Letter from Philip F. Van Pelt to his family, November 4, 1945


Letter from Philip F. Van Pelt to his family, November 4, 1945


Discussion of general life and the Van Pelt family's upcoming visit to Charleston.


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Van Pelt, Philip F. Cadet Letters, 1945-1949










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4 November 1945
17:00 PM and later

Dear Folks,

I suppose I really ought to be kicked for not writing in such a long time but it's the same old excuse; the time here is so limited that whatever free time I have isn’t enough to take care of everything I have to do.

I sent the information about my leaves during Thanksgiving weekend and about where to stay in my laundry case as you probably know by now. I was a bit surprised to see what short leave we get, but just to have you both in the city will be enough, and I’ll have plenty of time on those leaves. The Francis Marion Hotel is by far the best in town and from what I hear, it’s reasonable. All the other fellow’s folks stay there when they come.

I had my voice recorded the other day for records in the general files of cadets. The officer who recorded it said I had a very good, clear resonant voice, and that he thought I would do well in any speaking profession. It built me up, no end.

Yesterday morning in place of the regular two-hour period of physical training, the corps packed up and went on a ten mile hike. It was so much fun and so easy, that though we were loaded down with combat packs and rifles, cartridge belts and canteens, we were surprised to hear we had marched ten miles.

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There is no autumn in this damn rebel country. A week ago it was 90° in the shade,- in fact it was 80° yesterday,- and today the trees are leafless and everyone’s frozen stiff. Has it snowed there yet?

I’ve started smoking again. Just a statement, no explanations. Just to let you know.

I sent Jane a copy of the pictures I sent you. Do you folks ever see Jane or any of the H’s?

Time passes very quickly here and it forces me to pass along rather quickly too. I got a “Messenger” from the Univ. Church today, along with a letter from Janie, - of course. Last Sunday I went to church in town and the guest minister was dean of Disciples of Christ bible college in Lexington, Ky. I went up after the service and introduced myself to him, and he said he knew Dr. Ames quite well and was acquainted with Dr. lunger.

Not much more now; I’m running out of info.

Its only 17 days till Thanksgiving, oh, hurry up, Time.

Lots of love

P.S. I need a couple of pairs of black socks and send along some extra name tags.


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