Minutes of the Board of Visitors of The Citadel, 1847


Minutes of the Board of Visitors of The Citadel, 1847


Official minutes of the governing body of The Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina.




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The Citadel Board of Visitor Meeting Minutes










Charleston (S.C.)

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Citadel Academy, Charleston
Nov. 15 1847

The Board met this day


James Jones Chairman
D. F. Jamison
J. W. Cantey T

he annual examination of the 1st or graduating class commenced this day – the 2nd, 3rd & 4th classes were in turn examined; when the Board (after passing the following Resolutions) adjourned on Thursday 18 inst. to meet at the Arsenal Academy in Columbia on 22nd inst.

Resolved, that diplomas of this institution be granted to Cadets Hagood, Heriot, Jones, and Southern.

Arsenal Academy Col.
22 Nov 1847

The Board convened this day at 9 O’ clock AM


James Jones, Chairman
D. F. Jamison
D. Wallace

when the annual examination of the Cadets commenced & closed this day.

The Board adjourned to meet on the 27th inst. at 9 O’ clock AM at the Executive Office.

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State Military Academies 1847

List of distinguished Cadets reported at the Annual Examinations November 1847

Names – District – Academy – Studies, etc: in which each Cadet particularly excels

(First Class)
1 Johnson Hagood – Barnwell – Citadel – Civil & Mil. Eng., Nat. & Mental Philos., Chemistry, Belles Lettres, Conduct
2 Edgar L. Heriot – Charleston – Citadel – Civil Eng., Natural & Moral Philosop.
(Second Class)
1 H. J. Oliver – Edgefield – Citadel – Mathematics, Chemistry, Belles Lettres, History
2 J. W. Gregorie – Beaufort – Citadel – Mathematics, Chemistry, Topographic Drawing, Conduct
(Third Class)
1 U. A. Rice – Barnwell – Citadel – French, Conduct
2 P. F. Stevens – Pendleton – Citadel – Mathematics (Fourth Class)
1 D. H. Egleston – Charleston – Citadel – Mathematics, French, History, Conduct
2 J. A. Houser – Orangeburg – Citadel – Mathematics, French, History
1 G. J. Odom – Barnwell – Arsenal – Mathematics, French
2 O. A. Darby – Charleston – Citadel – History, Conduct

(signed) James Jones Chairman B of V

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At the Annual Meeting of the Board of Visitors held in the Executive Office, Columbia SC the 27th November 1847

The Board convened at 9 O’ clock AM


James Jones, Chairman
Gov. D. Johnson
D. Wallace
D. F. Jamison
J. H. Means
W. J. Hanna
J. W. Cantey

Resolved, unanimously,

That the Board has received with much regret the resignation of Professor Capers.

Resolved in like manner, that the high reputation which the Citadel Academy now enjoys gives much to the untiring exertions, zeal, & ability of Professor Capers.

Resolved also, that the Board part with him unfeigned regret, & tender him our assurances of our great respect.

The Board then went into the election of 2 Profes. vacant by the above resignation when Mr. J. S. K. Reeves was unanimously elected – when it was

Resolved, that in the event of the refusal of Mr. J. S. K. Reeves to accept the appointment of Professor in the Citadel Academy to which he has been elected, the Chairman of this Board fill the vacancy as interim.

Resolved, that the salaries of the 2nd & 3rd professors of the Citadel Academy be equalized - & be fixed at the rate of $1300 per annum each.

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That parag. 15 of the Regulations be so altered as to allow the admission of Cadets over the age of 15 & under the age of 19 years.


That the Department of Mechanical Philosophy – Civil & Mil. Engineering – Topographical Drawing - & Tactics be assigned to the Supt. of C. A.

That the Department of Belles Lettres, History, Constitutional & International Law, Metaphysics, Ethics, & Elocution be assigned to the 2nd Professor of the Citadel Academy.

That the Department of Mathematics & Astronomy be assigned to the 3rd Professor of C. A.

That the Department of Experimental Science, Mineralogy & Geology be assigned to the 4th Professor of C. A.

Resolved that Mr. Gauthier be engaged at the Citadel Academy to teach drawing and French, devoting such time as may be required not exceeding 3 hours per day at the rate of $300 per year – payable monthly.

Resolved, that in the case of Cadet Cantey, his refusal to divulge the name of the owner of the pistol, which appears to have been the chief cause of his suspension from the Citadel Academy, was not sufficient in the opinion of the Board to visit upon him that punishment: they order that he be restored to the Academy, and to be honorably discharged.

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That Cadets H. Warley, Owens, R. Ford and Sigwald of the C. A. – and Cadets [Illegible] and Marks of the A. A. – be discharged.

Resolved, that the suspension of Cadets W. H. Jenkins, A. W. [Illegible], Joseph Ford, Barnes, and Lawton of the C. A. – and of Cadets Rice, Gosland, McCollum, Faust, Wroten, Law, and Brown of the A. A. be confirmed, and that they be dismissed.

Resolved that Cadet Tarrant of the A. A. be dismissed – and that Cadet Laueaste of the A. A. be honorably discharged.

Resolved that Cadets Kennerly, Anderson, & Walker of the C. A. – and Cadets Hester, Collins, & Ballune, be not advanced but retained in the 4th Class the ensuing year.

Resolved that Cadets Robertson & Colcock (C. A.) upon their promises of future amendment be restored to the Academy.

Resolved, that in consequence of the good conduct of Cadet Brown (while at the Arsenal Academy), he be restored; & be entered in the 4th Class the ensuing year.

Resolved, that Cadet Ayer at the special request of his guardian Dr. Ayer be transferred to the Citadel Academy, but that he be entered in the 4th Class.

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Resolved that the following Cadets be transferred from the Arsenal Academy to the Citadel Academy to enter 3rd Class viz.

1 Odom
2 Darby
3 Hayes
4 Abrams
5 Arnold
6 Norman
7 McCale

Resolved that the following named persons be admitted into the Arsenal Academy, as beneficiary probationary pupils; & that they be directed to report to the Supt. thereof on 1st January next.

1 H. H. Darracott – Abbeville
2 G. S. Dannerly – Abbeville
3 J. M. Pelot – Aberville
4 Dean – Anderson
5 H. Williams – Barnwell
6 J. S. Daniel – Barnwell
7 L. H. Lancaster – Barnwell
8 J. Edney – Barnwell
9 S. P. Langley – Barnwell
10 N. Armstrong – Barnwell
11 S. W. Eaves – Barnwell
12 W. H. Chapman – Barnwell
13 F. W. McMillan – Barnwell
14 Samuel Tindal – Barnwell
15 J. J. Green – Darlington
16 Ja. Muse – Darlington
17. Charles Law – Darlington
18 E. J. Walker – Edgefield
19 W. R. Powell – Greenville
20 J. H. Reaves – Kershaw
21 Billings – Lancaster
22 J. L. Roach – Pickens
23 H. S. P. Houzeal – Richland
24 T. H. Cooke – Richland
25 J. T. Fetner – Richland
26 W. R. Pilsbury – Richland
27 Jas. McGee – Richland
28 Jn. H. Blassingame – Spartanburg
29 J. B. Chandler – Sumter
30 F. M. Andrews – Sumter
31 H. M. Andrews – Sumter
32 O. Rhame – Sumter
33 W. Wilder – Sumter
34 Jas. Hudson – Sumter
35 R. A. Mitchell – Union
35 Jas. Aiken – Fairfield
36 W. J. Dickenson – Barnwell

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Resolved that the following named persons be admitted into the Citadel Academy, as probationary pay pupils: & that they be directed to report to the Superintendent thereof on 1st January next: viz.

1 Jn. C. Hunter – Abbeville
2 Z. F. Taylor – Anderson
3 Jas. E. Godfrey – Beaufort
4 C. J. Whaly – Charleston
5 E. Baily – Colleton
6 Jn. P. Thomas – Fairfield
7 W. M. Green – Sumter
8 Jn. H. Blassingame – Spartanburg

and that the following be admitted as probationary beneficiary pupils in like manner viz.

1 W. J. Dickenson – Barnwell
2 Jn. C. Kemp – Barnwell
3 Jn. Colding – Barnwell
4 W. McMillan – Beaufort
5 M. Dauner – Beaufort
6 J. E. Heape – Beaufort
7 M. B. Talbird – Beaufort
8 J. M. Schmidt – Charleston
9 Smith Bass – Charleston
10 S. W. Lambert – Charleston
11 Jas. H. Mackey – Charleston
12 Jas. Myers – Charleston
13 W. H. Wright – Charleston
14 [Illegible] – Charleston
15 M. Murray – Charleston
16 Jas. Reedy – Charleston
17 Jn. R. Nabb – Charleston
18 B. E. Baker – Charleston
19 R. S. Griffer – Edgefield
20 Jas. Aiken – Fairfield
21 E. J. Frederick – Orangeburg
22 – Brooker – Orangeburg
23 W. Rickenbake – Orangeburg
24 D. P. Johnson – Richland

Resolved that Mr. Geo. E. [Illegible] & Mr. W. Davis both of Georgia be admitted into the Citadel Academy on 1st January next as probationary pay pupils.

[Page 8]
Resolved That diplomas of the institution be granted to Cadets J. Hagood
E. S. Heriot
S. B. Jones
Jn. P. Southern

The Board then adjourned.


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