Minutes of the Board of Visitors of The Citadel, 1846


Minutes of the Board of Visitors of The Citadel, 1846


Official minutes of the governing body of The Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina.




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The Citadel Board of Visitor Meeting Minutes










Charleston (S.C.)

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Citadel, Charleston SC
Monday 16th November 1846

The Board met this day at the Citadel,


James Jones, Chairman
D. F. Jamison
J. H. Means

The annual examination (of the 1st or graduating class) commenced this day – the 2nd, 3rd, & 4th classes were in turn examined; when the Board (after passing the following Resolutions) adjourned on Thursday the 19th inst. to meet at the Arsenal Academy in Columbia on Tuesday next the 24th inst.


That diplomas of this institution be granted to Cadets Teur, White, Branch, La Motte, Magill, and Swift.


That Cadet Lythgoe be allowed to take a position in the First Class on the first day of January next: but the Board cannot allow him this privilege without requiring that some notice be taken of his conduct as exhibited by the Demerit Roll during the past year, and that the Superintendent be required to reprimand him therefore at Dress Parade.

Arsenal Columbia
24 Nov 1846

The Board convened this day at 9 O’ clock at the A. Academy


James Jones
Gov Aiken
Daniel Wallace
D. F. Jamison
J. H. Means

when the annual examination of the Cadets commenced & closed Wednesday the 25th inst.

The Board then adjourned to meet on the 28th inst. at 9 O’clock AM at the Ex. Office

[Page 2]
State Military Academies

List of distinguished Cadets reported at the Annual Examinations. Nov. 1896

No. – Names – District – Academy – Studies, etc: in which each Cadet particularly excels

First Class
1 C. C. Tew – Charleston – Citadel – Civil & Mil. Eng., Nat. & Mental Philos., Chemistry, Belles Lettres, Conduct
2 R. G. White – Georgetown – Citadel – Mathematics, Nat. & Moral Philos.
Second Class
1 J. Hagood – Barnwell – Citadel – Chemistry, Belles Lettres, History
2 E. S. Heriot – Georgetown – Citadel – Topographic drawing, History, Chemistry, Conduct
Third Class
1 H. Oliver – Edgefield – Citadel – Mathematics, History, French, Conduct
2 A. [Illegible] – Charleston – Citadel – Mathematics  
Fourth Class
1 J. T. Zealey – Beaufort – Citadel – Mathematics, French, History
2 S. J. Reed – Barnwell – Citadel – Conduct
1 H. L. Thurston – Greenville – Arsenal – Mathematics, History
2 U. A. Rice – Barnwell – Arsenal – Mathematics, French, Conduct

(signed) James Jones
Chairman – Board of Visitors

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At the Annual Meeting of the Board of Visitors held at the Executive Office, Columbia, the 28th November 1846

The Board convened at 9 O’ clock AM –


James Jones, Chairman
Gov. Wm. Aiken
Daniel Wallace
D. F. Jamison
John H. Means
W. J. Hanna

The Annual Reports of the Superintendent & Professors of the Citadel Academy, & of the Superintendent of the Arsenal Academy were taken up and read, when

It was Resolved, that hereafter no pay pupil shall be admitted into the academies, until such pupil has signed an obligation to remain in the institution, until graduation or otherwise regularly discharged: and the assent in writing of the parent or guardian of the pupil to such obligation be placed upon the files of the institution.

Resolved, that C. [Illegible] account amounting to $143.57 be paid by the Supt. of the Citadel Academy.

Resolved, that the furlough of Cadet Means (C. A.) be extended to 1st January next.

Resolved that Cadets Rice, Walker, Collins, Lartigue, Counts, Bonham, McCann, Thurston, Howell, Villepejue (Pay), Black, Banker & Richardson be transferred from the Arsenal Academy in Columbia, to the Citadel Academy in Charleston.

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Resolved, that Cadet Owens (C. A.) be reinstated on the 1st January next: and that Cadet Kennerly (A.A.) be reinstated & admitted into the Citadel Academy on the 1st January next, on his reading before the Cadets at the Arsenal Academy, his letter of apology to Capt. Matthews.

Resolved that the suspension of the following Cadets be made final viz.

W. Ravenel – Citadel Academy
S. Ford – Citadel Academy
L. G. Shaw – Citadel Academy
Whitlock – Arsenal Academy
DeLorme – Arsenal Academy

Resolved that Cadets Mackey, Palmer, & Ford (C. A.) be retained in the 4th Class – and that Cadets McCallum, McKagen, Jenkins, Billings, Stewart, and Clarke be discharged.

Resolved that Cadets Staley, Muse, & Heyes be honorably discharged from the Arsenal Academy.

Resolved that an assistant teacher at the Arsenal Academy, be elected at a salary of $500 per an.

Resolved unanimously that Mr. C. C. Tew be appointed assistant teacher at the Arsenal Academy with the rank of 1st Lieut.

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Resolved, that the Board of Visitors appreciate very highly the gentlemanly conduct of Mr. Thad. S. Miller as assistant teacher at the Arsenal Academy at Columbia for the past year; & tender him their warmest thanks for the efficient assistance rendered by him, in that capacity.

Resolved, that a copy of the above Resolution be furnished to Mr. Miller.

Resolved, that the sum of $400 be paid to Mr. Miller for his service at the Arsenal Academy for this year.

Resolved, that the salary of Doct. Hume be increased annually $200 to commence on 1st January next.

Resolved that the semi-annual examination shall commence at the Citadel Academy on the 3rd Monday in April, instead of the 4th Monday in May as heretofore.

Resolved that there shall be a suspension of the academic studies at the Citadel Academy for the month immediately succeeding the semi-annual examination, and December in each year: instead of heretofore.

Resolved, that the Bursar shall annually credit each Cadet with sixty dollars; instead of fifty dollars as heretofore.

[Page 6]
Resolved, that the Chairman of the Board of Visitors be allowed to draw on the pay fund for $35, the amount requisite to print the commencement sermon.

Resolved, that the additional professorship created at the last annual meeting of the Board be made permanent, and that Professor Leland be continued in office.

Resolved, that it is expected & required by the Board of Visitors that each Professor shall take it in turn to mess in the [illegible], with the Cadets; & that they attend strictly to the duties laid down in the 151st sec. of the Regulations.

Resolved, that it is expedient to require that the Bursar shall be present at each and every meal; & see that they are properly prepared.

Resolved, that it is the duty of the Bursar to see that the sick Cadets be furnished with such diet as they may require; or as may be directed by the surgeons.

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Resolved, that the following persons be admitted as pay pupils in the Citadel Academy: & that they be directed to report themselves to the Supt. on 1st January next.

1. E. P. Lawton – Beaufort
2. Bevy Chaplin – Beaufort
3. Jas. D. Lee – Colleton
4. J. Hubbard – Edgefield
5. R. G. Lamar – Edgefield
6. D. L. Walker – Edgefield
7. R. Douglas – Greenville
8. S. Kennerly – Orangeburg
9. J. Nott – Spartanburg
10. B. Nott – Spartanburg

and that the following be admitted as beneficiary pupils to report in like manner, viz.

1 J. J. Norton – Beaufort
2 Wm. McMillen – Beaufort
3 A. Barnes – Beaufort
4 J. Mickler – Beaufort
5 Inglesby – Charleston
6 J. W. Robertson – Charleston
7 H. S. Wheaton – Charleston
8 T. Berry – Charleston
9 J. S. Frazer – Charleston
10 Wm. Myers – Charleston
11 J. Murray – Charleston
12 Wm. McNeil Blair – Charleston
13 A. L. Edwards – Colleton
14 Crooker – Edgefield
15 Cosby Oliver – Edgefield

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Resolved, that the following named persons be admitted into the Arsenal Academy at Columbia as pay pupils: & that they be directed to report themselves to the Superintendent thereof on the 1st January next: viz.

1 A. D. Ayer – Barnwell
2 R. R. Dingle – Sumter
3 Wm. R. Taylor – Kershaw
4 Wm H. Dyson – Kershaw

and the following be admitted as beneficiary pupils to report in like manner viz

1 D. W. Branch – Abbeville
2 Walker – Abbeville
3 J. H. Hester – Abbeville
4 O. A. Darby – Abbeville
5 Levi Babers – Barnwell
6 G. T. Odom – Barnwell
7 C. C. Faust – Barnwell
8 A. S. Collins – Barnwell
9 L. L. Rice – Barnwell
10 M. R. Tarrant – Barnwell
11 W. H. B. Law – Darlington
12 Jos. Abrams – Georgetown
13 Wm. Bellune – Georgetown
14 R. B. Green – Georgetown
15 J. H. Norman – Horry
16 Tho. Arnold – Laurens
17 J. B. McCollum – Marlboro
18 F. Cropland – Marlboro
19 L. B. Ferrel – Pendleton
20 T. Marks – Richland
21 Wm. McCall – Sumter
22 L. Brown – Sumter
23 Green – Sumter
24 B. Whitlock – Union
25 J. Wilson – Williamsburg
26 Wm. Ellis – Beaufort

The Board adjourned sine die.


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