Superintendent thereof on 1st January next: viz.

1 H. T. Calhoun – Abbeville
2 G. M. P McConner – Abbeville
3 S. P. Shaw – Anderson
4 Rob Haines – Charleston
5 J. P. Gibbs – Charleston
6 Jas. Kershaw – Charleston
7 W. Seabrook – Charleston
8 Thos. Gadsden – Charleston
9 B. H. Cross – Charleston
10 J. B. Porcher – Beaufort
11 C. Besselieu – Beaufort
12 Jas. E. Godfrey – Beaufort
13 Thos. Witsell – Colleton
14 W. Rice – Colleton
15 W. Culpepper – Darlington
16 Tillman – Edgefield
17 J. H. Charles – Greenville
18 Thos. Markley – Greenville
19 A. Thomas – Greenville
20 H. Bolt – Laurens
21 R. Harlee – Marion
22 Ja. Evans – Marion
23 W. Rice – Marion
24 W. Shepperd – Newberry
25 Jas. Izler – Orangeburg
26 S. Frederic – Orangeburg
27 S. Laurens – Pickens
28 Thos. Cullen – Richland
29 W. P. McCully – Richland
30 E. Bell – Richland
31 E. D. Brailsford – Sumter
32 M. Richardson – Sumter
33 J. Forula – Union
34 A. M. Berry – York
35 S. Butter – So: Car:
36 S. C. Mills – Charleston

[Page 12]

That W. Steedman Yeadon be appointed Powder Receiver at the Magazines (Charleston) until the next annual meeting of the Board.


That W. Chas. [Illegible] account (for philos. apparatus, etc.) of $55.33 be paid by the Bursar of the Citadel Academy.


That the rule prescribing the minimum height at which pupils shall be admitted into the State Military Academies, shall be relaxed in favor in Jn. Elmore - & that the prescribing the maximum age, at which pupils shall be admitted, shall be relaxed in favor of A. M. Berry.


That a furlough of three weeks be granted to J. L. Gregorie Esq. Bursar, Citadel Academy; to be used in such manner, as may be most conveniently adapted to him & circumstances.


That the Bursar of the C. A. pay to J. Matthews, Supt. & Bursar A.A. the sum of $437.66 as the proportion of the Citadel Academy for [illegible] & printing.

[Page 13]
Resolved That the arsenal keeper & powder receiver at Columbia establish on 1st January next, the same rates of payment for receiving & issuing powder at the State Magazine, Columbia, as are now in force at the State Magazines in Charleston, which rates are as follows: viz.

For every 100th powder received 33 cents
For every 100th powder issued 33 cents


That the Board are much disappointed in the exhibition made by the Cadets at the Citadel Academy in their military exercises: & that they will in future expect that greater attention shall be paid to this department.


That the conduct of the Superintendent of the Citadel Academy in disbanding the Cadets at the Citadel in consequence of the prevalence of the yellow fever in the city of Charleston during the past summer, does not meet with the approbation of the Board of Visitors.

The Board adjourned on Friday 30th inst (Nov 1849) & met following day 1st Dec 1849 – and adjourned sine die.


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