Minutes of the Board of Visitors of The Citadel, 1848


Minutes of the Board of Visitors of The Citadel, 1848


Official minutes of the governing body of The Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina.




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The Citadel Board of Visitor Meeting Minutes










Charleston (S.C.)

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Citadel Academy Charleston
Nov 20th 1848

The Board met this day


James Jones – Chairman
D. F. Jamison

The annual examination of the graduating class commenced this day – the 2nd, 3rd & 4th Classes were in turn examined, when the Board after passing the following Resolution, adjourned on Friday 24th to meet at the Arsenal Academy in Columbia on 27th inst.

Resolved that diplomas of this institution be granted to Cadets Oliver, Gregory, Buist, Kennerly, Warley, Brantly, Matthews, Jamison and Powell.

Arsenal Academy Col.
Nov 28th 1848

The Board convened this day at 9 O’ clock AM


Ja. Jones, Chairman
D. F. Jamison
J. H. Means
J. W. Cantey Adj Genl

when the annual examination of the Cadets commenced & closed Thursday the 30th inst.

The Board adjourned to meet on Saturday next at 9 O’ clock AM at the Ex. Office

[Page 2]
State Military Academies. So:Car: 1848.

Names – Districts – Academy – Studies, etc.: in which each cadet particularly excels

1st Class
1 H. J. Oliver – Edgefield – Citadel – Nat. Phil., Mil. Eng., Pol. Econ., & Constit. Law
2 A. Buist – Charleston – Citadel – Nat. Phil., Pol. Econ., & Constit. Law
2nd Class
1 P. F. Stevens – Pendleton – Citadel – Calculus, Belles Lettres, History
2 J. T. Zealy – Beaufort – Citadel – Chemistry, Belles Lettres, Top. Drawing, Conduct
3rd Class
1 D. H. Egleston – Charleston – Citadel – French, Drawing
2 C. D. Oliver – Edgefield – Citadel – Mathematics, Elocution
4th Class
1 J. P. Thomas – Fairfield – Citadel – Mathematics, History
2 J. G. Pressley – Williamsburg – Citadel – Mathematics. History
1 Law. Brown – Sumter – Arsenal – Mathematics, French, English, Conduct
2 Ja. Hudson – Sumter – Arsenal – Mathematics, English

Signed (Jas. Jones Chairman B of V)

[Page 3]
At the Annual Meeting of the Board of Visitors held in Executive Office, Columbia SC, the 2nd December 1848

The Board convened at 9 O’ clock AM


James Jones, Chairman
D. F. Jamison
Jn. H. Means
W. J. Hanna
J. W. Cantey

The annual Reports of the Superintendent of the Citadel & Arsenal Academies were taken up & read – when

It was Resolved unanimously

That the appointment of A. H. Brisbane Esq. as 2nd Professor in the Citadel Academy be confirmed.


That the Superintendent of the Citadel Academy suspend any further enquiries respecting Cadet Frederic of Orangeburg.


That the salary of Lieut C. C. Tew be raised to $800 per annum to commence on 1st January next.

[Page 4]

That the 50th par of the Regulations be so altered as to read as follows: viz.

(50) The relative weight to be given to the different subjects in forming the general merit roll of each class, is represented by the following numbers viz.

For the 1st Class
Engineering & Science of War 3
Natural Philosophy 3
Mathematics 3
Conduct 3
Rhetoric, Moral Philosophy & Political Science 2 Chemistry & Mineralogy 2
Infantry Tactics 1 ½
Artillery Tactics 1 ½
French 1
Drawing 1
For the 2nd Class
Natural Philosophy 3
Chemistry 1
Drawing 1
Conduct 1
For the 3rd Class
Mathematics 3
French 1
Eng. Gramm. Rhetoric & History 1
Conduct 1
Drawing 1 ½
For the 4th Class
Mathematics 2
French 1
Conduct 1

[Page 5]

That the Regulations of the Military Academies be revised by the Superintendents thereof; and that a copy so revised be sent to the Chairman of the Board of Visitors in time for publication before the next annual meeting of the Board.


That the list of distinguished cadets (vide ante) be published.


That the annual meeting of the Board shall take place on Friday after the 4th Monday in Nov., instead of Saturday as heretofore.


That the suspensions of the following Cadets be confirmed viz.

J. J. Jones – Citadel Academy
John Mickler – Citadel Academy
J. H. Reaves – Arsenal Academy


That Cadet Thomas (Arsenal Academy) be honorably discharged at his own request – and that the following named Cadets (Arsenal Academy) be also honorably discharged viz.

1 H. Andrews
2 H. Andrews
3 Bellune
4 Billings
5 Chapman
6 Hester
7 Langley
8 Law
9 Mitchell
10 Muse

[Page 6]

That the following Cadets be transferred from the Arsenal to the Citadel Academy to be entered in 3rd Class viz.

1 L. Brown
2 Ja. Hudson
3 W. H. Chandler
4 N. Armstrong
5 A. S. Collins
6 W. J. Dickinson Pay
7 W. McMillan
8 [Illegible]
9 J. W. Pelot
10 E. J. Walker
11 J. J. Green
12 W. R. Powell
13 T. H. Cooke
14 W. K. Pilsburg

and that the following named persons be admitted into the Citadel Academy as Pay pupils – with directions to report to the Superintendent thereof on 1st January next

1 W. H. Broyles – Anderson
2 W. S. Hickson – Barnwell
3 Ja. Gadsden – Charleston
4 W. S. Brewster – Charleston
5 B. C. Kirk – Beaufort
6 D. Williams – Beaufort
7 A. D. Johnson – Beaufort
8 Joel Weston – Richland
9 Geo. Gamble – Williamsburg


That the appointment of Cadet Dickinson as a Beneficiary (transferred to the Citadel Academy) be withdrawn – and that the Secretary of the Board apprize him and his guardian that he can only enter the Citadel Academy as a pay Cadet.

[Page 7]
Resolved That Cadets Pilsburg & Cooke be transferred to Charleston, provided they give a promise to alter their idle habits, which have characterized them during the present year & by a strict attention to their studies in future, avoid casting a uproach upon the Board for this favor extended to them.

Resolved, that the following named persons be admitted into the Arsenal Academy as Beneficiary pupils – with directions to report to the Superintendent thereof on 1st January next.

1 J. W. Pope – Abbeville
2 J. W. Daniels – Anderson
3 P. H. Behrs – Beaufort
4 Jn Porcher – Beaufort
5 W. Y. McCammon – Chester
6 Jn. C. Rich – Charleston
7 Shultz Gadsden – Charleston
8 R. Dudley – Marlboro
9 Alex McBrett – Edgefield
10 Albert Thomas – Georgetown
11 Geo. W. Earle – Greenville
12 W. E. Thompson – Kershaw
13 S. C. DePrass – Kershaw
14 Jn. E. Lee – Lexington
15 S. M. Herthro – Lexington
16 Chas. Hannegan – Marlboro
17 Thos. Askin – Marion
18 Wm. Shepperd – Newberry
19 W. H. Dial – Richland
20 W. S. Mitchell – Sumter
21 Jas. H. Keels – Williamsburg
22 Marion Berry – York
23 R. Palmer – York
24 Her. Goode – Pendleton
25 W. Fitzgerald – Pendleton
26 Wm. Eichelberger – Lexington Pay

[Page 8]

That the following Cadets be retained at the Arsenal Academy another year, viz.

1 Aiken
2 Daniel
3 Williams
4 Roach
5 Houseal
6 [Illegible]

The Board adjourned at ½ 9 P.M. to meet on Monday next at Ex. Office at 9 O’ clock

Executive Office Columbia
Monday Dec 4th 1848

The Board met this day –


James Jones, Chairman
D. F. Jamison
Jn. H. Means
W. J. Hanna
J. W. Cantey

The following communication was taken up – read - & unanimously approved of by the Board - ordered to be copied - & transmitted to His Excellency Governor Johnson. Viz.

[Page 9]
Columbia Dec 4 1848

To His Excellency
Governor Johnson,

In consequence of your absence from indisposition, at the examinations which have just taken place of the Cadets of the Military Academies, the other members of the Board of Visitors have thought proper to present to you, a more detailed report of the management & present condition of those institutions.

The examinations at the Citadel and Arsenal Academies were satisfactory in the highest degree; and afford the most conclusive evidence to the Board, that every reasonable expectation of the success of those institutions, has been fully realized. The extraordinary zeal of the professors, and the diligence of the pupils have enabled the latter to carry on, and some of them, to perfect a practical course of studies, eminently qualifying them for the business and the duties of life.

During the past year, 86 pupils were under the instruction of the officers of the Citadel Academy; and 32 at the Arsenal Academy; making in all, at the commencement of the academic year 118, in both institutions – of whom 27 for various causes, have been removed; and 9 finished their course; leaving 82, still remaining at the recent examinations.

The Board are compelled to call the attention of Your Excellency, to the present condition of the Citadel building in Charleston. The entire roof is defective, & has been for some years in a leaky condition.

[Page 10]
Temporary repairs have been made, from time to time, by applying small portions of the pay-pupil fund to that object. But, from the number of applicants admitted last year, the fund, out of which temporary repairs were made, is exhausted – and no more appropriation can be made for that purpose. Indeed the whole roof is in want of repair; and a much larger sum than will ever at one time be at the disposal of the Board, will be required. Every rain exposes new leaks – the quarters of both officers & cadets are rendered uncomfortable – and even dangerous by the occasional falling of large masses of the overhead plastering. To say nothing of the comfort & safety of the inmates, a sufficient appropriation is now urgently required to prevent a valuable state property from dilapidation. The Board have hitherto refused to make any application for aid from the Legislature; trusting that they might with such means as they had at hand, make the necessary repairs; but they believe that some appropriation is now absolutely necessary. It may be, that from too much caution on this subject, they have waited too long.

While repairing the old roof, or constructing a new one (as the plan itself of the old roof is defective) the Board would suggest to Your Excellency, the propriety of adding a new story to the building. Before the end of the month of January 1848, there were 81 Cadets in the Citadel, who were quartered in 19 small rooms; making an average of more than 4 to each room; a number, as must be readily perceived, far too large for comfort, and for the prosecution of laborious accurate and profound studies. The want of room is a barrier to the admission of the largest number

[Page 11]
that the institution could otherwise support; and the applications of many have been rejected, and must be refused the coming year, for want of accommodation.

Not only are the quarters for the Cadets insufficient, but the officers that live in the Citadel are barely accommodated and some of them, from want of quarters, are compelled to occupy houses in the town.

It may be remarked, that an additional story would make the Citadel more secure as a military post; as there are certain houses in the immediate vicinity, that are higher than the Citadel; and in the possession of an enemy, might be used to command it.

To repair the present roof with tin (from estimates made by an architect, to whom the matter was committed & which will accompany this communication) would cost $2200. The objection to this material is, that it is very destructible, and will last but a few years. Copper tinned is regarded as much the best material for roofs: but it is expensive & would cost $6700.

A cover of slate is recommended by the architect, as more suitable than either if the materials above mentioned – but that would require a new roof – the cost of the new roof covered with slate would be $3700. To put an additional story to the building together with the roof, as is estimated by the same architect, would cost $15000.

The additional story for the reasons given is suggested to the consideration of Your Excellency as a matter of expediency: but the Board would urge upon you the recommendation for a roof to the building, not only to preserve from dilapidation a valuable state property, but to maintain a still more valuable state institution.

(signed) Jas. Jones
Chairman B of V

[Page 12] The following statement accompanied the foregoing communication viz

“Statistics taken from the Books of the Military Academies 1848 (since the commencement thereof)

[See chart on Page 80]

The Board adjourned at 2 O' clock PM sine dine.


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